La Dolce Vita Means “The Sweet Life...” and Life Gets no Sweeter Than in Sunny Italy


Italy has a staggering amount to offer travelers...and residents. Romantic cities. Timeless hill towns. Snowy mountains, idyllic islands, and a rivetingly beautiful coastline. Plus, outside the major cities, homes start at a mere $50,000—or less.


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Fast Facts About Italy

  • Population: 61,482,297
  • Capital City: Rome
  • Climate: Predominantly Mediterranean; Alpine in far north; hot, dry in south
  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Language: Italian
  • Country Code: 39
  • Location: Southern Europe, a peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea


Your Own Restored Italian Home for $86,000

In many of the stone houses I came across in Salento, I found beautiful old olive trees on the land. Tuesday, April 15, 2008 Salento, Italy Read more about property in Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Giovanni Russo is one of life’s go-getters. He is a hyperactive 50-year-old Italian with a passion for […]

A Home With a View of the Adriatic Sea: $186,000

A long stretch of the deep turquoise waters of the Adriatic comes into sight almost as soon as you leave Bari airport, and the sandy beaches of the Ionian to the south are no more than 40 minutes’ drive away. For me, one of the best things about Italy’s “boot heel” province of Puglia is that you’re never far from the coast.

Italy’s Heel Has Appeal

Sunday, April 13, 2008 Learn more about Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape I’m not an expert on Italy, but I’m learning quickly thanks to IL writer Leigh Fergus. Right now Leigh is in the region of Apulia…called Puglia in Italian. Apulia makes up the heel and much of the Achilles tendon of the […]

An Italian Vineyard of Your Own for Less Than $100,000

Friday, April 4, 2008 Read more about real estate in Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Two hours east of Rome, hemmed by the glittering Adriatic, Abruzzo offers dreamy hill towns, tiny farms, ruggedly wild countryside, and the diamond-bright peaks of the Apennines. Most towns and mountain villages are within an hour’s drive of […]

The medieval magic of Italy’s hill towns—a vineyard of your own for less than $100,000

Two hours east of Rome, hemmed by the glittering Adriatic, Abruzzo offers dreamy hill towns, tiny farms, ruggedly wild countryside, and the diamond-bright peaks of the Apennines. Most towns and mountain villages are within an hour’s drive of sandy beaches. Hot summers, cold winters. During my February visit, the air was scented with wood-smoke. Everyone […]

Property Bargains in Italy’s New Hotspot

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 Pescara, Italy Read more about affordable Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape I’m in Pescara on the Abruzzo coast. Bombed during World War II, it’s now a mostly modern city with sandy Adriatic beaches, excellent shopping streets, and an airport with direct flights to the U.K. and Germany. Train and […]

Money-saving Tips When in Rome

Rome is a beautiful city but it can be expensive. Monday, March 10, 2008 Rome, Italy Read more about Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape On this latest Italy trip, I was scouting properties in Abruzzo and Molise. To reach these southern regions, you’ll probably fly in and out of Rome. It can be […]

Buy a Home for $27,000 in a Secret Pocket of Italy

The beach resort of Termoli has a few property bargains…but for the best deals, head inland. Wednesday, March 5, 2008 Termoli, Italy Read more about finding affordable property in Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Molise is Italy’s youngest region. In 1963, it split from Abruzzo, the region lying to the north. Sharing the […]

Rescue an Italian Property in Confetti Town

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 Sulmona, Italy Read more about Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape I’m in Sulmona, an Abruzzo town in southern Italy…chilly this time of year. But the cold doesn’t stop the passegiata. Join the evening stroll down Corso Ovidio and you soon notice Sulmona is the home of confetti. Not bits […]

For Sale: An Italian Palace…and a $53,000 Village House

Friday, Feb. 29, 2008 Abruzzo, Italy Read more about Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Hot summers on the beach, skiing in winter, gorgeous countryside all year round. The medieval hill towns and villages in Italy’s mountainous Abruzzo region get lovelier with each passing day. What I particularly like is that from any village, […]

Oodles of Property Bargains in This Corner of Italy

The lively town of Loreto Aprutino, where house prices start at just $120,000. Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008 Abruzzo, Italy Read more about Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Abruzzo’s landscape isn’t as manicured as Tuscany’s…but it is studded with medieval hill towns, olive groves, and vineyards. No heavyweight art cities to be sure, but […]

Would You Like a Townhouse in “Affordable Italy” for $26,000?

February in Italy’s deep south. Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2008 Abruzzo, Italy Read more about Italy in International Living Postcards—your daily escape Two hours east of Rome, the Abruzzo region is where southern Italy starts. Fringed by Adriatic beaches, it’s a tapestry of mountains, olive groves, vineyards, and pine forests. Picturesque hill towns come with cobbled […]

Don’t Ignore the Happiness Factor

Don’t Ignore the Happiness Factor

Wherever vines grow, life is usually pleasant. So no surprise that France heads IL’s latest Quality of Life Index. A first-class health care system…a culture that isn’t based on inane celebrity worship…food that’s fit to eat.

An Italian Home for Less Than $50,000

You could own a home in this medieval Italian village for less than $50,000. Monday, Dec. 17, 2007 Paris, France Learn more about Italian real estate in International Living Postcards–your daily escape I’ve just heard about a sustainable tourism project in Italy with restored properties selling for less than $50,000. The houses are in a […]

Brush up on your artistic talents

Brush up on your artistic talents

Dedalo Arte is a group of artists based in Tuscany’s Val d’Orcia, near Pienza and the

15th-century former Monastery of Sant’Anna in Camprena (set for the film The English

Patient and now run as tourist accommodation).

