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No matter how affordable the destinations we talk about are, the simple fact is: You can't live anywhere for free...

But what if you had an income that went with you? An income that could give you the freedom you need to just pick up and go?

You could spend half the year in your own cottage on the beach… work in the mornings and snorkel and relax in the afternoons. Maybe spend the other half of the year up in the mountains where it's cool... and get paid while you're at it...

With this kind of flexibility, it doesn't matter where you're based. That means you can travel whenever you feel like it. You could rent a place in Paris or Buenos Aires for a month or two of vacation, work from home a few days a week and spend the rest of your time enjoying the city...

You could earn an income from back home while you go live someplace where the cost of living is much more affordable. That way you put dollars in your pocket, but you spend in a place where those dollars really stretch.

Get Your Free Report on Funding Your Life Overseas Now

Sign up to Fund Your Life Overseas today, and we'll send you your FREE report Fund Your New Life Overseas With These 6 Portable Careers

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No spam pledge. We value your privacy.

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“This ‘Break’ Made Me Thousands of Dollars”

As I watched my fiancé fall off his surfboard for the hundredth time, my pancakes arrived. Warm and fluffy, they were so big the edges drooped over the sides of my plate. But my server was very sad and apologetic. There was no maple syrup left…anywhere in town. I’d just have to make do with the mango spread—made in-house from local, naturally-harvested fruits.


Work Anywhere, Earn Plenty…the Perfect Portable Career

Thanks to the location independence my career provides, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of making a living from some truly amazing locations all over the world. Places like the top deck of a ferry crossing the Gulf of Thailand at sunrise…in the sleeping cabin of a night train on the way to Sapa, Vietnam…in a pub on Dublin’s Temple Bar…


Finding Opportunities in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Five years ago, fun-loving Canadian cowgirl Blue van Doorninck was searching for a place to put down roots. “I had been living in Vietnam, but there weren’t good opportunities to own land. And I wanted to be in the same time zone as my family. I also wanted to be in a culture more similar to my own. Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama all made my short list,” says Blue.


A Tax Story That Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

Are daydreams of finding a new life abroad appearing on your horizon? Do you know what steps you need to take that will ensure you’re tax-compliant—or that could even save you thousands of dollars in taxes? With the right steps, here’s what can happen for you: Barbara came to us the year before she moved abroad.


Hone This One Skill and Make Great Money From Anywhere

I went from a life where I was struggling financially—despite working three jobs—to one where I work “part-time” and make a great income. As a result I live wherever I want to. Right now I’m just minutes away from gorgeous sunrises on the beach. I’ve been able to pursue hobbies I’m passionate about, including ballroom dance, music, and songwriting. More importantly, this year my new income stream will fund my travels to Europe and Central America—two places I’ve been meaning to visit for quite some time now.


It’s Time to Swap Your Snow Shovel for a Hammock

Some years ago a man I know visited Florida and asked a retiree why he moved there. “You don’t have to shovel the humidity,” the retiree merrily responded. This month my friend’s mother is in Florida…wrapped up in sweaters. Times are changing. Even down south, the climate isn’t what it used to be. East coast cities are like freezers. And the Mid-West is more tightly in the grip of Jack Frost’s icy fingers than it used to be.


How to Get Paid to Cruise the Mediterranean

Tom Vercillo is paid to know the best places to wine, dine, and sightsee in scores of cities in the countries lining the Mediterranean. Regularly sampling the region’s finest offerings is just one of many perks in a career that sees him cruising around the Med’s warm waters seven months a year, stopping at exotic new locations almost every day.


This Couple Chased Their Dream to Panama

People come to live in Panama for lots of reasons. It’s one of the world’s best destinations for retirees, and if you’re keen on running your own business, it’s got much to offer. But if your dream is to establish a winery, then most folks will tell you to look elsewhere. David Feinstein and Kersti Landeck are not most folks.


Love a Big Event? Plan Weddings in Costa Rica

There is business opportunity in overseas weddings…and Costa Rica is emerging as the new place to be. For some couples, the dream wedding doesn’t take place in a fancy hotel ballroom in their home town. They opt for a destination wedding in an exotic location. It’s estimated that about 8% of U.S. weddings are held overseas, with Mexico being a perennial favorite due to its proximity and established tourist infrastructure.


World’s Top Franchise Seeks to Expand in Costa Rica

I ’ve noticed there is a trend that the more a population is used to going to the beach, the better in shape they want to be. Think Rio or Sydney’s Bondi Beach. On my last trip to Australia, I was completely blown away by the market penetration of fitness and health clubs. I counted up to three fitness clubs in the same block. Even the iconic family of brands owned by Sir Richard Branson had a share of the pie there, under the name of Virgin Active.


Get Started in Online Publishing

What if I could show you an easy-to-start, low-investment business that would allow you to work from anywhere in the world…and you’d only have to put in around four hours a week? Would you be interested? I’ve been working in magazine publishing for 16 years and have watched the way the business is unfolding. During that time I’ve developed a clear and easy-to-follow business model to take advantage of current trends.


