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Africa’s Largest Retailer, Saudi Oil, and Much More

The property market drives the stock market in Hong Kong… When property booms, Hong Kong booms. This is important because Hong Kong residential sales just hit a 25-year low. And based on history, this could lead to a huge rally in Hong Kong’s stock market. Gains of 53% in two years are possible, starting now. Hong Kong residential property sales have been down…big.


Make a Killing With China’s Hidden Box Office Boom

In 2002, there were only 1,300 movie theaters in all of China. Think about that: 1,300 theaters to serve more than a billion people. To put that in perspective, the U.S. had a whopping 35,688 theaters in 2002, or roughly one movie screen for every 8,000 people. China’s paltry 1,300 screens meant there was only one screen for every 1.04 million people. That’s like going to the drive-in with half the population of Houston, Texas.


Dig Out That Old Autograph—Sports Memorabilia is Booming

Being taken to your first big baseball or football game as a kid is an experience you never forget: the thronging crowds, the festive atmosphere…and, of course, the thrill of seeing your heroes in action. Maybe you took home a souvenir that day: a baseball card, a jersey, a ticket, or a game-day program. Or maybe you were one of the lucky few who got an autograph after the game. If so, you could have a lot more than memories to show for your day out many years ago. Now is the time to dig that souvenir out of the closet. The market for sports memorabilia is booming. And that souvenir from yesteryear, gathering dust in the closet, could also have been accruing a lot of value over the same time-span.

Itamaraca, Brazil

#1 Piece of Real Estate Advice: Know Your Market

Way before I ever make a recommendation for a foreign real estate buy, I know exactly what the market is doing—and how certain real estate trends are likely to play out. Identifying and understanding market trends is key to smart real estate investment overseas. It’s the difference between buying a nice and low-priced property that will stay at the same price point for years to come…and buying a property that’s set to rise quickly in value over the coming years.


Play the Leapfrogging Tech Sector in Emerging Markets

Investors in emerging markets usually look to the Big Three: international companies, consumer companies, and commodities. These are the bread-and-butter investment opportunities that come with a very large upswing in growth. But when global growth gets shaky, investing in growth markets—or even former growth markets, for that matter— gets trickier. Nowadays you can’t just throw a dart at a board and pick a winner.


China, Porcelain, Delft: Good in the Cabinet, Better for Your Wallet

Open any cupboard in any home and you’ll find tableware of all shapes and sizes. Shelves groan with ornaments of cats, clowns, and cottages; many homes today have something made of china. But what the owners of these fine artifacts don’t know is that antique china, delft, and porcelain have become highly collectible over the last few years…so much so that those dusty dishes on your shelf may be worth a lot more than what you paid for them many years ago. So collectible has antique china become that a rare, 500-year-old cup decorated with a hen and cockerel sold in 2014 for $36.3 million to a Shanghai-based billionaire; he shocked his counter bidders by drinking tea from it right there in the auction room.

Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

A Caribbean Penthouse Buy for Just $250,000

Mexico’s Caribbean coast ticks all the boxes when it comes to real estate opportunity. It’s on an upward trajectory. Prices have risen strongly in recent years. But for now, there’s still opportunity to buy well and watch the value of your real estate rise.

MSCI Emerging Market Index chart

China’s Latest Craze, A Bump in the Road for India, and Much More

When emerging markets get going, they can really soar.

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index climbed 526% from September 2001 to October 2007. The problem is that these incredible highs are often followed by incredible lows. And that’s exactly what we’re seeing today, as emerging markets hit their lowest level since 2009.


Renewable Energy: A Long-Term Play with Huge Potential

The timing of the next great macro trend couldn’t be better. Social and political pressure, market innovation, falling prices, and global demand have all fallen in line to form one of the great investment opportunities of our time. And investors in the know stand to reap huge profits.


Exotic, Collectible Rugs and Carpets for Every Budget

As a child, I ran roughshod across our Chinese carpets without a thought for their value. When my sister and I divided up the family home, I let her take our parents’ deep-piled prized possessions. I’m rather regretting that now… Authentic rugs and carpets from the Eastern world have strong collectible value, regardless of changing trends in fashion. Authentic pieces add an exotic touch to any home, whether hung on the wall or (as their creator intended) laid on the floor.


