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What’s the point of telling you about the best places in the world to live and invest if we don’t help you to get out there and start seeing the benefits first hand? This year, we’d like to help you take your first big steps towards a new life of profit and enjoyment overseas…and we’re going to make it easy for you.

That’s why we regularly gather our international experts and expats for conferences, seminars, and events around the world. No subject goes uncovered at these gatherings: Safe and private banking…getting a visa…buying your new home…the laws and taxes that go with it…the best insurance…setting up your business…and even affordable healthcare.

We show you firsthand how to take advantage of the best opportunities we uncover each day. To put you on the ground…armed with all the insider know-how of those that went before you.

Our 2013 calendar includes five Conferences (and some new surprises). This high-quality list of programs in the world’s top retirement, investment, expat, and offshore havens includes:

Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference—If you’re just beginning to explore your dreams of living or investing in Paradise…but still have a few questions on your mind: Is life abroad right for me? Which locale best suits my needs? Or, how can I afford it? Then this event is essential to help you make your first steps to your new life overseas. In two and half days we’ll answer all your questions, leaving you confident and ready to move forward with your plans. This conference is your gateway to global living and investing…and it takes place only once a year. Miss it and you’ve missed out.

Fast-Track: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conferences —When you narrow your focus to particular destinations, there’s no better way to discover firsthand what opportunities each offers than by attending a Fast-Track: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference on the ground. At each Fast-Track: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference, you’ll get a taste for local life while enjoying personal introductions to everyone you could ever need to make it easy to realize your dreams. Dozens of top in-country experts and expats meet in one place for three days to answer your every question on banking, immigration, buying real estate, taxes and legal issues, what expat life is really like, insurance, healthcare, and much more. In 2013, we’ll be holding Fast-Track: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference in Panama, Ecuador and Costa Rica.

International Living’s Ultimate Event—Our answer to the U.S. economic crisis is here! We’ll reveal the best way to protect yourself from the falling dollar. While the old American way of life struggles to survive, new lands of fortune are opening their doors abroad. At our seventh annual Ultimate Event you’ll get it all. We’ll cover every topic on International Real Estate and Investing, Retirement, Offshore Banking and Tax Havens, and much more. Looking to retire overseas? Interested in owning your own second home in the sun? Perhaps you’re keen to make some money? Or maybe you want advice on how to protect and preserve the money you’ve already got. As usual, at the Ultimate Event, it’s all hands on deck. Every IL expert on every topic will gather for four head-spinning days of specialist seminars and group workshops.

Pathfinder Real Estate Tours and Chill Weekends—Pathfinder is our preferred real estate contact. After most of our in-county events, they organize optional real estate tours to show you opportunities you can immediately take advantage of. You’ll see the unique and value-oriented real estate projects the world has to offer. And you’ll get in early for the best possible deal... before most people even hear about it. So you don’t miss out.

Virtual Events - Every so often, we send our editors – together with a camera crew – on several-week-long expeditions to our most popular destinations. And they’re going to take you with them. Virtually, that is. So these Virtual Events are not some put-it-on-a-shelf, encyclopedia-like books you have to sift through. And actually, they're better, even, than a conference, because instead of sitting in a room all day watching a parade of speakers up at a podium, you’ll get the same expertise you would at a live event from your own living room.

Conference-at-Home Kits - If you can't join us at our live events...don't worry. We've found a way to share this information with you at home...quickly, easily, and affordably... Our Conference-at-Home Kits include all the recorded presentations and all of the speaker's slideshows...and a mere fraction of the price attendees pay to join us at our live events. You'll have the distinct advantage over those attending the conferences: You can listen to all of the presentations, even those held simultaneously. And you can listen to them at your leisure...skip around to the presentations that interest you most, take notes... And more importantly, you can listen to them as many times as you like, so you don't miss a thing. Of course—you will miss out on the cocktails and getting a chance to rub elbows with the presenters. But the important information, the secrets and briefings will all be captured in our Conference-at-Home Kits.

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Event Testimonials

  • The talk on immigration visas was particularly good “nuts & bolts” information. Overall an excellent conference. I attended as a “scout” because my husband said “You check it out and if it seems legitimate and useful, we will both attend next year.” – Kristin Crosby

    Testimonials from IL’s Fast-Track Ecuador Conference 2014

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