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Tapping into the Market for Healthy Treats in Panama

After her daughter left for college, New Yorker Judy Ganes Chase began to look at the possibility of moving overseas…and getting involved in a new business venture. She chose a frozen yogurt franchise and is now the first franchisee in Central America for the Chicago-based chain Forever Yogurt. She has two outlets in Panama City. But Judy has gone a step further and purchased the franchise rights for all of Panama. She plans to open five additional locations in the next two to three years.


The View From My “Office” — I Get Paid to Do This!

I pull back the curtains, feel the crisp refreshing air, and look out over the waterfront at the colorful buildings of this Art Nouveau town…excited about the “work” day ahead. I’m in picturesque Ålesund, Norway. This jewel-like coastal town is the gateway to Norway’s spectacular Geiranger Fjord making it the perfect base from which to explore the region—and that’s my job for the day.


Discovering Hidden Gems in Germany

As a travel writer, I am constantly seeking to discover hidden gems, places the majority of travelers don’t know about and unique adventures. My recent trip to eastern Germany was no exception. Everyone knows about German beer, but did you know Germany’s State of Saxony has an 850-year-old wine-making history?


We Restarted Our Lives in Belize

Veronique McKenzie didn’t exactly choose to make her home in Belize…more like, Belize chose her. In her former life, Veronique was working in sales, marketing, and advertising, splitting her time between Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Her job gave her the opportunity for plenty of travel…but as the years progressed, she knew she needed to make a change. She considered moving to Marseilles in France where she is originally from…but before she did that, she decided to take a vacation.


My Life: New and Improved as a Travel Writer

We’ve all seen the phrase “new and improved” countless times. It’s on everything from cereal boxes to cosmetics. No doubt someone in a lab somewhere tweaked the latest wrinkle cream and declared it new and improved. I think I should have a “new and improved” tag on my life—it has certainly had some tweaking in the last few years!


Get Your Portable Career Started Now

This has been quite a year. It started in January with a weekend in West Virginia riding all-terrain vehicles on the Hatfield & McCoy Trails…hand-feeding black bears…and dancing to bluegrass music. In February I drove a reindeer sleigh through a winter wonderland in Roros, Norway. I kept myself warm by sampling aquavit along the newly developed Aquavit Trail around Trondheim.


Leave “Ordinary” Behind—Starting Now

I’ve always been one of those people who won’t settle for “ordinary.” Sure, I have done my share of everyday things…but if I can find a way to step beyond the run-of-the-mill, you can bet I will! One of the ways I left “ordinary” behind was with my career. I spent many years working as a tax accountant—I knew there had to be a better way to spend my time.


Finding Your Own Sweet Home – in Guatemala

Everything that happens on Guatemala’s Rio Dulce happens because of the water. Rio Dulce translates as “Sweet River”…and life here is truly sweet.


Turning Crisis into Opportunity—in Peru

Sometimes a dying business leads to a new life. It did for Tom Boylan from Denver. “Now I have this incredible sense of freedom that I can do what I want, go where I want and enjoy life how I choose,” he says.

Discovering Norway’s Moonshine Trail

Discovering Norway’s Moonshine Trail

Most folks know Norway for spectacular fjords, Viking history, and midnight summer sun. And any one of those attractions makes a visit worthwhile. But in the central Trondelag region, famous for its moonshine, you’ll find another national treasure…aquavit.


A Simpler Life on a Tropical Island in Belize

Like many other couples, Tamara and her husband, Ron, had very busy lives in their hometown of Laramie, Wyoming. Ron was the Communication and Public Relations Director for the Wyoming Education Association. Tamara was the Campaign Director for the American Heart Association.

“The Lower Cost of a Retirement in Panama Drew Us Here”

“The Lower Cost of a Retirement in Panama Drew Us Here”

When John and Robyn Cole married in 1990 their 12-year age difference wasn’t a big deal. But as they started to age together, the difference became more apparent… and they started to think about the future. “I began to see what life would look like if I worked until age 65,” says Robyn. “John would be 77.”

“The Lower Cost of a Retirement in Panama Drew Us Here”

“The Lower Cost of a Retirement in Panama Drew Us Here”

When John and Robyn Cole married in 1990 their 12-year age difference wasn’t a big deal. But as they started to age together, the difference became more apparent… and they started to think about the future. “I began to see what life would look like if I worked until age 65,” says Robyn. “John would be 77.”