Clarification Causes Confusion

In May it was announced that visitors to Panama entering on a tourist visa would no longer be granted a 90-day stay (extendable for another 90 days). Instead, immigration officials said, those entering on a tourist visa would be granted just 30 days-extendable up to 60 additional days. This month, rumors began circulating that the […]

Where florists become princes

Seborga would look like many other sleepy Ligurian inland villages if it weren’t for the dozens of blue and white flags that welcome you as you approach its centuries-old walls. But Seborga is special. It all started in the 1960s when local florist, Giorgio Carbone, began pushing for the town to regain its historic independence. […]

Six of the Best--Epic Drives

Six of the Best–Epic Drives

Six of the most stunning drives from around the world as selected by International Living

The world’s top retirement havens in 2007

The world’s top retirement havens in 2007

Whether your retirement is fast approaching or just something you find yourself often dreaming about, you’ve probably imagined spending it in some far-flung tropical haven. But moving to a country that you know little about is a lot of hassle, right? It’s probably not worth the time and effort, you think. Besides, all your family and friends are here.

Hotspots: Head for the Heights

Hotspots: Head for the Heights

The soaring coastline of Calabria, the towering skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, and the high vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina are where it’s at

Italian Real EstateTaxes

 Taxes Italian Real Estate Taxes Transfer Tax Also known as government purchase tax, the amount depends on whether you are buying urban or rural property and how you intend to use the property. If the urban property you purchase is to be your main place of residence (i.e., you will live in your property for […]

Sampling the cucina of Le Marché

by John Szabo, Master Sommelier Some of the most dramatic seaside scenery of the Adriatic can be found on the Riviera del Conero, the section of coastline beneath the limestone peak of Monte Conero south of Ancona. With all the charm of Tuscany or Umbria, this is also where you want to go to find […]

What kind of home in Italy?

Italy has more than just farmhouses to offer. Say you’re looking for a simple village house in fairly good condition…but you don’t want to pay more than $150,000? You won’t find one on the shores of Lake Como at that price, but look to Apulia and you’ll be spoiled for choice. The point is that […]

The best views of Mount Etna

Most holidaymakers on cruises around the eastern Mediterranean call at the Sicilian port of Messina to climb Mount Etna. The town itself, following a succession of earthquakes, offers little to detain you. Alas, upon our arrival, the top of this still-active volcano (it last erupted in May) was covered by a hot weather haze, so […]

Moving to Italy

Move to Italy

Move to Italy and Enjoy la Dolce Vita (the Sweet Life) There are many appealing reasons that inspire expats to move to Italy. The country has given us Michaelangelo, Raphael, and Botticelli. Pizza, gondolas, and scarlet Ferraris. Opera, ice cream, and Prada handbags. OK, it’s given us the Mafia, too, but who wouldn’t want to […]

Travel in Italy

Travel in Italy

The Marvels of Traveling in Italy You will be able to visit many unforgettable sights and monuments when you travel in Italy Traveling in Italy can offer you some of the most incredible vacation experiences of your life. Whether you choose to spend your time absorbing the atmosphere of one of the great art cities, […]


Taxes in Italy

A Guide to Italian Taxes “Italy has completely changed the fiscal rules, and now our taxation system is one of the most modern in the world. But no one realized that because we did not reduce taxes.” —Vincenzo Visco, Italian treasury minister, September 2000 Four years after that speech, the Italian finance minister had just […]

Invest in Italy

Invest in Italy

Making an Investment in Italy A founding member of the European Union, Italy is a full participant in the single market. It is also a member of the Group of Eight (G8), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the United Nations (UN), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and […]

Beachfront Property in Italy

Beachfront Property in Italy

Beside the Sea One popular option for beachfront property in Italy is Punta Ala, which is a fashionable Tuscan seaside resort and golf course with views over the island of Elba, where Napoleon was exiled. Punta Ala is in a part of Tuscany known as the Maremma. Relatively undiscovered (though no secret to Italian holidaymakers), […]

Fractional Ownerships

Fractional Ownerships

Six of the best fractional ownerships from around the world


Italy Visa and Residency Information

Citizens of the U.S. and Canada do not need a visa to enter Italy for up to 90 days if the purpose of their trip is tourism- or business-related. Italy has a multitude of visas–the most common ones are for business, family reunion, independent work, religious reasons, study, tourism, and transit. If you’re planning on […]

Living in Italy

Live in Italy

You Can Still Afford to Live in Italy Many tourists are under the impression that Italy is expensive and therefore the prospect of living in Italy seems unrealistic. Have a cup of coffee on St. Mark’s Square in Venice, and all your fears are likely to be confirmed! Truth is, outside of the tourist hotspots, […]


Retire in Italy

Live Your Dream Retirement in Italy Imagine what it would be like to retire in Italy. Imagine being able to spend every springtime in Rome or Venice or Florence—can’t you just picture yourself meandering beside the Arno River on a perfect May evening, when all the terracotta roofs and ancient palaces are bathed in that […]

Real estate in Italy

Italy Real Estate

Charming Italian Real Estate and Property Wherever you choose to purchase real estate in Italy, you’ll be surrounded by so many good things that you’ll find it hard to believe you lived without them for so long. But where in Italy do you picture yourself buying property and living? There is probably more beauty per […]

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