Why Uruguay?

Retire in Uruguay

A Warm and Charming Country

Uruguay is South America’s second-smallest country–about the size of Missouri. Wedged between Brazil and Argentina, the country looks like Europe and feels like Europe.

This diverse country represents the best of all worlds. The capital city of Montevideo is like an old-world European city with its kept buildings, fine restaurants, and international ambiance. Then contrast that with Punta del Este, a world-class beach resort that has been the playground of rich Europeans for years. In between you’ll find colonial cities, miles of rolling pampas where gauchos still manage their herds, and long stretches of near-empty beaches. The roads are good, too. The 210-mile stretch of coastline between the Brazilian border and the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo is among the finest in South America, with endless white-sand beaches, lonely stretches of highway where the woods go right to the water, wildlife preserves, and dazzling resorts.

This small South American country is sure to enchant you with its cordiality, sociability, and courtesy. The atmosphere is warm, relaxed, and hospitable…you’re sure to feel at ease from the moment you arrive.

The population of Uruguay is of European origin–mostly Spanish and Italian–but other nationalities such as French, Brazilian, Argentinean, Armenian, Croatian, Polish, Serbian, Romanian, Lebanese, and German have influenced the country by contributing a wide range of customs and traditions…resulting in a warm, culturally diverse mix. Because the country provided immigrants with a safe place to settle, as well as an environment where differences are respected and integrated, Uruguay offers a rich cultural experience unlike any other.

Situated in the temperate zone of the tropic of Capricorn, Uruguay boasts warm summers and crisp winters, with no extreme temperatures. Because of its mild climate, the country can be enjoyed throughout the year. The economy is based on agriculture, cattle farming, and mining, as well as the production of hydroelectric energy and the development of tourism.

Uruguay is recognized as a strategic gateway for international companies conducting business in the Latin American region. International companies appreciate the value of its political and social stability. For these reasons, the geopolitical importance of Uruguay has become a significant factor for companies selecting Uruguay as the regional center for their business operations.

Due to its economic, social, and political stability, as well as its democratic tradition, high level of safety, and outstanding natural beauty, Uruguay is a truly unique country in South America. Many foreigners are starting to take advantage of the ease of investment, superior quality of life, perfect weather, and numerous investment opportunities in real estate, farming, and the tourism industry. Infrastructure has been modernized and improved (ports, airports, telecommunications, road networks, etc.), making Uruguay, with its strategic location between Argentina and Brazil, the perfect base for exploring the rest of South America.


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