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No matter how affordable the destinations we talk about are, the simple fact is: You can't live anywhere for free...

income overseas

But what if you had an income that went with you? An income that could give you the freedom you need to just pick up and go?

You could spend half the year in your own cottage on the beach… work in the mornings and snorkel and relax in the afternoons.

Maybe spend the other half of the year up in the mountains where it's cool... and get paid while you're at it...

With this kind of flexibility, it doesn't matter where you're based. That means you can travel whenever you feel like it. You could rent a place in Paris or Buenos Aires for a month or two of vacation, work from home a few days a week and spend the rest of your time enjoying the city...

You could earn an income from back home while you go live someplace where the cost of living is much more affordable. That way you put dollars in your pocket, but you spend in a place where those dollars really stretch.

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Sign up to Fund Your Life Overseas today, and we'll send you your FREE report Fund Your New Life Overseas With These 6 Portable Careers

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Spend a Week as a Guest on a Mediterranean Island

Not everyone looks forward to getting up and going to work. But I’m not complaining. The most difficult task I need to tackle today is to finish packing a suitcase. So I’m having a very leisurely breakfast before heading to the airport for a flight to Barcelona, one of the world’s most electrifying cities. Even though I’ve done it countless times before, I’m really looking forward to…


Own a Sustainable Business That Pays its Way in Ecuador

The rising popularity of ecotourism means you can now combine a way of life which respects nature with a comfortable livelihood. Setting up an ecotourism business overseas is no longer an off-beat, hardship posting. True it requires effort, but these days you are more likely to see a good return on your efforts and investment.


Microbrewing Yields Lifestyle Dividends

People are brewing small quantities of beer in garages all across America….but some of them have taken that passion for “home brewing” overseas and turned it into a livelihood. It seems the whole world is waking up to the higher quality of craft beers, and the market for them is growing. If you’ve been in a bar recently you know about the thirst for craft beers


Six Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Franchise

If you want to start a franchise overseas, there are certain questions you must ask potential franchisors to assess their suitability. Let me share what I consider the essential information you need. First, you need to establish the legal situation around franchising in your chosen country. Some countries require franchisors to provide a disclosure document to prospective franchisees—among them are Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and France.


This Spanish School Adjusted to Accommodate Our Teens

My youngest daughter, Katherine, slammed her bedroom door, stomped into the living room and shouted out, “I want to go HOME! I hate this place! I hate school! Why are you making me do this?”


Go Dutch: Get an Easy, Two-Year Residence in Europe

While other countries in Europe require millions of dollars for the privilege of allowing you to move there (Switzerland and Austria come to mind)…ask for proof of ancestors that you might not have (Italy, Ireland)…demand that you endure painful bureaucracy (France)… or ask that you exhibit special technical talents that no one else in the world possesses (everywhere)…one mighty little European country is actually making it relatively painless for Americans to move there: Holland.


Our Labor of Love in the Belizean Jungle

Nadege Thomas lived in Toronto, Canada for 22 years. She was a successful financial planner whose business was thriving in the 1980s and 1990s. But things began to change. “I didn’t like the direction the financial planning business was taking,” she says. “Overnight people expected 125% returns.”


Turn Your Curiosity Into Business Ideas

Although Alexander McCall Smith had a successful career as an expert on medical law and bioethics, he was not well-known outside of academia until he began writing charming mysteries that have brought him fans from around the world. His best-known series, The No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, features a self-taught sleuth who sets up shop in her native Botswana.


“How I Became a Successful Online Publisher Overnight”

I live on the island of Malta in the Mediterranean. The weather is great, the income tax is low, and the Internet is fast. There are daily flights to hubs like Rome, Frankfurt, London, and Dubai. So it’s convenient for dipping into the art and culture of Europe…or taking more adventurous trips to the Middle East and Africa.


Become Your Own Boss on a Tropical Island

After 20 years in the restaurant business, working for other people, Kristie Craven wanted to work for herself. So did her friend Rich Littlefield. Having found the right opportunity, they now spend their days running a beach bar on a tropical island off Panama…hosting barbecues, the occasional DJ, and serving up the freshest fish imaginable.


Run Your Own Beach Bar Overseas

As a busy carpenter and contractor in his native Canada, Steve Quinn relished his regular trips to Costa Rica to relax and unwind on the beach. After six years of short visits, he decided to make this beach lifestyle permanent. He took over a beach bar and restaurant in Tamarindo, a funky surf town on the country’s northern Pacific coast. He’s leasing the property for three years, with an option to buy, which is a great way to test the waters without committing to purchasing property right off the bat.


7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Planning a Move Overseas

As a wise man once said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first few steps, and that’s particularly true when it comes to making the move overseas. Those first steps are all about learning: learning what you want out of your move, learning what you really need to do to get there, learning what your courses of action should be, and learning where the edges of error lay.