Penthouse Condo for $95,000 in Salinas, Ecuador

Something really unusual happened in our beach community of Salinas, Ecuador last week. People were posting pictures on Facebook, and it was the topic of conversation in all of the restaurants and bars. What was this noteworthy event? It rained! It actually clouded up and rained—well, a hard drizzle anyway—long enough to make some puddles and wet the streets.


Low Prices and High Yields in Colombia’s “City of Flowers”

South America has many fine cities. Montevideo is known for its European flair and charming architecture. Beef and wine connoisseurs can’t do better than Buenos Aires. And Quito has its breathtaking colonial center. But there’s a new South American city on the rise: Medellín, Colombia. Largely ignored for decades, Medellín is now enticing expat retirees with its tree-filled streets and arts-rich character. A strong dollar makes today an ideal time to explore (and invest).


Norway: Your Time to Profit in the Land of the Fjords

These days, most developed countries have huge government debts. But there’s one country with massive net assets. It also has substantial natural resources and twin surpluses (budget and current account). Despite this, its stocks are on sale right now. And these stocks could net you a solid return over the coming years—if you act quickly.


How to Choose the Offshore Vault That’s Right for You

Where should you stash your rare coins, precious metals, or other long-term investments you want to keep safe and secure? You could hold them in the U.S., in a bank safe deposit box (if it’s big enough) or a private vault. But if you really want to keep them safe, you’ll want to consider storing them internationally, to diversify where you keep your wealth. There are some other great reasons for doing this.


Stringed Instruments: A Piece of History and a Path to Profit

Vintage violins—as well as looking great—can appreciate in value year on year. If you’re the lucky person who found the priceless Stradivarius in the attic or paid $2 million for the 1968 Stratocaster played by Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock, you probably don’t need to read this article. If, however, you fancy turning your den into a string museum or emulating the Hard Rock Cafe’s wall of fame, then read on.


An Unlikely Opportunity, a Valuable Resource and more

The mood on copper has tarnished lately. The industrial metal was down 17% in late 2015. It hit a six-year low in August.But the situation for copper is not as dire as it seems. In fact, we could be in for an upside surprise this year.


Two Hot Emerging Markets for 2016—and How to Play Them

Traditionally, when the global economy slows down, foreign direct investment—a key driver for emerging-market growth—dries up. And while emerging markets are the center of world economic growth right now, the World Bank and the OECD have both cut GDP expectations for next year. That could mean that emerging markets will take a hit. This being the case, you might think now would be a bad time to invest in emerging markets. And you’d be wrong. There are several hot-spots that investors shouldn’t overlook just because they are emerging markets. I’ve picked out two well-established economies that are expected to outperform their peers in 2016 and give you a tidy profit in the process.


China’s Youtube, the Arctic Oil War and much more…

Every once in a while, an investor with fresh money to invest should pause and ask an important question: “What asset class can I buy that is unquestionably cheap?” The asset class on the bargain-basement table today is emerging markets. Hard to believe, but you can buy most emerging-market stocks today at valuations that are nearly as low as what they reached during the 2008 financial crisis.


Cheap Stocks, Great Potential: Why Buy in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets are, and will remain, the centers of global economic growth for the foreseeable future. That’s why all serious investors should have them in their sights, especially when they offer us a cheap, low-risk entry point, as they do now. True, investors in emerging markets have had a tough time in recent years. Prices have been sliding since April 2011, with especially sharp falls in the second half of 2015. Commodity prices have collapsed, which has slammed the economies and local currencies of the big commodity exporters, such as Brazil, Russia, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.


The Beauty of Bakelite: Strong Potential in Retro Plastic

Tell someone you’re collecting polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride and they may raise an eyebrow. Tell them you’re collecting Bakelite and you should get a smile. This robust plastic found uses in all manner of everyday appliances. Manufacturers of domestic goods, jewelry, and even weapons embraced its flexibility. Once upon a time, it could be found in almost every home across the U.S. And that’s good news for aspiring collectors. With the rebounding value of vintage goods, Bakelite is now very much in demand once more. This is a great time to dust down that old TV set and root that old phone set out of the attic. The beauty of collecting Bakelite is that an item of real value could be just lying around in a cupboard or basement, waiting to be found.


