Costa Rica


Costa Rica’s Last Boom Towns Could Make You Rich


Costa Rica is a beautiful country, with long stretches of deserted and undeveloped beaches…dense jungles teeming with exotic wildlife…towering volcanoes, lush green valleys, and hundreds of crystal-clear lakes and rivers…

Not only that, but the country offers a great climate, neighborly atmosphere, a low cost of living, excellent health care, and a stable democracy.


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Fast Facts About Costa Rica

Costa Rica
  • Population: 4,695,942
  • Capital City: San Jose
  • Climate: Tropical and subtropical; dry season (December to April); rainy season (May to November); cooler in highlands
  • Time Zone: GMT-6
  • Language: Spanish (official), English
  • Country Code: 506
  • Coastline: 1,290km


Laid-Back, Affordable Living on Costa Rica's Caribbean Coast

Laid-Back, Affordable Living on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Head out of San Jose, crest the cloud forest-covered mountains to the west of Costa Rica’s capital, and in about two hours you’re on the Caribbean coast. Another two hours or so south and you’re in the heart of the region. A pretty short ride…but it’s like a different world.

Chill Out in the Southern Zone in Costa Rica

Chill Out in the Southern Zone in Costa Rica

Costa Rica may seem to you like nothing more than a pricey fantasy. But in fact, you can own a lot here for only $40,000. And it’s in a spot that’s poised to boom.

IL Radio Episode 43: Exploring the Nicoya Peninsula

IL Radio Episode 43: Exploring the Nicoya Peninsula

Costa Rica has so much name recognition that almost everyone has some idea about this tropical paradise even if they’ve never been there. Jason Holland has not only been there, but lives there with his wife and family and scouts this country, a perennial expat favorite, relentlessly for International Living.


Working Remotely is Easier Than You Think

Michael Crowther has been working for the same company for years now. Last year he was able to persuade his employer to let him keep his job… but work remotely from Costa Rica.

The Nuts and Bolts of Doing Business in Costa Rica

Thanks to a climate that features warm weather year-round, a stable democratic government, excellent health care, low cost of living, and a laid-back lifestyle, Costa Rica has been welcoming expats looking for a pleasant place to live and retire for more than 30 years—and is still going strong.

American Café Thrives in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

In the jungle of Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast, where monkeys howl from coconut palms, sloths lazily cross the street, and reggae wafts in the air… is a café you might expect to find in a neighborhood in Brooklyn.

With a portable income you can earn anywhere...from a high-rise in Panama City to a jungle paradise in Costa Rica.

Building Your Successful, Portable Income

Living or travelling abroad for extended periods of time is something most only dream of…and for good reason. It certainly was for me seven years ago. However as I write this, I am sitting in a high-rise in Panama, having just arrived from six weeks of sunshine and warm weather on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Mike Geary's best-selling fitness e-book has allowed him to travel more to places like Costa Rica.

How Folks Like You are Making Money from e-Books

This week we’ve explored the multitude of strategies that are available to create a passive and on-going income from simple e-books. Today we look at some of the actual results that e-book authors have had. The story of Margie Garrison is a great place to start.

Teaching English abroad has allowed expat Kary Vannice to experience different cultures, new foods, and make long lasting friendships.

How to Fund Your Latin America Adventure

I grew up in a really small town in the northern U.S., where cows probably outnumbered people 1,000 to 1 and I, alone, made up 20% of my graduating class. If it weren’t for having our own postal code, we probably would not have even been considered a town at all—more like a rest stop, maybe.

Real estate prices are still low in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica's Pacific Coast.

Buy in Costa Rica’s Overlooked But Most Beautiful Region – for $37,000

The Southern Zone, for me, is the nicest part of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast—it’s largely unspoiled because for a long time, it was difficult to get to. That’s why prices stayed low here while values went through the roof up north. Previously, it was about a nine-hour drive from the capital San Jose to the Southern Zone.


A Bounty of Choice Overseas Today Delivers Plenty of Options

Everybody comes to the “Where overseas?” question with his own set of preferences. This one wants beach, that one cool weather. This woman wants to be four hours from home. And that guy is looking for a place to dock a sailboat.

