Bulgaria: As Cheap as it Gets


Stroll through the Byzantine city of Sofia, maybe around the markets or into Battenburg Square. The food specialities often have a Greek influence. Bulgaria offers sublime sun and sea opportunities…on the coast, it boasts increasingly popular resorts where you can bask under the sun and enjoy incredibly low prices as well.


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Fast Facts About Bulgaria

  • Population: 6,981,642
  • Capital City: Sofia
  • Climate: Temperate, cold, damp winters, hot, dry summers
  • Time Zone: GMT+2
  • Language: Bulgarian (official)
  • Country Code: 359
  • Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea between Romania and Turkey



Lend a Hand for Free Room and Board

Zero. Zilch. Nothing. Often that’s what I pay for accommodation when I travel. But I’m not roughing it. I’ve been in unique and unforgettable places around the world. I’ve made friends, met interesting people and learned new skills. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve cheated the system. But it’s entirely above board.

Suchi Rundra lives a  streamlined, low-maintenance, low-cost lifestyle as a nomadic freelance writer.

“Working the Latitudes” as a Freelance Writer

I wake up and glance over at my wall calendar—no deadlines for the rest of the week. Time for the beach! Or maybe I could work on my novel. But it’s such good weather, what about another day trip? Welcome to the life of a freelance writer where every day is wide open, and every day is yours.

The Treasures of Overlooked Bulgaria

The Treasures of Overlooked Bulgaria

Looking for an “off-the-beaten-path” adventure? Try Bulgaria. Despite its low costs, fantastic, fresh cuisine, and lush green landscapes, it’s one of Europe’s most overlooked destinations. And that’s part of its allure… Start your trip in the capital, Sofia. Today a modern city with a sleek international airport, Sofia has a checkered history—it’s been ruled by Romans, Ottoman Turks, and Russia, as well as Bulgaria.

Five Strangest Travel Superstitions

Five Strangest Travel Superstitions

You may do little more than double check that the oven is off before you go on a trip, but in other parts of the world, travelers can get mighty superstitious.

Thermal Waters: Where to Take the Cure in Latin America

Thermal Waters: Where to Take the Cure in Latin America

I’ve been in hot water in so many countries now that I’ve lost count.

I’m talking of hot thermal waters, of course. There’s no better way to soothe an aching muscle or take the chill off. And there’s no better place for a long, hot soak than in a series of mineral-water pools carved into the side of a volcano.


Five things to see in Sofia

Bulgaria joined the EU in January and Sofia, its capital, is ready for visitors. It may not be as glamorous as those favorite eastern European capitals, Prague and Budapest, but this city of just over a million, surrounded by snow-covered peaks, is a pleasant surprise.

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