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No matter how affordable the destinations we talk about are, the simple fact is: You can't live anywhere for free...

income overseas

But what if you had an income that went with you? An income that could give you the freedom you need to just pick up and go?

You could spend half the year in your own cottage on the beach… work in the mornings and snorkel and relax in the afternoons.

Maybe spend the other half of the year up in the mountains where it's cool... and get paid while you're at it...

With this kind of flexibility, it doesn't matter where you're based. That means you can travel whenever you feel like it. You could rent a place in Paris or Buenos Aires for a month or two of vacation, work from home a few days a week and spend the rest of your time enjoying the city...

You could earn an income from back home while you go live someplace where the cost of living is much more affordable. That way you put dollars in your pocket, but you spend in a place where those dollars really stretch.

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Sign up to Fund Your Life Overseas today, and we'll send you your FREE report Fund Your New Life Overseas With These 6 Portable Careers

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Open Your Dream Business with a Franchise

Canadian Andrea Pellegrino, 38, came home from work one winter night to find her partner Julio Carta, 35, bursting with excitement over an ad on Craigslist. “You have to check this out,” he said. “We can run a brick oven bakery in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.”

Tap into Your Skills to Create Extra Income

When we took our lunch break during a seminar I was teaching recently, our group walked a few blocks to the student union. Nicole Relyea, the youngest member of our group, turned around to face me, but kept walking—backwards. “I’m thinking about being a tour guide,” she said. “I gave campus tours when I was in college and I enjoyed it. I can walk backwards for two hours.”


Living the Dream in Balmy Belize

Nadege Thomas lived in Toronto, Canada for 22 years where she was a successful financial planner. But as the pressures on her sector mounted and the cold weather wore her down, she began to yearn for an easy life in a balmy, tropical environment. “After 22 Canadian winters, I had had enough of the cold and was looking for a warm place,” she says.


Why Food Enthusiasts Are Drawn to the Yucatán Peninsula

Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula is a place set off from the rest of the country, as peninsulas often are. That helped it keep its distinct Maya culture… and a culinary culture that is now making waves. As cooks and food enthusiasts seek out the origins of various ethnic cuisines, they are looking to Yucatán for answers.


“Move…Just Do It…Don’t Sweat It”

On a typical day in Tulúm, Mexico, I get up before the sun and come out onto the beach to watch it rise. Then I come back in, check my emails, and have some breakfast. After that I go for a run, have some more breakfast, and go back out to watch the water. Some days I go into town and get a bite to eat. Other times I drive up to Playa del Carmen, which is 45 minutes away, for provisions. Most of the time, I just hang out here at home.

The Nuts and Bolts of Doing Business in Costa Rica

Thanks to a climate that features warm weather year-round, a stable democratic government, excellent health care, low cost of living, and a laid-back lifestyle, Costa Rica has been welcoming expats looking for a pleasant place to live and retire for more than 30 years—and is still going strong.

American Café Thrives in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

In the jungle of Costa Rica’s southern Caribbean coast, where monkeys howl from coconut palms, sloths lazily cross the street, and reggae wafts in the air… is a café you might expect to find in a neighborhood in Brooklyn.

With a portable income you can earn anywhere...from a high-rise in Panama City to a jungle paradise in Costa Rica.

Building Your Successful, Portable Income

Living or travelling abroad for extended periods of time is something most only dream of…and for good reason. It certainly was for me seven years ago. However as I write this, I am sitting in a high-rise in Panama, having just arrived from six weeks of sunshine and warm weather on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Freelancing is the perfect solution for someone looking to live abroad somewhere like Costa Rica.

3 Tips For Creating An Online Income Before You Move Abroad

Building an online income that travels with you is the perfect activity for the live abroad Baby Boomer, for a number of reasons. Firstly, a solid part-time income might mean you can move more quickly and take advantage of the lower cost of living in some countries…typically 50% to 70% lower. Secondly, you’re going to be doing something that will help keep you mentally active…very important to long-term mental and physical health

Your basic computer skills could help you to be anywhere...a beach in Panama, a coffee shop in Italy...even a fishing village in Ireland.

Discover How to Make Your Skills Pay in the Digital World

Recently, I attended a conference in a college which was introduced by a seasoned media veteran. He acknowledged the advances in technology by describing the whiz-kid students in the audience as “natives of the digital world” while he described his own generation as “digital tourists.”

Mike Geary's best-selling fitness e-book has allowed him to travel more to places like Costa Rica.

How Folks Like You are Making Money from e-Books

This week we’ve explored the multitude of strategies that are available to create a passive and on-going income from simple e-books. Today we look at some of the actual results that e-book authors have had. The story of Margie Garrison is a great place to start.

Teaching English abroad has allowed expat Kary Vannice to experience different cultures, new foods, and make long lasting friendships.

How to Fund Your Latin America Adventure

I grew up in a really small town in the northern U.S., where cows probably outnumbered people 1,000 to 1 and I, alone, made up 20% of my graduating class. If it weren’t for having our own postal code, we probably would not have even been considered a town at all—more like a rest stop, maybe.


