The Nobel Prize goes to Sweden


Sweden isn’t just famous for its meatballs (although they are fantastic). Sweden has one of the healthiest, modern societies right now. While Sweden’s north is mountainous and ice-bound, the south is home to many attractive, lively cities like Malmo.

The grand Stockholm is actually spread out over 14 islands and the Old Town (Gamla Stan) is fascinating and magical…you’ll find cobble-stoned streets, cafés, gothic churches and the Royal Palace. The Nobel Prizes are awarded in Stockholm each year…


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Fast Facts About Sweden

  • Population: 9,119,423
  • Capital City: Stockholm
  • Climate: Temperate in south, with cold, cloudy winters and cool summers, subarctic in north
  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Language: Swedish
  • Country Code: 46
  • Location: Scandinavia, Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, between Finland and Norway



Take Charge of Your Future…Earn before You Go

When a strike shut down the National Hockey League back in 2004, Minnesota Wild fan Georgia Pergakis booked a trip to Sweden to watch one of her favorite players play with a Swedish team. It turned out to be the most eventful trip of her life. To the surprise and delight of her friends, Georgia returned to Minneapolis and announced she had met her soul mate. After a long-distance courtship (thanks to Skype), she and Per-Erik Makitalo were married in Las Vegas three years later.

Get Unplugged With Abba…And More

Get Unplugged with Abba…and More

Have you ever pictured yourself onstage, belting out “Dancing Queen” with the members of ABBA? Visit the Swedish capital, Stockholm, this summer and you can. The Swedish band finally has a museum devoted to its decades-long contribution to the music industry. It’s an interactive exhibition, and if you hear a red telephone ringing on your visit, you should answer it.


News and Notes from Around the World

Jungle-clad mountains sweep down to the ocean, pristine beaches are waiting for your footprints, and temperatures average 77 F to 90 F… There’s a lot to explore along Ecuador’s 1,800-mile Pacific coast. Here you’ll find some of the least-expensive beachfront towns in the world. Salinas is one of the coast’s most popular resorts. Just 90 miles from Guayaquil, the country’s largest city…

The Travel Press Talks

The Travel Press Talks

Gothenburg: Best for Culture This Summer
Ever heard of Peter Silverman? No? Neither had I, but I sure wouldn’t mind being him. He’s a Canadian art collector who bought a lovely little Italian work in 2007 for around $18,500.

Eight Ways to Vacation Overseas—Free

Eight Ways to Vacation Overseas—Free

Everyone dreams of vacations. But accommodation, food, and transportation all add up. In the current economic climate, low cost is good. And “no cost” is even better. Here are some suggestions to save on your next vacation

The Travel Press Talks...February 2009

The Travel Press Talks…February 2009

Have you always wanted to go crazy with coriander? Or daydreamed of a love affair with limes, but never quite knew what to do with them? Find out more in this month’s Travel Press Talks…

Sweden’s brightest day

The long, dark nights of December in Sweden challenge the hardiest of souls. Swedes brave harsh winds, frequent snowstorms, frigid temperatures, and up to 20 hours of darkness. On Dec. 13, however, the darkness gives way to light when Sankta Lucia (Saint Lucia) makes an appearance throughout this Scandinavian country, brightening the day for everyone. […]

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