An Arctic War, Cash Security, and a Solar Boom

Here comes the sun…for consumers as well as investors.The solar power industry has had its ups and downs during the past few years, but it seems to have turned a corner. Indeed, you could say that solar is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In June, United States solar facilities smashed their record for power generation. Utility-scale solar power plants—those with a capacity of one megawatt or more—produced 2,765 gigawatt-hours of electricity.


Ireland and Italy: Two Perspectives on Crisis Europe

European real estate is on sale…at least in a few select locales. You know the story by now. In the early and mid-2000s, Europe’s real estate markets embarked on a massive tear. It became a gold rush. A mad frenzy. Values rose and rose…until everything stopped. Credit dried up. The market imploded and real estate owners found themselves deeply underwater.


Make a Killing on Australia’s Next Booming Sector

The next big thing in Australia isn’t a new uranium mine or a natural gas field off the western coast. In fact, it’s not a commodity at all. But it’s adding tens of billions of dollars to the economy and sparking double-digit growth that you can tap.


Affordable Homes in France’s Valley of the Kings

Imagine a land like something from a fairy tale. Magnificent châteaux have spiky black turrets resembling witches’ hats. Immaculate Renaissance gardens prove that horticulture is indeed an art form. Riverbank towns with timber-framed houses, ancient arched bridges, and openair markets dot the landscape. Vineyards give way to wheat fields studded with scarlet poppies and scarecrows that are far too prettily dressed to be outside scaring crows.


Great Rental Yields in Playa del Carmen, Mexico’s Booming Beach City

There’s a situation right now worth your attention south of the U.S. in Mexico. Mexico is set to become a developed country in the coming decades. You can benefit most from this economic transformation in the beach city of Playa del Carmen. The strategy? Buy best-in-class real estate, particularly the type of real estate that will appeal to the mobile entrepreneurs and young, new, upper middle-class families that are moving there.


Lithium: Massive Returns on a Fast-Growing Commodity

In the deserts of western Nevada, ground has been broken on a building that, when complete, will cover some 10 million square feet. This building—which will soon be the biggest in the world—is Tesla’s Gigafactory, just outside of Reno. It’s a manufacturing plant for making car batteries and Powerwall packs, which store electricity for home use.


Tarnished Copper, Shanghai Stocks and more…

Everyone likes to complain about inflation, right? But I have news for you: There are big changes afoot that are going to make many of the things you buy not more expensive, but less. Crude oil now threatens to test its price low of 2009. But oil isn’t the only commodity under pressure. Coffee is down more than 40% since its recent peak in October of last year. You know what’s doing nearly as badly as coffee? Copper. Copper has broken not one, but two important lines of support. In July, Goldman Sachs slashed its price target for copper in 2016 by 44%. In fact, all industrial metals are doing poorly. I’m talking copper, aluminum, tin, nickel, iron.


An Opportunity 50 Years in the Making on Portugal’s Algarve

In 2009, the global financial and economic crisis steam-rolled through fragile Portugal. In the six years since, I have been closely watching the real estate market in the Algarve (that’s the popular tourist destination at the nation’s foot). I have made four scouting trips here in recent times. Finally, it’s time to make a move.


The Savvy Investor’s Guide to Playing the Macro Food Trend

Within a generation, the world’s population will surpass nine billion people. Do you know how much food the world will have to grow and produce in order to feed all those hungry mouths? Right now, we produce about 3.94 billion tons of food for consumption each year, but experts say we will need 50% to 70% more food in order to meet demand by 2050. That’s a huge increase and an extremely daunting challenge.

A New “Nation” Emerges, Sweet Profits and much more…

Scandinavia is one of the most expensive regions in the world… and Norway is usually the most expensive country within Scandinavia. But thanks to a falling oil price coinciding with a rising U.S. dollar, Norway is on the bargain counter. The Norwegian krone recently touched a 13-year low against the dollar, while the shares of Statoil, Norway’s largest oil company, recently bounced off a six-year low (in dollar terms). These multi-year lows offer enticing buying opportunities for the forward-looking investor.


