To Russia with Love: Discover the Diversity of Russia


From the mighty steppes in the north… to the rugged tundra…to the icy, Arctic Siberia…Russia is such a diverse country it spans two continents and nine time zones. There is a little of every climate and terrain here. The iconic Red Square in Moscow or the majestic cathedrals in St Petersburg are balanced out by the many museums, cafés and underground wine bars that make up these massive, yet distinctly bohemian cities. Russia’s legendary capital, Moscow, is not just the home of billionaires…but also of artists and writers…riches and creativity go side by side.


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Fast Facts About Russia

  • Population: 142,500,482
  • Capital City: Moscow
  • Coastline: 37,653km
  • Time Zone: GMT+4 (Moscow)
  • Language: Russian
  • Country Code: 7
  • Location: North Asia bordering the Arctic Ocean, extending to Eastern Europe



The Best Market for 100% Gains

“Chinese stocks have the potential to deliver triple-digit returns within 24 months,” I explained in a recent CNBC interview. That was a bold thing to say on camera… but I believe it’s absolutely possible… In fact, twice in the last decade, Chinese stocks have soared by triple digits within two years. When China goes up, it can soar… In China’s 2006-2007 bull market, Chinese stocks soared by 500%. It soared by more than 100% in its 2009 bull market as well. Importantly, Chinese stocks today are just as cheap as they were when they started their last two triple-digit runs in 2006 and 2009. They are hated, too… Investors have been avoiding them for the last year. Meanwhile, Chinese stocks are now in a definite uptrend. This is the ideal setup for big gains… So how can you trade it?

Bet on Population Growth and Live High on the Hog

The best estimate points to a world population several billion larger than today’s just a few decades from now—Earth may host 9.6 billion people in 2050, according to the United Nations. This population growth is all going to be a strain on Earth’s already stretched-thin resources. So how do you invest in a world like the future we seem to be hurtling toward? A world of rising population and increasingly scarce resources?

Wine Lovers In Paris…And More

Wine Lovers in Paris…And More

Tucked away in Ecuador’s imposing Andes mountains are hundreds of green valleys where tumbling rivers nourish fertile soils and temperatures are near perfect all year round. These are among the best places to live in the country, and expats are busily discovering them. You’ll meet couples in this mountainous region who report expenses of $1,440 a month including rent. Most do not own a car.


Exploring the World in Retirement

Eleven years and dozens of countries after selling their California house to travel the world, Trish and Marvin Scott say they have never regretted their decision. “We look for places off the tourist track. We’ve set up households in 20 countries, and currently we are living in an old communistera apartment in St. Petersburg,” says 70-year-old Marvin.

What You Can Learn from Edward Snowden

What You Can Learn from Edward Snowden

I’ve spent my fair share of time in airports over the years, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from that experience, it’s that I wish I hadn’t spent my fair share of time in airports over the years.


News from Around the World

Seaside docks are scattered all along the coastline in Belize. They’re great places to watch the sun rise, fish from, or lounge on as you enjoy the mild sea breezes. From some of them you can also catch boats to Belize’s white-sand islands (known as cayes), or to snorkeling and diving spots along the world’s second-longest barrier reef, just offshore.

Turnips, Russian Wine, and a Monkey Buffet

Turnips, Russian Wine, and a Monkey Buffet

Experience the Day of the Dead in Mexico on November 1 when people gather to honor their departed love ones with big parties across the country. If you’re in India the first two weeks of November, then head to the capital, Delhi, where you’ll find music, theater, dance, film, and poetry in 50 venues across the city for the Delhi International Arts Festival.

BRICS Time to Chase Blue-Chip Emerging-Market Stocks

BRICS: Time to Chase Blue-Chip Emerging-Market Stocks

The best time to buy stocks and other assets is when investors are running scared. I’ve been banging this drum all year—especially when it comes to Europe. I believe the crisis there is about to throw up a genuinely once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity for contrarian investors.