Find Hidden Profits in Old Publishing Contracts

The e-book revolution happened really quickly. In fact, it’s not so long ago that e-book rights weren’t a consideration when a publisher was buying rights from an author.

You don't have to be a writer to earn money from e-books. © Antonioguillem -

Earn Money from an e-Book…Without Writing a Word

Right now I have four “Top 10 in Category” e-books at the Kindle store…but I didn’t write any of them. You see, you don’t have to be a writer to get in on this game. Sure, the e-book made it possible for writers to publish their own work…but it takes a strategist to make money. If you figure out the strategies—and I’m prepared to share mine with you right here—you can always get a writer to do the writing.


Business Potential for Expats in Vietnam

Growing up in Charleston, South Carolina, Steve Mueller didn’t have much exposure to Asian culture. Only after he moved to the Hawaiian island of Oahu to work in telecommunications was Steve exposed to the culture that came to fascinate him. “Moving to Hawaii was a shock, but in an intriguing way. I lived smack in the middle of Chinatown and loved trying all the food on offer.


Freelance Writing from Sokha Beach, Cambodia

Most days here are beautiful: warm and sunny, with a pleasant ocean breeze sweeping in from the Gulf of Thailand. In the evenings, vibrant splashes of magenta, fiery orange, and bright pink dance across the sky as the sun sets over the water. Everywhere I look, I see coconut palms and sandy beaches. Some call it paradise. I call it home.


Old Books, New Technology…Your Money-Making Venture

So you think there’s no way for you to participate in the Kindle revolution because you can’t string two sentences together? Don’t worry…there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and you can create an e-book without writing a word of it.


How I Made Millions from the e-Book Revolution

Books have turned out to be some of my best friends. First, they rescued me from a financial crisis 20 years ago. More recently they’ve earned me more than $7.7 million…and a lifestyle that allows me to travel the world. Let me give you the backstory: In the mid-1990s, after a series of bad decisions and severely self-limited thinking, I was evicted from my home—along with my family.


Turn Play into Profit in a Low-Cost, Beach Town

I’ve been living in paradise for a few years now. I’m just five minutes’ walk from a beautiful, picturesque beach lined with palm trees and seafood restaurants that serve the catch-of-the-day, fresh, every day. And, get this…I only pay $320 a month in rent for a two-bedroom apartment, complete with a second-story terrace where I watch the sun set, as I’m caressed by the cool ocean breeze on most nights.


Starting Over in Ecuador in Our 40s

Two years ago Rob Hamm and Tracey Krause along with their two children relocated from Winnipeg to Cotacachi, Ecuador. Their goal as a family was to experience a new culture, travel, and learn a new language—which they’ve successfully done. But, there was a catch. Rob and Tracey are only in their 40s and still needed to earn an income to support their family. In preparing for their change in lifestyle, Rob took his interest in photography to the point where his photos could provide income. Several months before coming to Ecuador he began submitting photos…


No Experience? In Ecuador That’s No Problem

Let me tell you about three young college graduates from Oregon who landed in Ecuador early in 2012. They were eager to go into business. They didn’t have a lot of experience but they did come up with a terrific idea. Ryan, Nathan, and Daniel—all now aged 25—were used to the good craft beers of home. Could they make a microbrewery work in Ecuador?


Discover New Ways to Fund Your Heart’s Desire

Today I am challenging you to become as creative as possible about finding alternative routes to do more of what you want. Let’s say you want to earn enough to live in a gorgeous home. Most people think they have to buy or rent such a place. Not Joe. When he was in his early 20s, he found himself drawn to the ocean and wanted to live as close to it as possible. He got the idea to offer his services as a yacht sitter and almost immediately found himself living in luxury.


Pay Nothing for Your Accommodation While You Travel the World

In exchange for looking after the house, garden, pets, and pool, my husband Michael and I have saved around $24,000 in accommodation costs. Whether you want a dream vacation or to sample a retirement destination, the trick to being successful is to stand out from the crowd. Competition is fierce, with many homeowners receiving 20 to 60 responses to their “housesitter needed” advertisements. Here’s how you can join this group of savvy travelers and score the best housesitting gigs around the world.


I Knew There Was More to Life…Now I’ve Found it

Who doesn’t dream about traveling to exotic places, far away from the humdrum of their everyday life? It’s a great escape. I spent 22 years working in retail, dreaming about the places I wanted to go. Instead I was stuck inside a mall, often working double shifts from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Something kept telling me there had to be a way I could enrich the quality of my life.


Spend a Week as a Guest on a Mediterranean Island

Not everyone looks forward to getting up and going to work. But I’m not complaining. The most difficult task I need to tackle today is to finish packing a suitcase. So I’m having a very leisurely breakfast before heading to the airport for a flight to Barcelona, one of the world’s most electrifying cities. Even though I’ve done it countless times before, I’m really looking forward to…


Own a Sustainable Business That Pays its Way in Ecuador

The rising popularity of ecotourism means you can now combine a way of life which respects nature with a comfortable livelihood. Setting up an ecotourism business overseas is no longer an off-beat, hardship posting. True it requires effort, but these days you are more likely to see a good return on your efforts and investment.


