Explore the Treasures Turkey has to Offer


The coast of Turkey is on the Mediterranean, so the water is warm and sapphire-blue, the sand is glistening white and the sun shines intensely--this is Turkey at its most tropical. But the celebrated city of Istanbul (formerly the scholarly, Byzantine metropolis, Constantinople) really steals the show. Packed with striking mosques, ancient buildings, markets with craftsmen selling their merchandise, restaurants serving unforgettable food, and beautiful, cozy backstreets… it is simply brimming with life.

Cruise down the Bosporus…stare in awe over the plains of Mesopotamia…fly over the unsurpassable landscape of Cappadocia in an air balloon…you’ll never be bored in Turkey.


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Fast Facts About Turkey

  • Population: 80,694,485
  • Capital City: Ankara
  • Climate: Temperate; hot, dry summers; mild, wet winters
  • Time Zone: GMT+2
  • Language: Turkish
  • Country Code: 90



Pick up a Piece of History in Istanbul’s Vintage Market

Lying at the crossroads of East and West, Istanbul lives in the past as much as it races toward the future. And nothing represents Istanbul’s timelessness as vividly as its flea markets and vintage stores, which are scattered around the city. You’ll find it all: antique postcards, authentic Ottoman swords, carpets, and creepy porcelain dolls. Every vintage store here is a small universe in itself. And you never know what you may find.


Big Returns on Video Games, China’s Stock Market and Much More…

The chart shows the price returns on Japan’s TOPIX Stock Price Index for each month of the year (in Japan’s currency, the yen)… Two other trends quickly pop out at you when you look at the chart: How poorly Japanese stocks do in the summer and fall, and how well they do early in the year. The returns from May to November look pretty darn bad. And the returns from January through April look pretty darn good.


Exploring the East for Profitable Art and Craft Imports

Importing crafts and folk art is a great way to fund your travels or create an income living overseas. You get to bridge the gap between an artisan producer in an emerging country and a market back home that can afford to pay top prices for unique, high-quality products. In the process, you can mark-up the goods to create an income for yourself.


Escape to the Old World in a Roman Town

The Romans’ influence stretches down the millennia into architecture, literature, theater, warfare, politics… They are a pillar upon which Western civilization is built. At its height, the Roman Empire held sway over much of Europe, the Near East, and North Africa. Its borders expanded over the centuries as the Romans took new lands… or shrunk in the face of barbarian hordes that invaded as the empire declined.


Travel With Your Camera For This Easy Extra Income

I’ve spent my life living overseas, teaching in international schools, and now that I’m retired, I want to travel even farther. I just need a little extra income to do it…and now I’ve found it. As I neared retirement age, I realized that I would have to find a way of making some extra money if I wanted to continue traveling and maintain my lifestyle. My pension, although adequate for a sedentary life, wasn’t going to allow me much freedom. So I began looking for ways where I could earn a little extra money here or there, as I continued to travel. That research paid off when I discovered that I could take travel videos with my regular camera and sell them.

“Funding My Life in Istanbul with an Airbnb”

Lying at the meeting point of Europe and Asia, the Turkish city of Istanbul has been attracting people in search of their fortune for centuries. Its markets and steep cobbled lanes have played host to traders since the Greeks first founded Byzantium on the site. A few name changes and a lot of history later, and now it’s one of the world’s most visited cities. Folks come from all over to explore millennia-old places of worship, and walk the spice-scented bazaars in search of an exotic handcrafted bargain.

Homes on the World’s Rivieras

The original Riviera (from the Italian word for “seashore”) sprang up in southern France and the bordering region of Italy. Upper-crust Brits, northern Europeans, and—later—well-heeled Americans flocked here for the beach resorts, casinos, and parties. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald had a villa here in the Jazz Age, although it’s said he was a horrible party guest. The term riviera has been adopted by regions all over the world, in places where the sun, surf, and vacation vibe live on. And when we hit the new-school rivieras in the developing world, expect to get a real bang for your real estate buck.