Traveling in Ireland as a VIP

There was a time not long ago when I traveled as a regular tourist. By that I mean I would decide on a destination, buy a travel guide book and start to research hotels, tours and activities within my price range. Those days are gone. Today, I travel with VIP status. Take my last trip to Ireland. Instead of picking up a travel guide and calling around for hotel reservations, I sent a single e-mail to Ireland’s tourist board.


Adventure Travel in Belize

My prior career as a tax preparer meant I was used to navigating endless flowing rivers—of paperwork—and I always seemed to be going against the current. I’ve since had a river-related experience in my new career as a travel writer…but it was a lot more fun. Here’s how it happened. My destination was the rugged Toledo District in southern Belize where an Indiana Jones-worthy cave begged exploration.


Fleeing the Daily Grind of the Office to Belize

At just 25 years old, Emily made a decision it takes most people years to make. She was working 50 plus hours a week in a stuffy office building in Boston. Although her work in the field of environmental advocacy was interesting, Emily realized she was settling into a typical career path of long hours and little sunshine. She wanted something more…

Visiting the City of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Visiting the City of Belfast, Northern Ireland

Some work days are more memorable than others. For me, standing at the Peace Wall in Belfast reading the messages of peace and encouragement written by dignitaries like Bill Clinton and the Dalai Lama while composing my own message was definitely a memorable work day. Let me explain. For many years military checkpoints were dotted all over the city of Belfast.


Growing a Coffee Business in Panama

Jim Finegan didn’t set out to make Panama his second home. While traveling through Costa Rica with a couple of his bartender employees from his home state, Pennsylvania, Jim went to a Columbus-Day celebration and made a lucky $50 bet that netted him $5,000. Armed with an unexpected extension to his travel funds, Jim and his buddies decided to head down the coast to Panama.

Visiting the Mayan Ruins of Belize

Visiting the Mayan Ruins of Belize

With the Maya Calendar coming to an end this year, speculation on the fate of the world is rampant. What better time to visit Belize and learn about this ancient culture? I decided that a good place to start was with a visit to a Mayan ruins site. Belize has many sites to explore, but I chose to travel to the far southern reaches of the country to a site often overlooked by tourists.

A Journey on Guatemala’s “Sweet River”

A Journey on Guatemala’s “Sweet River”

Real adventures don’t start at the airport…they start at the mouth of a river. And nestled on the eastern edge of Guatemala awaits one of Central America’s best river voyages. Fishermen cast nets from dugout canoes, birds tiptoe across lily pads, while manatees swim nearby. This is life along the Río Dulce (“Sweet River”).

Getting Paid to Go Drinking in Dublin

Getting Paid to Go Drinking in Dublin

Pub life is the center of Irish culture. It’s a place to gather over a pint, listen to music and tell tales into the wee hours of the morning. Literary legends aside, Ireland has given us famed drinks like Guinness, Jameson and Baileys which can be found in any bar worthy of the name anywhere in the world. To experience the origins of some of the favorite Irish tipples, head to Dublin.

Why One American Couple Decided to Stay in Belize

Why One American Couple Decided to Stay in Belize

Living in Boise, Idaho, Rick ran the state drinking water program and Darla had a career in radiation oncology. In 2000, they took their customary two-week vacation and visited Belize. “It was our first visit to Central America and we were impressed with the beauty of the country and easy pace of the residents,” says Rick.


How One U.S. Carpenter Secured a Slice of Paradise

It was while sailing up the Moho River in Belize that Chris Crowell spotted his future. His 40-foot skipjack schooner, Juanita, was cutting through the calm waters as he rounded a point…and saw an abandoned jungle farm for sale. “Looming high above this beautiful property was a huge cotton tree. My breath was taken away and I knew this was where I should be,” says Chris.


Travel Writing Adventures in Belize

Waking up to the sounds of howler monkeys quickly reminds me that I am, in fact, in the middle of the Belizean jungle. I’m at Cotton Tree Lodge, an eco-lodge in the southernmost region of Belize in the Toledo District. Why am I here? For the chocolate.


I Wear Flip-flops to the “Office”

I had to work last Sunday. I was up by 7.30 a.m. But don’t feel bad for me just yet. Once out of bed, I slipped into my swimsuit, cover-up and flip-flops and checked out of my room at a hotel I was staying in at the mouth of the Rio Dulce in Livingston, Guatemala.


Getting Paid to Travel Around Ireland

It’s Wednesday night and I’m sitting in The Roaring Donkey—a neighborhood pub in Cobh, Ireland—Guinness in hand as I attempt to sing along with my new friends, the residents of this colorful town. I’m here because a local invited me to join him and his friends for an informal “jam session” of traditional Irish music.

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