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The coast of Wales is the “best region on Earth” according to Lonely Planet…and they’re not exaggerating either. This 870-mile stretch is extremely scenic and is dotted with pretty beaches and villages. The Welsh love their water sports…which is only natural seeing as how they have a stunning coastline and almost 400 natural lakes. The highest mountain, Snowdon, attracts more than 350,000 visitors each year: they are retracing the steps of Sir Edmund Hillary--the first person to climb Everest…


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Fast Facts About Wales

  • Population: 3,006,430
  • Capital City: Cardiff
  • Climate: Moderate, similar to rest of UK
  • Time Zone: GMT+0
  • Language: English, Welsh
  • Country Code: 44


Festivals Around the World: Costumed Elephants and Bog Snorkeling

The largest arts festival in the world takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, from August 1 to 25. If you haven’t experienced the Fringe Festival before, it turns almost every corner of the city into a performance space for comedians, musicians, actors, and theater groups.


Bali…Paris…and Arctic Glaciers — The Joys of Travel Photography

When my husband and I wanted to escape the rainy Seattle winter weather in 2012, we planned a trip to South East Asia and spent a month on assignment exploring luxury resorts and spas in Bali, Indonesia. Last summer we relaxed on a luxury barge floating down the Burgundy canal, sipping French wines, visiting local villages and eating fine food along the way. And we did some other business while we were in the neighborhood—in Paris, London, and Wales (nice neighborhood!).


A Literary Drinking Den, Romantic Spain, Tea with Cats and Much More…

Its parks are filled with roses, myrtle and the sound of nightingales. Water still splashes and trickles over marble fountains in the courtyards of its kings… “A pearl among emeralds” was how Moorish poets once described the royal palace of the Alhambra. It was from here that Spain’s last Muslim kingdom, Granada, was ruled and it’s just one of the gems you’ll find in Andalusia, Spain’s huge southern province.

Eight Ways to Vacation Overseas—Free

Eight Ways to Vacation Overseas—Free

Everyone dreams of vacations. But accommodation, food, and transportation all add up. In the current economic climate, low cost is good. And “no cost” is even better. Here are some suggestions to save on your next vacation

Barge Your Way Through Europe

Barge Your Way Through Europe

From the moment you step onboard a canal boat, you are forced to slow down. There is simply no way to stay wound-up when you spend a week traveling at 5 miles per hour along the canals of Europe. Days are spent dawdling between locks, sampling local food, and wandering to nearby churches and castles.

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