Mobile Kitchen: A Quirky Take on Catering in San Miguel de Allende

Jennifer Posner fell in love with San Miguel de Allende during trips there as a young girl. In 2007, when it came time for her “to unplug from corporate America,” San Miguel was the first place she thought of. Now she makes her living there from a quirky, but successful, catering operation. She’s taken the American food truck concept from the streets to private catering gigs and just about anywhere there’s a gathering that needs to be fed.


$50,000 from May to December… And Never Set Foot in an Office

My husband, Kevin, and I both turned 30 this year, and while the rest of our cohort is punching a time clock and climbing up the bitter corporate ladder, we’re sipping sangria on the balcony of our seafront apartment on Spain’s Mediterranean coastline… savoring café con leche (Spanish coffee) as the sun rises…or celebrating with cava (sparkling wine) under the moon.


Create a Good Living Working with Horses

Imagine if work involved saddling up and taking to the trail instead of being stuck in morning traffic, heading into the office. You don’t need to have a lot of money to work with horses overseas. If fact you don’t need to own much land or spend a fortune buying horses to set up your own business.


You Are the Right Age to Start a Business

If you hear yourself asking, “Am I too young or too old to start a business?” you’ve just asked a question that is guaranteed to stop the flow of creative ideas. On the other hand, if you begin with a question like, “What project could I start right now that would add adventure and discovery to my life?” your imagination will get busy answering that bold question.


Find the Income Idea That’s a Perfect Fit for You

There are numerous ways to become an entrepreneur. If you’re Italian, you might be born to it. Just as homes stay in the same family for generations, Italian business-owners commonly pass their enterprises down to their children. If your family made wine, there’s a good chance that you’ll make wine. Even some Venetian gondoliers are following the career path of their fathers and grandfathers.


The Secret to Making Good Money from Almost Any Country You Choose

Imagine living in Europe, Africa, or Australia and earning a living while traveling around and discovering the continent. Sounds too good to be true? Well this is exactly what I have been doing for about six years now. I started off in Africa because I had always wanted to go on a safari but could never afford it.


Discovering Hidden Gems in Germany

As a travel writer, I am constantly seeking to discover hidden gems, places the majority of travelers don’t know about and unique adventures. My recent trip to eastern Germany was no exception. Everyone knows about German beer, but did you know Germany’s State of Saxony has an 850-year-old wine-making history?


Now Hiring for the Coolest Job in the World

One advantage of living in Europe is that cheap airfares make the rest of it so accessible. I’ve just got back home to Ireland after an unofficial three-day jaunt to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. This tiny country holds the title for the highest per capita consumption of wine in the world, so there was a good reason to go bar-hopping.


This Is What Life as a Travel Writer Looks Like…

There is no time clock but you work 24-7… No cubicle but you must have a computer… Your commute occasionally takes 10 to 12 hours, and sometimes it takes days off your calendar. You must be fluent in hand gestures and you better have a strong stomach and a good memory.


3 Myths Retirees Tell Themselves That Stop Them Earning Online

Without a doubt, the very first step to earning online is believing you can. I speak from experience. Finding that self-belief was a big barrier for me when I stated working online 13 years ago. And I’m not the only one. Many Baby Boomers I’ve helped learn how to earn online have approached the task with a sense of skepticism.


How Deborah Now Makes All Her Money Online (You Could, Too)

Freelance is the fastest growing segment of the “new jobs economy” and you can earn good money…working from your favorite international location…with skills you already have. You may have a hidden asset “account” that you’re not aware of… And you won’t find it by scouring the web for misdirected tax refunds, uncollected lottery winnings, or abandoned bank accounts.


“But You Can’t Speak Spanish…”

“Wait, what? Don’t move to Argentina, you can’t speak any Spanish!” Everyone reacted the same way when I announced I was moving. My Spanish education consisted of one class I took for a few months when I was 11 years old.


Building Your Fortune from Your Kitchen Table

For every substantial, bricks-and-mortar business set up by an expat overseas, there are hundreds of small enterprises that people operate from their own homes with very little investment. Within a year of starting their micro-enterprise overseas, Jim and Mariellen Wiemann are making a profit and supplementing their retirement income.


4 Ways to Make More Money Online

Working online is distinctly different from working in a “bricks-and-mortar” world. What most of us Baby Boomers thought of as our occupations are not in demand…(yeah, bummer!) But some of our skills are extremely valuable and if parlayed properly could put you on the…


452 Work-from-Anywhere Jobs You Can Do Today

Over the last few days we’ve talked about freelance assignment for work abroad travelers…and today I want to get right down to ground level to show you what this looks like. Let’s say you’re a school teacher.


