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Ever thought about treasure hunting? Here at International Living, we know a bunch of people who travel the globe and make a very good living as treasure-hunters. Although they’re not really Indiana Jones-type characters, they lead the kind of lives guaranteed to make the folks back home green with envy.

When it comes down to it, treasure hunting is what Import-Export is all about. Buying your treasures low, selling them high. It can be a fun way to fund your vacations...a part-time kitchen table enterprise...or a full-time business. (Go into it full-time and you can make all your travels tax-deductible.) The Import-Export business isn’t just an escape from the 9-to-5 routine—it’s a well-proven way to start a new and very rewarding life. Just imagine having the kind of dream job that pays you to explore Asia or Mexico...South America or Morocco.

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An Import-Export business can provide you with a decent living—or an extremely handsome living. Some people operate their businesses from the U.S., others from overseas. Buy low, sell high. This is how Import-Export works. (In many instances, mark-ups can be even higher than 800%.) And it’s not a complicated business to get involved in. In a matter of months, you too could be tracking down treasures throughout the world...and reselling them back home for massive profits.

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