News And Notes From Around The World Mar2012

News and Notes from Around the World

Contadora Island is a 20-minute flight from Panama City. It is a watery wonderland straight out of the pages of The Beach. Forget about cars and taxis; everywhere worth visiting is a 10-minute walk away…


News and Notes from Around the World

Contadora Island is a 20-minute flight from Panama City. It is a watery wonderland straight out of the pages of The Beach. Forget about cars and taxis; everywhere worth visiting is a 10-minute walk away…

Commodities…Buy Resource-Rich Russia at a Discount

The day Warren Buffett became the world’s richest man for the first time, he went out and bought himself a hail-damaged Ford. Although the damage to the bodywork was mostly invisible, the dealer was offering a heavily discounted price. Buffett knew a deal when he saw one, and he snapped it up.

Five Strangest Travel Superstitions

Five Strangest Travel Superstitions

You may do little more than double check that the oven is off before you go on a trip, but in other parts of the world, travelers can get mighty superstitious.

Russia: A Hidden Gem

Russia: A Hidden Gem

As you know, the last six months haven’t been stellar for the emerging markets. But what you’ve got to understand is that you can’t base your investing decisions on what’s happened in the past. Because the markets don’t care about the past. They care about what will happen in the future.

Why You Should Invest in Russia

Why You Should Invest in Russia

Spies in suburbia…that’s the biggest Russia story we’ve read in years. But there’s another, better one the mainstream press hasn’t noticed.

I Spy Opportunity in Russia

I Spy Opportunity in Russia

Spies in suburbia… that’s the biggest Russia story we’ve read in years. But there’s another, better one the mainstream press hasn’t noticed.

Crusaders, Lovers, and Witches–the Secret Gardens of Cahors

Nostradamus studied here. The English and French battled over it during the 100 Years War. On a lazy loop of the Lot River, Cahors is my favorite city in the Midi-Pyrenees region. The capital of pre-revolution Quercy and now of the Lot departement, its winding back streets plunge you into the ancient France of crusaders […]

Building Wealth With BRICs—Profit From Globalization

Building Wealth With BRICs—Profit From Globalization

As summer temperatures keep rising, U.S. investors are feeling rather hot under the collar. The Dow Jones has fallen by 12% since October. House prices are in freefall. The price of gas is at a record. And the clowns in Washington seem to be doing everything they can to send the dollar the way of the dodo.

Charming History and Killer Cobblestones

Colonia is beautiful with its little flower-lined cobblestone streets and plazas. Wednesday, June 18, 2008 Colonia, Uruguay Read more about Uruguay in International Living Postcards —your daily escape The jasmine and bougainvillea grace the pastel blue, yellow, ochre, and pale green walls…the palm trees sway…the lofty trees shower the ground with pink blossoms. There’s a […]

Safe Bonds With 7.35% Yield

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Read more about investing overseas in International Living Postcards—your daily escape The U.S. dollar is now under incredible pressure, and the timing couldn’t be worse. The U.S. economy is also sinking fast. This places the Fed between a rock and a hard place. To support the greenback, the Fed needs to […]

Government Bonds With 7.2% Yield

Government Bonds With 7.2% Yield

Black Monday…the phrase still sends a chill down the spines of investors. That’s because Oct. 19, 1987, was the day the U.S. stock market recorded its largest one-day percentage decline in history.

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World News

Major infrastructure improvements for Nicaragua Word has it that a group of Spanish investors are looking to make major investments on the Caribbean coast. New customs booths are being built on the country’s southern border and construction may start soon on two new airports in San Carlos and San Juan del Norte. On the Pacific […]

It’s Not Too Late to Diversify Your Property Portfolio–Here’s How

Saturday, Oct. 6, 2007 Many real estate “investors” in the United States are retreating right now, tails between their legs, trying to figure out what’s happened to their portfolios. The answer, of course, is obvious…and twofold: excessive leverage, which is risky enough when it comes to real estate investing…but, in many cases, the leverage has […]

St. Petersburg-a city of museums

Nowhere else on the planet will you find as many museums in one place as in St. Petersburg in Russia. Russia’s second-largest city counts 166 museums among its attractions, surpassing even Paris and Rome. Granted, not everyone would want to visit the Museum of Bread, but beside such remnants of Soviet rule, there are national […]

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