cost of living in VilcabambaCost of Living in Vilcabamba

Expats who live here report that their cost of living in Vilcabamba is low.

Here is a sample monthly budget for a couple living in Vilcabamba:

Housing: $300

Utilities (including phone, Internet and CATV): $150

Maid (twice a week): $60

Groceries: $250

Maintenance and fuel for one car: $140

Clothing: $30

Entertainment (two people dining out six times

per month, with drinks, dessert, tip): $175

Health care (four $30 visits to a doctor per year for two people, divided by 12 months): $20

Water rights (for one family—this can vary by neighborhood): $2

Total per month: $1,127

Total per year: $13,524

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Long Life and Low Costs in Vilcabamba, Ecuador

In Vilcabamba, Ecuador, you feel like you could live forever. It’s no wonder that this boasts of being the “Valley of Longevity,” where long, healthy lives are common and many of the locals claim to be centenarians—living well into their 100s. Perhaps it’s the climate. Just shy of the equator in southern Ecuador and at an elevation of 5,000 feet, temperatures in Vilcabamba average between 65 F and 81 F.


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Why I Moved to Vilcabamba, Ecuador

“You’re out of your mind!” This was one of the milder things people said when I announced that after 30 years of living in the paradise of Maui, Hawaii, I was moving to South America. And at 80 years of age. Alone. Without speaking a word of Spanish.

What Cost The Perfect Life in Ecuador?

What Cost The Perfect Life in Ecuador?

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Finding Adventure in Retirement

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Affordable Land in Ecuador’s Vilcabamba Valley

Affordable Land in Ecuador’s Vilcabamba Valley

I believe that Vilcabamba, in Ecuador’s Valley of Longevity, could well have the world’s best living environment. I had a home there for years, and enjoyed pure mountain air, a year-round tropical growing season, fresh pure water, and one of nature’s most dramatic and beautiful landscapes.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador: Four Riverfront Lots For Sale

I’m writing to you about some riverfront lots that I just learned about yesterday, in Vilcabamba. It’s been years since I’ve seen property like this for sale. Vilcabamba is my first choice for country living in Ecuador, because of its perfect weather, healthy, pure environment, and ultra-low cost of living. Situated at the ideal 1,500 […]

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