When you’re pinpointing your ideal destination, start with list of what’s most important to you. And understand: No place is perfect. You have to prioritize. For a community she loves, “madame must-be-close-to-home” might just stretch her travel time to four-and-a-half hours.


London Taxidermy Reborn, Dining in Paris, Trans-Andean Railway…And Much More

It’s been a retirement haven for decades—one of the world’s most popular—and if you have ever visited Costa Rica, you know why. Living here means access to excellent and affordable health care, living costs of as little as $2,000 a month for a couple, including rent, and natural beauty at every turn.


Consider Costa Rica’s Central Valley for the Weather and Convenience

In many ways, Costa Rica is the “veteran” among Central-American retirement destinations. North Americans and Europeans have been flocking to this little country for more than 30 years, attracted by the tropical climate; low cost of living; top-notch, affordable medical care; bargain real estate; and natural beauty.


IL Calender of Events: “You Could be Living in Paradise”

White-sand beaches…majestic mountains…historic colonial cities in Latin America…small-town Europe…whatever you dream about can be your reality a lot faster, more affordably, and easily than you probably imagine.


The Charms of Europe’s Second Cities: Buy Property from $82,000

In the popular imagination, it’s the great capitals of Europe that get the most attention. Tourists flock to Paris, Rome, Madrid, and London for the big-city flair, museums, and monuments. It’s the thing to do. And granted, you should seize any opportunity to stroll the Champs-Élysées on a beautiful spring evening or explore London’s international cuisine and regal parks.


April 2014: My Buy of the Decade, a $20,000 Check, Panama Incentives, and More

A special edition of Real Estate Trend Alert—on my buy of the decade on the Riviera Maya. In this special edition, you’ll also discover…
What happens when unstoppable tourism demand meets limited land opportunities… The excellent protection offered by Brazilian “reciprocity” contracts (I just got a check for $20,000)… A new real estate investment trust in Ireland… The opportunity in retirement care in Ecuador… Incentives to invest in Panama City’s 341-year-old historic quarter…


We Spent a Year Exploring Latin America to Find Our Ideal Retirement Haven

During our months of preparation, we set about determining the criteria we needed to choose a location. The criteria we chose for ourselves initially were: a good health care system at a much lower cost; a stable government; not wanting a car, a walkable location with a good transportation system; good infrastructure; a Spanish-speaking country because Mike already spoke some but wanted to become proficient; a warm climate year round; and, of course, a lower cost of living.


You Can Have It All in Costa Rica’s Central Valley

I live in the heart of Costa Rica’s most populated region, the Central Valley. In fact, I live in the Gran Area Metropolitana (GAM), the name given to the capital, San Jose, and surrounding suburbs. The Valley has about 70% of the country’s population. It’s a center of culture and commerce. And the GAM, which contains towns popular with expats like Escazu, Santana, and Heredia, is honestly a sprawling urban area with traffic and noise.


Pay Nothing for Your Accommodation While You Travel the World

In exchange for looking after the house, garden, pets, and pool, my husband Michael and I have saved around $24,000 in accommodation costs. Whether you want a dream vacation or to sample a retirement destination, the trick to being successful is to stand out from the crowd. Competition is fierce, with many homeowners receiving 20 to 60 responses to their “housesitter needed” advertisements. Here’s how you can join this group of savvy travelers and score the best housesitting gigs around the world.


Off-the-Beaten Track Homes in Costa Rica…From $80,000

Of all the places I’ve visited in Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula is the one that feels most like the frontier. It’s a somewhat isolated region, with mile after mile of untouched coastline along the blue Pacific, craggy hills, vast cattle farms in the interior, and mazes of what are often dirt roads running through forests and fields. It’s also one of the world’s Blue Zones, where researchers have found that locals live longer on average due to a combination of diet, climate, and lifestyle.

Cars can be expensive to purchase in Costa Rica, so traveling by bus is an affordable and efficient way to get around.

Traveling by Bus in Costa Rica

When moving to Costa Rica, many newly-arrived expats decide to forgo having their own car. In retirement on a limited budget they want to eliminate the added expense of maintenance and fuel for a vehicle. Cars can be expensive to purchase in country and import from North America too, so that’s another reason to go car-less.