Istanbul, Turkey

Turn Your Travels into Profitable Shopping Trips

While on our way to a serious shopping day at the infamous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, a large, ceramic, intricately-painted fish in the window of a gallery caught my eye. I drew my two travel companions inside for a quick look. And thus we entered into one of those unexpected experiences you have in the import-export craft business.

Four Days in Istanbul: Shopping for Profit

While on our way to a serious shopping day at the infamous Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, a large, ceramic, intricately-painted fish in the window of a gallery caught my eye. I drew my two travel companions inside for a quick look. And thus we entered into one of those unexpected experiences you have in the import-export craft business.


Festivals Around the World: Rambles, Sacred Music, and Oil Wrestling

Visit the old royal capital of Kyoto, Japan, the weekend of June 1 for Takigi O-Noh to celebrate Japan’s ancient musical-theater traditions at the city’s Heian Jingu Shrine. Burning torches illuminate the stage and the costumed performers. Across the East China Sea, the Dragon Boat Festival in Xiamen, China, falls on June 2. Gorge on sticky-rice snacks, watch the race, and place a rice parcel in the water in memory of ancient poet Qu Yuan.


Find Your Sea Legs with an Affordable Boating Retirement

You’ve just weighed anchor on another night of bliss, lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of your sailboat in the calm sea. Before you is a small cove lined by craggy cliffs. Clear blue waters end at a white-sand beach. You’ve had it all to yourself for the last week. It was supposed to be just an overnight stop. But it was so beautiful, you decided to stick around. After a quick dip, you’re enjoying a cup of coffee and a light breakfast on deck as you contemplate which island paradise you’ll go to next.

Bodrum Harbor

Homes by the Ocean for Weekend Sailors

Do you like the idea of a life at sea…but only in short doses? Sunset cruises, fishing excursions, day trips, and the occasional long weekend jaunts to anchor off a remote island…? The ocean can be your playground.


Tango in the Park, Markets on the Street…the Fun is Out There

Over eight years ago, I decided to leave behind the urban jungle of American cities to travel. At the moment, I’m surrounded by the lush green suburbs of Buenos Aires. I’m constantly reminded of Jumanji out here. Thick green, leafy vines have completely taken over property walls and fences, wrapped themselves around tree trunks and flower pots. Palm trees and banana trees rise up like proud flags beside homes and office buildings.


Life’s Little Journeys: Get Paid to Explore Europe in Style

Tom Vercillo is paid to know the best places to wine, dine, and sightsee in the beautiful cities lining the Mediterranean…from Turkey to Italy and beyond. Regularly sampling the region’s finest offerings is just one of many perks in a career that sees him cruising around the Med’s warm waters seven months a year, stopping at exotic new locations almost every day.

Troglodyte Homes: Around The World…And Underground

Troglodyte Homes: Around the World…and Underground

The accepted story goes that as humankind progressed over the millennia, we abandoned our cave shelters in favor of constructed homes. But plenty of folks still live in dwellings carved out of volcanic rock, into mountains, rocky hillsides, cliffs, or quarries. And they aren’t living a primitive life in caveman-style homes, either (though they are referred to as “troglodyte” homes).


Exploring Turkey’s Historic Turquoise Coast

Called the “Turquoise Coast,” the water really is turquoise—usually a brilliant shade of the color. You may argue that it’s cyan, azure, or a shade of blue-green, but you won’t dispute its beauty. If you like sailing, you will love it here. Until the 1970s, access to most villages was by sea only. There are still beaches and hidden spots you won’t reach without a boat. You can easily and affordably take a cruise aboard a traditional wooden gulet (a type of sailboat), or charter one and go it alone.


Shop Your Way Around the World As You Earn

The earrings are from Hong Kong’s jade market. I bought the fedora hat at a Christmas market in Berlin, the boots from Malaga in Spain, and the shimmering scarf at Otavalo market in Ecuador—one of the largest indigenous markets in South America. You might call it eclectic fashion indulgence. I call it research.

One City, Two Continents…Istanbul For Modern Adventurers

One City, Two Continents…Istanbul for Modern Adventurers

Looking down at Istanbul as night crept in and my plane circled over the city I’ll admit I gasped. Because Istanbul is breathtaking. Snaking in a black line through the pulsing lights below lay the Bosphorus—the narrow straits dividing Asia and Europe.