Microbrewing Yields Lifestyle Dividends

People are brewing small quantities of beer in garages all across America….but some of them have taken that passion for “home brewing” overseas and turned it into a livelihood. It seems the whole world is waking up to the higher quality of craft beers, and the market for them is growing. If you’ve been in a bar recently you know about the thirst for craft beers


Six Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Franchise

If you want to start a franchise overseas, there are certain questions you must ask potential franchisors to assess their suitability. Let me share what I consider the essential information you need. First, you need to establish the legal situation around franchising in your chosen country. Some countries require franchisors to provide a disclosure document to prospective franchisees—among them are Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and France.


This Spanish School Adjusted to Accommodate Our Teens

My youngest daughter, Katherine, slammed her bedroom door, stomped into the living room and shouted out, “I want to go HOME! I hate this place! I hate school! Why are you making me do this?”


Go Dutch: Get an Easy, Two-Year Residence in Europe

While other countries in Europe require millions of dollars for the privilege of allowing you to move there (Switzerland and Austria come to mind)…ask for proof of ancestors that you might not have (Italy, Ireland)…demand that you endure painful bureaucracy (France)… or ask that you exhibit special technical talents that no one else in the world possesses (everywhere)…one mighty little European country is actually making it relatively painless for Americans to move there: Holland.


Our Labor of Love in the Belizean Jungle

Nadege Thomas lived in Toronto, Canada for 22 years. She was a successful financial planner whose business was thriving in the 1980s and 1990s. But things began to change. “I didn’t like the direction the financial planning business was taking,” she says. “Overnight people expected 125% returns.”


Turn Your Curiosity Into Business Ideas

Although Alexander McCall Smith had a successful career as an expert on medical law and bioethics, he was not well-known outside of academia until he began writing charming mysteries that have brought him fans from around the world. His best-known series, The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, features a self-taught sleuth who sets up shop in her native Botswana.


“How I Became a Successful Online Publisher Overnight”

I live on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. The weather is great, the income tax is low, and the Internet is fast. There are daily flights to hubs like Rome, Frankfurt, London, and Dubai. So it’s convenient for dipping into the art and culture of Europe…or taking more adventurous trips to the Middle East and Africa.


Become Your Own Boss on a Tropical Island

After 20 years in the restaurant business, working for other people, Kristie Craven wanted to work for herself. So did her friend Rich Littlefield. Having found the right opportunity, they now spend their days running a beach bar on a tropical island off Panama…hosting barbecues, the occasional DJ, and serving up the freshest fish imaginable.


Run Your Own Beach Bar Overseas

As a busy carpenter and contractor in his native Canada, Steve Quinn relished his regular trips to Costa Rica to relax and unwind on the beach. After six years of short visits, he decided to make this beach lifestyle permanent. He took over a beach bar and restaurant in Tamarindo, a funky surf town on the country’s northern Pacific coast. He’s leasing the property for three years, with an option to buy, which is a great way to test the waters without committing to purchasing property right off the bat.


7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Move Overseas

As a wise man once said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first few steps, and that’s particularly true when it comes to making the move overseas. Those first steps are all about learning: learning what you want out of your move, learning what you really need to do to get there, learning what your courses of action should be, and learning where the edges of error lay.


A Booming Business on the Beach in Costa Rica

Brothers Khalil and Abasi Chapman—and friend Rocky Leming—first landed in Costa Rica in 2005. At the time they worked in the restaurant and bar industry in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and heard rumors of the impressive surf down in Costa Rica. They headed south for a vacation somewhere on the Caribbean Coast…but ended up finding a new home. Today they run The Lazy Mon beach bar and restaurant in Puerto Viejo and draw huge crowds…


Find Your Perfect Place Overseas

Going abroad sometimes comes as a response to a personal shakeup: the end of a relationship, a financial loss, or the passing of a loved one. Getting out of Dodge, at least for a while, can provide the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and explore your options.


Wake Up! Your Overseas Life is Just Waiting for You

The place that Amy calls “World Headquarters” is a townhouse filled with beautiful objects gathered on her many travels. Wake Up! Your Overseas Life is Just Waiting for You She imports textiles and home décor. Her business was intentionally designed to include plenty of opportunities to feed her wanderlust—and her friends and business associates consider her one of the most creative people they know.


Why We Couldn’t Retire in Ecuador

When Gary and Kathryn Kelly, both in their 50s, moved to Ecuador from Sargent, Texas, in 2011, they expected this would be where they spent their retirement years. They bought a house at Punta Carnero Beach, about 10 minutes’ drive from the popular Ecuador beach resort town of Salinas, and began refurbishing it.


Very broad overview of living in Panama that helped to answer many important considerations. Thank you for a very valuable conference. The networking time was great – I feel we made new friends that will possibly end up living in Panama and we will become expats together.

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