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Egypt is where civilization began…the land of great minds--Ptolemy and Euclid. Go back to the ancient land of the pharaohs, experience the majesty and splendor of the Great Sphinx and the incandescently beautiful Pyramids. Walk where Tutankhamen walked…go and see the mesmerizing Kom Ombo temple…or cruise down the great Nile River on a felucca--a source of life and vitality for Egyptians for millennia. While you’re here, you should travel around the historical hubs of Cairo and Alexandria, where you’ll taste a culture and way of life that has existed for an eternity. Soak up the glorious sun on the stunning Mediterranean coast, take a trip to the rich, exotic Red Sea or climb the revered Mount Sinai in the Sahara desert. Egypt is waiting…      


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Fast Facts About Egypt

  • Population : 85,294,388
  • Capital: Cairo
  • Language: Arabic
  • Location: Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Sudan and Libya
  • Coastline: 2,450km
  • Climate: Desert, hot dry summers with moderate winters
  • Country Code: 20
  • Time Zone: GMT+2



Running Travel Tours in Egypt and Beyond

My husband Friedemann and I led our first Egypt tour in 2005 and had a journey of a lifetime. I’ll never forget seeing the sun rise during a private visit to the Sphinx. I still remember the feel of the sand underneath my feet, the touch of the sun on my skin and the quiet laughter and tears of joy from our group at the marvel of being in such an ancient and special place.

Chopin, Matchmaking, and Indian Gods

Chopin, Matchmaking, and Indian Gods

The renowned Malaysia International Gourmet Festival in Kuala Lumpur runs the whole month of October. Expect a “Theatre of Cuisines” and a “Gourmet Village.” The wonderfully-named Madajazzcar, Madagascar’s leading jazz festival, takes place from October 3 to 15 with performances around the island.

Africa The World’s Best Long-Term Investment

Africa: The World’s Best Long-Term Investment

It’s probably one of the last places most North Americans would think about investing, but the single best investment you make for the next decade could be to buy Africa. There are important reasons why African stocks are set to richly reward buy-and-hold-style investors. But the main reason is simply this: Africa is where the growth is. The continent’s economy has been growing at about 6% over the last decade. And it is expected to match that pace over the next several years.

The Shocking Truth Behind the Riots in Egypt

The Shocking Truth Behind the Riots in Egypt

The mainstream media has cast the riots in Tunisia and Egypt as purely political. But behind the headlines lies a shocking truth. One that has huge implications for emerging market investors. Just as bad harvests in 1788 triggered the French Revolution, food price inflation lies behind the mass demonstrations in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and beyond.

This Simple Macro Trade Is Nearly All Upside

This Simple Macro Trade Is Nearly All Upside

As I type, Egypt is on the brink. Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has ordered tanks out on the streets of Cairo. And F-16 fighter jets are roaring over the heads of the tens of thousands of protesters that are calling for an end to Mubarak’s rule. This is a game-changing event. Not just politically, but for the markets too.

Prague: Fairy-Tale Europe’s Baroque Gem

Prague: Fairy-Tale Europe’s Baroque Gem

In this issue of the Lifetime Society Communiqué, we stroll the cobbled streets of one of Europe’s most atmospheric and beautifully preserved cities. History hangs on every corner. You can see it in the decorative art of the churches and cathedrals, and even feel it in your feet on the old town’s cobbled streets. This is Prague. A concentrated blob of pure baroque unscathed by the Second World War. It’s a glorious place where beer is still brewed by monks and the stories of mad kings, tragic queens and foul monsters are still told.

The Travel Press Talks…

The Travel Press Talks…

Tales spanning from Scotland to Egypt in this month’s Travel Press Talks…

How to Profit From African Beads

Wednesday, April 9, 2008 Read more about making money through import-export in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Russian Blues, Pink Pineapples, Bohemian Kakambas, and Venetian Ghosts. Bumblebees, Whiteheart Turquoise Blues, and Ethiopian Redeye Skunks. The names alone make me want to track them down… Attendees at last year’s Ultimate Event know all about my Global […]

A Beachfront Investment for Less Than $50,000

Saturday, March 1, 2008 Read more about investing in real estate overseas in International Living Postcards—Saturday Edition Shopping for a beachfront property investment with a budget of $50,000? Your options are limited, no question, but here’s one to look at right now: Egypt’s Red Sea coast. The Egyptian government has set a goal to increase […]

Sailing from Aswan to Luxor

Sailing from Aswan to Luxor

This month we continue our travels in Egypt with our curmudgeonly travel editor William Chamberlayne, who finds just his kind of hotel in Luxor and muses in its comfort over the curse of Tutankhamun. We follow the film noir trail in Morocco, and in Panama we profile Lifetime Member Sarah Booth who’s been exploring investment opportunities there.

Keep up to date with our best addresses in the Pomme d’Or listings, this month featuring Panama City and Cozumel.

That Camel Stole My Wife!

The author getting to grips with his first camel; and the author’s wife (not in shot) realizing she’s been lumbered with an ornery beast. International Living Postcards– your daily escape Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007 Cairo, Egypt Camels have quite a racket going. In photos they appear at rest, noble and serene. But up close they […]

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