A Booming Business on the Beach in Costa Rica

Brothers Khalil and Abasi Chapman—and friend Rocky Leming—first landed in Costa Rica in 2005. At the time they worked in the restaurant and bar industry in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and heard rumors of the impressive surf down in Costa Rica. They headed south for a vacation somewhere on the Caribbean Coast…but ended up finding a new home. Today they run The Lazy Mon beach bar and restaurant in Puerto Viejo and draw huge crowds…


Find Your Perfect Place Overseas

Going abroad sometimes comes as a response to a personal shakeup: the end of a relationship, a financial loss, or the passing of a loved one. Getting out of Dodge, at least for a while, can provide the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective and explore your options.


Wake Up! Your Overseas Life is Just Waiting for You

The place that Amy calls “World Headquarters” is a townhouse filled with beautiful objects gathered on her many travels. Wake Up! Your Overseas Life is Just Waiting for You She imports textiles and home décor. Her business was intentionally designed to include plenty of opportunities to feed her wanderlust—and her friends and business associates consider her one of the most creative people they know.


Why We Couldn’t Retire in Ecuador

When Gary and Kathryn Kelly, both in their 50s, moved to Ecuador from Sargent, Texas, in 2011, they expected this would be where they spent their retirement years. They bought a house at Punta Carnero Beach, about 10 minutes’ drive from the popular Ecuador beach resort town of Salinas, and began refurbishing it.

Enterprising Foodies in a Mexican Art Town

It wasn’t one thing that attracted expats Veronique Marconnet and Julie Foley to Guanajuato. It was a whole bunch of them: superb colonial architecture, vibrant cafés, live music, art…and opportunities to make a living doing something they enjoy. “Guanajuato offers possibilities,” says Veronique. “And you can have a good quality of life at a relatively low cost, too.” Monthly expenses including rent average $1,500.

Savoring Life as a Café Owner in Costa Rica

When Michael Allen, 54, joined his wife Connie, 51, for a vacation on Costa Rica’s southern Pacific coast back in 2000, he made a startling discovery. “She had arrived there two weeks before me and had bought some land near the town of Ojochal, which is a hub of expat activity in the region,” says Michael. “I remember saying, ‘What did you do! Are you out of your mind? It’s in the middle of the jungle.’”


“Jet Fuel for Your Overseas Plans”

Six months from now, you could be living in paradise… for much less than it costs you to stay home. In the best destinations overseas, your dollar just goes further…first-class health care is affordable…you can keep a housekeeper or gardener…and live better than you can back home for a fraction of what you pay now…


Are You Nosey Enough To Be An Entrepreneur?

If you’re going to succeed in the entrepreneurial life, you need to scout the truth for yourself and learn as much as you can about others who are sharing this path. In fact, you could approach this like an anthropologist. In case you’ve forgotten…anthropology is the study of mankind, especially of our origins, developments, customs, and beliefs. The same study can be applied to learning about self-employment.


Tango in the Park, Markets on the Street…the Fun is Out There

Over eight years ago, I decided to leave behind the urban jungle of American cities to travel. At the moment, I’m surrounded by the lush green suburbs of Buenos Aires. I’m constantly reminded of Jumanji out here. Thick green, leafy vines have completely taken over property walls and fences, wrapped themselves around tree trunks and flower pots. Palm trees and banana trees rise up like proud flags beside homes and office buildings.


Why Waste Time in the Office When the Surf’s Up in Panama?

Every morning, I wake up and head straight for the rooftop. At 32 stories high, my building is the perfect vantage point from which to check the closest surf break. If there’s no swell coming up, I go downstairs, fire up my computer, and get to work. If there is, well…it looks like I’m not working that day.


A Laptop and a Hammock…This Is the Way to Earn

As I tapped away at my battered laptop that morning, sitting outside my beach hut, it came to me that I was living the dream. This was it—and I was doing it! I was living the freelance lifestyle. It was so perfect it was almost a cliché: I had just been for a long walk on the beach, followed by a breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, and muesli delivered to my hut, and there I was, dressed in a bikini and a sarong, sitting in a hammock strung between two palm trees, typing away.


Swap Your Daily Grind For Amazing Days Like This

A symphony of monks chanted as we sat kneeling on the grass. I held the wire rim of my enormous cylindrical paper lantern and waited for the cue. Finally, in one synchronized movement, a sea of hands—belonging to individuals from countless countries and cultures—let go.


Enjoy the Perks of Earning in Ecuador

My best friend from high school saves $84 a month because I live and work in Ecuador. My sister slashed her dental bills. And I recently discovered a way for family members to double the value of their cell phones…


It’s Easier Than Ever to Take Photos That Pay

These days, anyone can get into photography. Thanks to revolutionary technology, expensive film and processing are no longer required, and a single camera is now all you need to be ready for any situation. It can do all the brain work for you and give you instant feedback.


