Advice on Buying Real Estate or Living in Slovakia


Slovakia should be more popular than it is. Bratislava is civilised, cultured and packed with fine restaurants and cafés that serve sumptuous cuisine. And the prices are enough to make you swoon…apartment rents are as low as $140 a month…a substantial lunch can come in at less than $5…with flavors of Vienna, this city should not be ignored. As for the Slovakian countryside, well, it’s marvelous. Central Slovakia is full of deep valleys, and the Tatras Mountains are covered in stunning forests.


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Fast Facts About Slovakia

  • Population: 5,488,339
  • Capital City: Bratislava
  • Climate: Temperate, cool summers; cold, cloudy, humid winters
  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Language: Slovak, Hungarian
  • Country Code: 421
  • Location: Central Europe, between Poland and Hungary


Bratislava—Europe’s next boom city

Bratislava—Europe’s next boom city

Bratislava is more beguiling and livable than you may imagine. Straddling the Danube, Slovakia’s capital certainly captivated me. At the heart of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, it’s jolly, cultured, and civilized. When did you last see youths rushing to give up tram and bus seats to the elderly?

Slovakia's seasons and scenery

Making Slovakia home—renovating a 300-year-old château into a luxury hotel in the heart of Europe

Less than two years ago, British couple Ann and David Darrell worked and lived in England. David, 38, was a chartered accountant specializing in insolvency. Ann, 54, owned several small businesses, including a design and communications company and a beauty shop. In February 2004, the couple, married five years, sold their home and their businesses. They spent six months traveling around Europe looking for the right place to begin the next chapter of their lives. That place, it turned out, was Slovakia.

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