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Budapest, found along the mighty Danube, is brimming with classical architecture and is simply stunning…but the “Country of the Magyars” has more…hearty, paprika-seasoned goulashes…the awe-inspiring Lake Balaton…and you can live on just $11,000 a year. Hungary is a special place.


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Fast Facts About Hungary

  • Population: 9,939,470
  • Capital City: Budapest
  • Climate: Temperate, cold, humid winters, warm summers
  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Language: Hungarian
  • Country Code: 36
  • Location: Central Europe, bordering Austria and Romania



Get the Most Out of Europe’s Low-Cost Airlines

Twice a year, Lucy Fayette flies from her home in Switzerland to Hungary to visit family— for a round-trip fare of just €50 (about $65). That’s right, Lucy’s airfare, which takes her across 800 miles in less than two hours, costs the same amount as a nice dinner or a fancy bottle of wine…and all because of Europe’s budget airlines.


Great-Grandpa May Hold the Key to Your EU Passport

Your great-great-great-grandparents (may they rest in peace) could be about to hand you citizenship in Europe…and, with it, the legal freedom to live and do business in any of the 28 countries of the European Union. Your family tree could hold the key to opening a path to second citizenship for you and your family, especially in Europe. There, several countries will grant citizenship to you based on ancestry.

Save as Much as $65,500 by Traveling Abroad For Your Medical Needs

Save as Much as $65,500 by Traveling Abroad For Your Medical Needs

When my father, age 72 at the time, announced he was heading off to Mexico for extensive dental work, my first reaction was a mixture of bewilderment and fear, then resignation, knowing that despite my protestations, he was going anyway.

Look Beyond the Euro

Look Beyond the Euro

While worldwide media coverage is focusing on an ever-stronger euro, smart readers are exploring other options: 14 of the EU member countries do not use the euro right now. Although the U.K. and Denmark have special derogations, and Malta and Cyprus are set to join next year, you still have plenty of other ways to make your dollar go further in Europe.

What to do with $1000

Five Fun Things to Do With $1,000–or Less

Your dollars are shrinking, and the economic outlook is uncertain. Still…you’d like to get away…have an adventure…start a new life…invest outside the States. What do you do if your budget is small but your thinking is big?

Clarification Causes Confusion

In May it was announced that visitors to Panama entering on a tourist visa would no longer be granted a 90-day stay (extendable for another 90 days). Instead, immigration officials said, those entering on a tourist visa would be granted just 30 days-extendable up to 60 additional days. This month, rumors began circulating that the […]

Cheap smiles

Cheap smiles

The dentist’s left hand clutched my shoulder and her right elbow dug into my temple as she struggled to wrench out the second of my lower molars. Something gave. “Oops!” she chirped, “Sorry, another one’s come out with it.

Taking the Cure

Taking the Cure

Spas are now undoubtedly a necessary component of the five star luxury resort experience. And in order to stay ahead of the game, savvy hoteliers are plotting ever more absurd levels to which they will take the pampering spa concept.

Restoring Hungary’s noble heritage-renaissance in the land of a thousand castles

US$1 equals 182.3 Hungarian forint Hédervár’s aristocratic past is evident throughout the village, although the castle village life once revolved around now functions as a four-star hotel, and the family who gave the village its name back in the 12th century has no remaining members. The walls that once enclosed the Hédervár castle’s grounds still […]

Budapest: Unsurpassed in Grandeur and Steeped in History

Budapest: Unsurpassed in Grandeur and Steeped in History

Sanja bought two apartments in Budapest—the first shortly after arriving in 1996. The apartment is in the well-heeled and fashionable area of the VIth. She could command a monthly rental of about $920 and could probably sell it now for more than $200,000. Sanja knew she was on to a good thing, and so in 1997 she bought a second apartment which she now rents out. Read on to find out more about business opportunities in beautiful Budapest.

Restoring Hungary’s Noble Heritage—The Land Of A Thousand Castles

Restoring Hungary’s Noble Heritage—The Land Of A Thousand Castles

Hédervár is one of 1,000 castles (or historical mansions, palaces, chateaux, and manor houses as they also can be called) in Hungary, 800 of which are registered historic monuments. Many are located in northwestern Hungary, called northern Transdanubia, making it one of the world’s best destinations for castle-hopping.

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