Suchi Rundra lives a  streamlined, low-maintenance, low-cost lifestyle as a nomadic freelance writer.

“Working the Latitudes” as a Freelance Writer

I wake up and glance over at my wall calendar—no deadlines for the rest of the week. Time for the beach! Or maybe I could work on my novel. But it’s such good weather, what about another day trip? Welcome to the life of a freelance writer where every day is wide open, and every day is yours.

Blooms, Tango And Horseback Patrols

Blooms, Tango and Horseback Patrols

Europe’s buzzing boho center, Berlin, bursts into life this month with the Carnival of Cultures. Thousands of performers will take to the streets and stages of the German capital to entertain over a million revelers. The party starts May 25.

Across Anatolia By Dogu Express

Across Anatolia by Dogu Express

Despite the early hour, Kurdish villagers are laughing merrily in the tea rooms around the city’s cattle market. The morning is cool and scented with rain. As I lift our bags onto the train I see that a family of Yörük nomads has pitched its tent opposite the station. The women are out front picking through wool shorn from their small flock. They’ll use this to weave the carpets sold in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul…which is where we’re headed.

The Treasures of Istanbul's Side Streets

The Treasures of Istanbul’s Side Streets

The monumental ruins of four different empires line its busy streets. Beside traffic lights and tram stops you’ll find the marble columns of triumphal arches, Roman aqueducts, and the overgrown tombs of Ottoman court officials.

Ice Sculptures And Camel Wrestling

Ice Sculptures and Camel Wrestling

A round-up of the weird and wonderful events taking place around the world over the coming months.

Turn Your Passions Into Free Trips

Turn Your Passions into Free Trips

Imagine sipping hot apple tea with shopkeepers in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey… bargaining for beautiful handicrafts and textiles… exploring a 11,000-year-old temple—one of the world’s first—at Gobekli Tepe in the country’s southeast… then hitting the Aegean coast to check out ancient cities of the Roman Empire… That’s what Celeste Nossiter is doing in May 2012… and she isn’t paying a dime.

Take A Yacht And Sail Into Retirement On The Mediterranean

Take a Yacht and Sail into Retirement on the Mediterranean

The only sounds are waves lapping against the hull and the occasional fl ap of a sail as it captures the gentle breeze. Gliding through the turquoise waters of the Aegean aboard our yacht Destiny, we’re leaving the Greek island of Milos and heading west into the southern Ionian Sea. Our next destination is Elafonisos, one of the largest inhabited islands in the Peloponnese, known for its sandy beaches.


Hidden Gems: Travel Like a Local to Inspire Your Inner Pathfinder

The thrill of travel isn’t hitting every spot in your guidebook. It’s discovering the “hidden gems” off the tourist trail that have never been documented.
Here you’ll find some wonderful recommendations for places to eat…spots to visit…and ways to enjoy destinations all over the world. They’re all finds our writers have discovered on the ground. We share them with pleasure…from our insiders’ notebook to yours…

Why This “Little China” Is the Best Value in Asia

Why This “Little China” Is the Best Value in Asia

Investors who bought into the Chinese growth story early have done spectacularly well. Over the past five years the iShares FTSE/Xinhua China 25 Index (NYSE:FXI), an index that tracks China’s 25 largest companies available to international investors, is up almost 110%. Today, a “little China” has emerged. And it promises to make investors equally dazzling returns.

The Best Emerging Markets You’ve Never Considered

The Best Emerging Markets You’ve Never Considered

The big news this week is the bailout of Ireland by the European Union and the IMF. Ireland’s problem is straightforward: the liabilities of its banks exceed the assets of the state. Put simply, the country is broke.

Don’t Ignore This Overlooked Emerging Market Gem

Don’t Ignore This Overlooked Emerging Market Gem

When you think of “emerging markets” you probably think of places like China, Brazil and India. These places are certainly booming. But there’s another part of the emerging world that is in full flight now – and that’s Europe.

Travel Press Talks: August 2009

Travel Press Talks: August 2009

For discerning travelers who want to experience the old-world charm of the Middle East, Oman is a must-visit destination.

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