Renting allows you to investigate a region and/or community before you put down roots.

Ten Tips for Renting a Home Overseas

When moving abroad, renting a place to stay is an attractive option that offers a lot of advantages, whether you’re headed to Costa Rica, Malaysia, France, Mexico, Ecuador, Ireland…or any country. If you plan to buy or build a home eventually, renting allows you to investigate a region and/or community…or several…before you put down roots. You don’t want to be stuck in a neighborhood, region, or home you don’t like.

With its natural beauty, stunning beaches and low cost of living...Costa Rica has many reasons why you'll love it.

Five Reasons Why You’ll Love Costa Rica

There are many reasons people move to Costa Rica: low cost of living, high-quality health care; the warm weather year-round; the friendly people; the established expat communities…the list goes on. But in my case there were certain factors that attracted me to Costa Rica many years ago as a tourist and convinced me to eventually make the move down. The first is the…

Bajos del Toro, in Costa Rica's Central Valley, is a natural wonder on a grand scale.

Video: Costa Rica’s Bajos del Toro Waterfall

At the western end of Costa Rica’s Central Valley region, on the slopes of the Poas volcano, is Bajos del Toro. At 300 feet, it’s one of Latin America’s tallest waterfalls. With water cascading down a sheer rock face, surrounded by dense rain forest—it’s a natural wonder on a grand scale.

Costa Rica's Nicoya Peninsula is a real gem, with stunning natural beauty and empty beaches.

Video: The Ferry to and from the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, which sits on the northern Pacific coast of the country, is a somewhat isolated region. The journey to the Peninsula is however well worth the natural beauty, empty beaches, and unique beach communities strung along its length. The best way to get to some of the popular beach towns like Montezuma, Mal Pais/Santa Teresa, Nosara, and Samara from San Jose (site of the main international airport) is the ferry that leaves from the Central Pacific port of Puntarenas, which is about an hour from the capital.


Become Your Own Boss on a Tropical Island

After 20 years in the restaurant business, working for other people, Kristie Craven wanted to work for herself. So did her friend Rich Littlefield. Having found the right opportunity, they now spend their days running a beach bar on a tropical island off Panama…hosting barbecues, the occasional DJ, and serving up the freshest fish imaginable.


Run Your Own Beach Bar Overseas

As a busy carpenter and contractor in his native Canada, Steve Quinn relished his regular trips to Costa Rica to relax and unwind on the beach. After six years of short visits, he decided to make this beach lifestyle permanent. He took over a beach bar and restaurant in Tamarindo, a funky surf town on the country’s northern Pacific coast. He’s leasing the property for three years, with an option to buy, which is a great way to test the waters without committing to purchasing property right off the bat.


A Booming Business on the Beach in Costa Rica

Brothers Khalil and Abasi Chapman—and friend Rocky Leming—first landed in Costa Rica in 2005. At the time they worked in the restaurant and bar industry in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and heard rumors of the impressive surf down in Costa Rica. They headed south for a vacation somewhere on the Caribbean Coast…but ended up finding a new home. Today they run The Lazy Mon beach bar and restaurant in Puerto Viejo and draw huge crowds…

Whether it's breathtaking coastlines or exotic jungles...Costa Rica has it all.

10 Reasons to Live in Costa Rica

International Living has been encouraging its readers to choose Costa Rica as an overseas destination since the 1980s. Some things have changed since then, but Costa Rica still remains a beautiful, great-value retirement destination. Long stretches of deserted and undeveloped beaches, on the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts…dense jungles teeming with exotic wildlife…towering volcanoes, lush green valleys, and hundreds of crystal-clear lakes, rivers, streams, and waterfalls…mesmerizing sunrises, sunsets, and star-filled evening skies…all these things…


A Gentler Life Abroad: When Your Dream Takes You Off the Beaten Track

As this idea of living better for less overseas tiptoes into the mainstream, newspapers and magazines mention places like San Miguel de Allende in Mexico or the Central valley in Costa Rica. These communities have long attracted foreign retirees. They’re the “old guard” in expat havens. You can slide into them easily, what with active expat groups, supermarkets, and plenty of homes to rent. They’re convenient, proven, attractive.