Discover New Ways to Sell Your Photos

I travel with a camera all the time. These days I make a living from photography—selling to publishers, stock agencies, and fine art clients—but even when I was in a job, I never missed the opportunity to indulge in what used to be my hobby. During early morning commutes, I captured scenic landscapes and nature close-ups throughout the four seasons. Images of ice crystals on frozen ponds and kids sledding caught my eye in winter.


Bali…Paris…and Arctic Glaciers — The Joys of Travel Photography

When my husband and I wanted to escape the rainy Seattle winter weather in 2012, we planned a trip to South East Asia and spent a month on assignment exploring luxury resorts and spas in Bali, Indonesia. Last summer we relaxed on a luxury barge floating down the Burgundy canal, sipping French wines, visiting local villages and eating fine food along the way. And we did some other business while we were in the neighborhood—in Paris, London, and Wales (nice neighborhood!).


How this Office Worker and Mom Developed a Portable Career

I love sitting on my seaside deck in the morning feeling the warm ocean breeze as I upload new shots to sell online. Most of my shots are photos I have taken during vacations and traveling. As a teenager, I dreamt of being a photographer someday, and for lots of life reasons I did not have the opportunity to pursue that dream. However, after three decades of living a normal adult life, raising children and having a regular paying office job, I decided it was time to get back to living my dreams.


Last Chance: How to Bankroll Your Life Overseas

I revealed the “hidden” market to about a dozen aspiring entrepreneurs recently, and they were shocked! They didn’t know this thing existed. As I’ve explained to you this week, this market is “hidden” from most people because they don’t know where to look.


A Taste of Home on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast

When Gary and Kathryn Kelly, both in their 50s, moved to Ecuador from Sargent, Texas, in 2011, they expected this would be where they spent their retirement years. In Texas, Gary had owned a property tax management company and Kathryn worked as his executive assistant. In Ecuador, they hoped to laze away the days on the beach in front of their home…


Find Your Ideal Franchise through a Matchmaker

If you are interested in buying into a franchise business but have no idea where to begin, you might start with a franchising broker, who can help match you with a suitable business. MatchPoint is a franchise broker an international network of franchise consultants operating in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


How One Desk Jockey Took Her Skill on the Road

When I quit my job to travel the world for a year‚ the last thing I wanted to do was work. Well, at least not in the capacity that I used to as an editor in Manhattan. In fact‚ part of the reason I left the country was to take a break from the New York corporate rat race.


Mark and Celebrate Your Milestones

Recently, I struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to me on a plane. When he told me he’d been traveling on business, I asked what he did. “I have my own consulting business,” he replied proudly. “How long have you had your business?” I inquired.


The Earth’s Bounty: How to Harvest an Income in Uruguay

Uruguay is one of the best places in the world to own a farm…and you don’t have to be a Uruguayan citizen or even a resident to buy agricultural property. While it is most famous for its grass-fed beef industry… Uruguay also has soil and climate that are ideal for growing wheat, rice, soybeans, olives, and blueberries. It is a water-rich country, minimizing the need for irrigation, and its soils are among the least degraded in the world. All Uruguay’s farmland is mapped by soil type.


“How Remote Working Eased Our Transition to Costa Rica”

Buenos dias from Costa Rica! My wife, two kids, and I currently live in the town of Atenas in the Central Valley region. We’ve been here for a touch over a year…and we love it. I established myself with a remote income before I set off. I am a partner in a small software development/consulting firm that we formed a couple years before my family and I moved abroad.


Make Money in Property Management— No Experience Required

Vacation rentals are a great way for an investor to create an income overseas but, unless they’re living next door, anyone who owns a vacation rental needs someone to manage it for them. Property management is a business you can start with absolutely no investment. You are simply trading your time and effort.


Use Your Freelance Income to Gain Legal Residence in Panama

If you make your money online, there are some great benefits to locating yourself in Panama. One of them is gaining residence on the basis of your economic activity. Panama welcomes expats…and if you register your business as a corporation, you can easily apply for a residence visa. Online workers may not have the same need to officially register their business—the way bricks-and-mortar entrepreneurs do—but becoming a legal resident is a good idea.


If These Guys Can Make a Profit Online, Why Not You?

Jensen Wheeler Wolfe is a yoga instructor and “momtrepreneur” in New York City. Jensen teaches yoga to children and adults, and during one of her sessions she had an idea to make simple and colorful yoga mats for kids. She cut up a large piece of foam matting into small rectangles for the kids in her class.


Lesson 3: Start a Money-Making Online Business for $50

You could start a business for $50. This is not a joke. Granted, you probably won’t produce thousands of dollars in profit instantly. But you will be able to start buying and selling products from anywhere in the world. You’ll also get a feel for how this business works in the real world. Today I’ll show you how entrepreneurs around the world are making money in this market right now.


The seminar was great! My wife and I now are sure we are following the right process in building a home and moving to Panama.

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