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To Russia with Love-- Discover the diversity of Russia

From the mighty steppes in the north… to the rugged tundra…to the icy, Arctic Siberia…Russia is such a diverse country it spans two continents and nine time zones. There is a little of every climate and terrain here. The iconic Red Square in Moscow or the majestic cathedrals in St Petersburg are balanced out by the many museums, cafés and underground wine bars that make up these massive, yet distinctly bohemian cities. Russia’s legendary capital, Moscow, is not just the home of billionaires…but also of artists and writers…riches and creativity go side by side.

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Russia Fast Facts

Population: 142,500,482

Capital: Moscow

Language: Russian

Location: North Asia bordering the Arctic Ocean, extending to Eastern Europe

Coastline: 37,653km

Country Code: 7

Time Zone: GMT+4 (Moscow)

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