Buy From $109,000 on the Caribbean’s Best-Value Retreat

The dazzling Caribbean island of Roatán offers much more than spectacular sugarsand beaches and cozy, inviting bays. You’ll also find mountainous terrain lush with vibrant tropical flowers. Head up any of the many hills that form the interior to be awestruck by the surrounding Caribbean Sea, its surface sparkling in the sun, its depths tinged with aquamarine, topaz, and soft green hues.


An Opportunity Locals Have Yet To Discover in Northeast Brazil

The news out of Brazil is bad. Really bad. I’m excited. I’m excited because, while the media’s stories imply that the whole nation is a mess, I know that’s not the case. But most people don’t know that. And for you that opens a window of opportunity. You see, Brazil’s media is centered in, and dominated by, Rio and São Paolo. What reaches us as “Brazil news” is essentially just Rio/São Paolo news. And yes, there are troubles in Brazil’s economy, no question. But I’ve been focusing my attention south of Fortaleza in the northeast, and I’ve come across some great opportunities.


Profit From the Arctic’s “Black Gold” War

If you were to make your way far below the icy North Pole to the seabed at a certain spot, you would find an unusual titanium flag. It’s Russian, and it was stuck there in 2007 by the crew of two mini-submarines as a symbolic land-grab that rivals anything in history. Though it’s not a “New World” that Russia and other Arctic countries are seeking. It’s new oil. And now, with the scramble for Arctic oil heating up, the abundant black gold buried beneath the ice could constitute a fantastic investment opportunity.


How to Legally and Safely Obtain Your Second Passport

One of my favorite scam stories is of the German lady living in Paraguay. Claudia Bettina Muller was arrested last year for printing fake passports in her basement. Police found printing and engraving machines, along with boxes of blank passports and counterfeit government forms. But before I had ever heard of Claudia Bettina Muller or the Paraguayan police caught up with her, I had heard of this scam. I had come across a speaker at an event in Nevada who claimed he could get anyone in the attentive audience a Paraguayan passport in as little as a month. This was possible he maintained, because he had high-level government contacts. The cost was only $45,000. (That’s half of what any of the second citizenship programs I work with charge.) Right then, as he spoke, I knew it was a scam.


How Going Offshore Can Save Your Retirement

In 1986, I walked into the main Credit Suisse branch in Chicago and told the doorman I wanted to open a Swiss bank account. I was led to a private office overlooking the Chicago skyline and was asked for my minimum deposit. Being just 31 at the time, I played it conservative and started with just $2,000 (about $4,300 in today’s dollars). I was asked to fill out a one-page form and provide a copy of my driver’s license. I gave him a check and away I went. It took all of 20 minutes. In 1986, “offshore” was still exotic. It was something regular people didn’t really do. How things have changed in 29 years.


The Rise of Silver, Arctic Oil, & more

Silver gets no love. Most investors despise the stuff. But while everyone is happy to grind silver into dust, a funny thing is happening. Silver bottomed back in December. It’s been building a base for its next move. And this next move could be explosive. The last time silver had a big correction—back in 2008—the next three years saw a rally of 400%. This time, the sky’s the limit.


Southern Nicaragua: Get Killer Views for Low Prices… While You Can

Eleven years ago, I made my first public speech about opportunity in international real estate. The topic? “Nicaragua: The Next Costa Rica?” I argued that indeed it was. The premise of my talk was straightforward. Over time, I predicted, Nicaragua would develop along lines similar to those tourist-friendly Costa Rica has followed.


India: Forgotten Powerhouse of the Emerging Markets

Over the next two years, the emerging-market scene will have a new favored son… Overall, India has been a bit unloved by international investors—never quite living up to the hype that the rest of the BRICs seem to enjoy. But that’s all changing. Favorable demographics and a businessfriendly government have set India on the path to renewed growth again.


What to Look for in a Vintage Watch

Antique or vintage wristwatches have always been a strong investment. And it’s not just a hobby for the super-rich. You don’t have to be a big spender to get into this market; you can start your collection for less than $4,000. The key issue in this business is quality. And a quality watch with the right brand name has the potential to make decent returns as it appreciates in value.

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