Festivals Around the World: War Birds, King’s Day, and Witches Night

Sitting alongside the banks of the River Garonne in southwest France, the red-tile-roofed city of Toulouse hosts its annual Flamenco Festival from April 1 to 15, with local venues filled with music and dance throughout. Another marathon-length event to consider begins its 18-day run in Jaipur, India, on April 2.

Belize Chocolate Festival, Britain’s Best Pub, Turtles Nesting…and Much More

The Santa Catalina arch is one of the most famous landmarks of Antigua, Guatemala. And for a compact town of 40,000 people, there are a lot of them. Antigua was once the capital of Spanish Central America, and its cobbled streets are lined with the grand mansions and ornate churches of the colonial golden age.


Lifestyle Opportunities in the Easy-Going Nicoya Peninsula from $80,000

Of all the places I’ve visited in Costa Rica, the Nicoya Peninsula is the one that feels most like the frontier. It’s a somewhat isolated region, with mile after mile of untouched coastline along the blue Pacific, craggy hills, vast cattle farms in the interior, and mazes of what are often dirt roads running through forests and fields. It’s also one of the world’s Blue Zones, where researchers have found that locals live longer on average due to a combination of diet, climate, and lifestyle.

Housesitting Know-How: Score the Best Stays

Do you want to travel and sample different retirement lifestyles, but have a limited budget? Housesitting may be your answer. Our first housesit was 20 months ago. Since then we have lived rent-free in Tuscan farmhouses, French vineyards, Spanish casitas, English heritage homes, luxury Costa Rican villas, and a jungle retreat in Belize.

High in the Tilarán Mountains the climate is mild and the views breathtaking. © Jason Holland

Monteverde: Small-Town Life in Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest

It’s easy to miss Monteverde, high in the Tilarán Mountains. There’s only a small sign directing you to turn right off the PanAmerican Highway and begin your slow ascent. You pass through tiny villages along the way. Dairy cows clamber on near-vertical terraced hillsides.

Savoring Life as a Café Owner in Costa Rica

When Michael Allen, 54, joined his wife Connie, 51, for a vacation on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast back in 2000, he made a startling discovery. “She had arrived there two weeks before me and had bought some land near the town of Ojochal, which is a hub of expat activity in the region,” says Michael. “I remember saying, ‘What did you do! Are you out of your mind? It’s in the middle of the jungle.’”


“Jet Fuel for Your Overseas Plans”

Six months from now, you could be living in paradise… for much less than it costs you to stay home. In the best destinations overseas, your dollar just goes further…first-class health care is affordable…you can keep a housekeeper or gardener…and live better than you can back home for a fraction of what you pay now…


How the Seymours Retired at 41 and 44 in Costa Rica

Opening a business, moving to a small town, changing careers, heading out on the road in an RV…they considered all these options. But once they started reading about retiring overseas, it seemed the way to go. And Costa Rica quickly rose to the top of their list of destinations because it’s an easy flight back to Dallas and there’s good infrastructure, healthcare, and Internet access. And the climate where they live in the Central Valley is perfect year-round.

Properties with stunning water views can now be bought for less than $150,000 in places like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador.

Best Places to Own Premium Water Views for Less than $150,000

In Mexico, Ecuador and Costa Rica properties with stunning views can be bought for as little as $119,000, according to a new report by “A great view usually translates into a premium price tag. But if a buyer knows the right places to look, he can find properties with world-class vistas for much, much less than you’d expect,” reports’s property correspondent, Margaret Summerfield.


Perfect Weather in the Heart of the Central Valley, Costa Rica

My wife and I were enjoying coffee on our back porch the other day when we turned to each other and said, almost simultaneously, “Can’t beat this weather, huh?” And really, here at our home in the heart of the Central Valley, in the hills above the town of Grecia, I have to admit the weather is perfect. (My apologies to all those reading this up north who still have snow on the ground.) It averages about 75 degrees year-round and, up here at 4,500 feet, it gets cool enough…

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