Two New Trends That Create Income Opportunities For You

When I speak at International Living conferences, many attendees are surprised by the wide variety of online jobs available for their specific skills set. In fact, most of them don’t really think they have much to offer in the area of online work because they don’t have training in all the “technical stuff.”


“How Can I REALLY Earn Online?”

In my work with thousands of Baby Boomers over the last few years I have learned that most see a few barriers standing between them and their goal of earning an online, take-abroad income. My “New Year Income Challenge” will help you knock down these barriers in a fun, interactive way (details here) but the first step is taking a closer look at which barrier(s) might be holding you back.


Make 2014 the Year You Take Control of Your Retirement Income

How would your 2014 be different if you had a portable income? For a start, you would have a lot more choice and options for living overseas. You could decide to live by the beach or in a quiet mountain town in your favorite country abroad—part-time or full-time. Or, you could fund your travels around the world.


“You Asked Her WHAT?!!”…Best Get Some Spanish Lessons Fast

Jonathan Ahladas tells a great story about the day his Spanish-born fiancée sent him out solo into the streets of Madrid with a shopping list. It was just a few months after he made the big move across the Atlantic from America to the Spanish capital and at that stage, Jonathan had only a basic grasp of the language thanks to a few months of intensive classes.


Why Wait? “Perfect Weather, Low Costs, Incredible Views”

There are people who plan carefully for the future—folks who weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of major decisions, then make life changes in careful, graduated steps… My wife Ann and I are not those people. When we announced to family and friends that we were selling our home and moving to the beach town of Salinas, Ecuador, they were—to put it mildly—shocked.


The Coffee Triangle: A Lifestyle for Everyone in the Heart of Colombia

In many ways the Coffee Triangle is the heart and soul of Colombia. Even in the region’s modern cities, where you’ll find international cuisine, state-of-the-art museums, and innovative public transport, the country’s agrarian traditions linger. Farmers sporting traditional straw hats sit amongst college students in cafés, and hardware stores in trendy shopping malls display agricultural tools in front windows.


Riding a Different Kind of Wave in Nicaragua

Five years ago, fun-loving Canadian cowgirl Blue van Doorninck was searching for a place to put down roots. “I had been living in Vietnam, but there weren’t good opportunities to own land. And I wanted to be in the same time zone as my family. I also wanted to be in a culture more similar to my own. Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama all made my short list,” says Blue.


From High-Tech to Laid-Back in Costa Rica

“I bought a hotel in 2000, because I didn’t know what to do with myself,” says Robbie. Hotel California, set in the rainforest on a hill high above the blue Pacific, was a bit run-down when she bought it. So Robbie launched a full-scale renovation before reopening. In Costa Rica, where construction often happens at a more relaxed pace, it took just five months.


A Fun, Portable Spare-Time Income

Carl Segerstrale has always had a passion for surfing. “I remember doodling surf logos in notebooks and imagined making a living in the surf industry,” he says. “Even as I began a career teaching middle school English the fantasy lingered.” Seven years ago he traded in the familiar surroundings of San Francisco, California for the unexplored Pacific coast of Nicaragua—a surfer’s dream place to live.


Moving Our Family to Cotacachi Changed Everything

Two years ago, my husband David and I broke the news to our friends and family that we would be moving to Ecuador. We enjoyed much about our life in the States, but we didn’t like the high-pressure work environment and focus on consumerism. We longed to break out of the corporate rat race and have the chance to work for ourselves.


No Experience Required for Profits in Ecuador

Barbara Wilson, from Michigan, launched Mindo Chocolate Makers in Mindo, Ecuador in 2009, with no experience. Originally she and her husband, Joe Menza, ran a hostel and restaurant, but when Barbara couldn’t find good cocoa for her brownies, they decided, “Let’s make our own!”


You Don’t Have to be a “Techie” to Work Online

Is 2014 your year to create your portable income? An income that flows no matter where you are in the world…an income that gives you the freedom to travel and live abroad…an income that taps into the knowledge and skills you have honed in your career and personal life. You can create this income by working online.


Work Online, Minimal Hours, Covers All Expenses in Paradise…

“Meet me at the sunset!” My friend called to me over his shoulder as he peddled his ancient bicycle past me on the little dirt road. Sounding more like the last line of a classic film than a concrete plan to meet up, I smiled at how poetic my life felt since moving to the tiny Mexican town of Sayulita. Even the name is beautiful.


They’ll Line Up to Pay You When You Go Overseas With This Skill

I used to be like you. Sitting in front of a computer screen dreaming of faraway places…the sun on my face…lazy afternoons exploring forgotten seaside villages…or drifting through market towns in search of exotic indigenous rugs and hammocks to adorn my beautiful, colonial apartment. And then I decided to actually do it! In 2003, I chucked in my day job, bought a ticket to South America, and never looked back.

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Very broad overview of living in Panama that helped to answer many important considerations. Thank you for a very valuable conference. The networking time was great – I feel we made new friends that will possibly end up living in Panama and we will become expats together.

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