Brazil Real Estate

Brazil Real Estate  

Hundreds of miles of dazzling, white-sand beaches surround the city of Fortaleza in the northeast of Brazil. Its clear, tropical ocean waters maintain a year-round temperature of 80˚ Fahrenheit. Serving as the glimmering centerpiece for the state of Ceará, this capital city of almost 3 million people is now the No. 1 tourist destination in Brazil. Fortaleza boasts its own beautiful in-city beaches, sizzling nightlife, and great restaurants.


Yet you can still buy a downtown apartment with a sea view for $110,000 and lots (just off the beach) outside the city are for sale for as little as $46,000. Fortaleza is popular with European travelers, expats, and investors, but completely off the radar screen of North Americans…for now.


The world market seldom sees price distortions like the properties on the beaches around Fortaleza today. This market will move upward once the U.S. buyer arrives. But for now, you can still get great deals.


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Small-Town USA in the Heart of Southern Brazil: Meet Serra Gaúcha

This valley reminds me of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Here, as there, ancient rolling hills are blanketed in a mix of pines and broadleaves. Then the bus I’m on passes a clutch of palm trees. Okay, not quite North Carolina. The Serra Gaúcha region, in southern Brazil, is practically unknown abroad, but it’s very popular with Brazilians. They flock here to enjoy the temperate, highland climate, so different from much of mostly-tropical Brazil. (Serra, in fact, means “highlands.”)

Beach in Brazil

$10 a Day to Own This Beach-Town Lot

Right now, you could buy your own piece of property right off the beach in Brazil…in a location where millionaires are putting their vacation homes…and all it will cost you is a few hundred dollars a month. The beaches here are spectacular—brilliant-white sand stretches for miles. Along that long stretch of coastline, multi-million-dollar homes are dotted. Over the past decade this part of Brazil has enjoyed an economic transformation. Very little has happened here—but now we’re seeing an opportunity.


Icaraí de Amontada—Brazilian for “Cheap, Beautiful Beachfront”

Natchi and her husband own the biggest guesthouse in town and business is booming. Wind energy is a big deal in this part of Brazil. When I stayed in their place—midweek during off-season—the place was packed to the rafters with 45 wind-energy workers. This is Icaraí (pronounced ick-areye), the closest town to the nearby wind farms. But sheltered in lush vegetation and right on the empty beach…this certainly doesn’t feel like a frontier energy town. It’s a tropical paradise.

Bodrum Harbor

Homes by the Ocean for Weekend Sailors

Do you like the idea of a life at sea…but only in short doses? Sunset cruises, fishing excursions, day trips, and the occasional long weekend jaunts to anchor off a remote island…? The ocean can be your playground.

Get into Emerging Markets This Year

If you want to increase your future returns while reducing your risk, you should add some emerging-market stocks to your portfolio. It may surprise you that adding riskier, emerging-market assets to a portfolio will reduce overall risk, but it shouldn’t. These markets do not move in lockstep with the U.S. market, which hit a series of all-time highs in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The Chic Style Of Rio With The Charm Of Old-World Europe

The Chic Style of Rio with the Charm of Old-World Europe

Seated at a small table shaded by a large yellow umbrella, I sip my beer and savor the mid-afternoon sun of early autumn and the gentle but steady sea breeze. I’m surrounded by possibly the most beautiful collection of people that I’ve seen anywhere in my travels. Fit, confident, and stylishly attired, they hustle past to the last meeting of the week or grab one of the remaining available tables. I could be in Florence. Or Milan, perhaps.

Brazil as a country has transformed and the real estate market has improved because of it.

Brazil’s New Middle Class Could Mean Big Opportunity for You

“My maid now eats yogurt,” a contact told me on a visit to Fortaleza, Brazil in 2009. It may seem like a strange thing to notice but it’s a sure mark of how Brazil is changing. Yogurt is a premium product in Brazil—and my contact’s maid was changing her consuming patterns in line with Brazil’s new middle class.

In Brazil, there are still plenty of opportunities to acquire great property bargins.

You Could Have Doubled Your Investment if You’d Taken My Advice…

At Real Estate Trend Alert my beat is to find places where real estate is undervalued and where something is set to happen that means values will increase. I call this “the trigger event.” This trigger event could be a fast-growing, new, middle class or new infrastructure projects that will bring improved accessibility.


The Beach Towns Where Rio Goes to Play

Cariocas, the laid-back residents of sensuous Rio de Janeiro, welcome 1.5-million vacationers a year. But when it’s time for their own vacations, many of them head to the Região dos Lagos, or “Lakes Region,” also known as the Costa do Sul (Southern Coast).

European Ski Village edit

Renting on the Slopes of Europe for Ski Season

For thousands of years skiing was just a way to travel in winter, carry mail and goods to snowbound towns, or—believe it or not—charge into battle. Then in the mid-19th century the first races took place and before long enthusiastic amateurs had taken up the sport.

How to Make Money from Real Estate in Brazil - International Living

How to Make Money from Real Estate in Brazil

For decades Brazil was known as “the country of the future.” Today it has arrived. Brazil is the world’s sixth-biggest economy, having recently overtaken the United Kingdom. Brazil will host the 2014 soccer World Cup and the 2016 summer Olympic Games. It’s the world’s biggest food exporter. And it’s a world leader in renewables and awash with oil.

Four Places Near the Water to Buy Now

Four Places Near the Water to Buy Now

The first opportunity is a perfect bolthole if you’re looking for Caribbean living with a European flavor close to home. Direct and affordable morning flights from the U.S. will get you here in time to soak up early afternoon sunshine on the beach or bathe in the turquoise waters

Brazil: A One-Off Deal in My Favorite Beach Town

Brazil: A One-Off Deal in My Favorite Beach Town

Brazil’s economy is on the up. Particularly in the Northeast, along miles of white-sand beach. Charming beach towns dot the coast around Fortaleza city. Of these, Cumbuco is my favorite. And you could have recently bagged a lot in Cumbuco, in a gated community just back from the beach, for $30,500.

Brazil's Next Big Thing

Brazil’s Next Big Thing

Fortaleza, with a population of 3 million people and a glimmering boardwalk, is the capital of Brazil’s Northeastern province of Ceara. Thanks to miles and miles of Brazil’s best beaches, this is Brazil’s biggest domestic tourism destination. This area has outgrown the rest of Brazil over the past 15 years. Now government policy calls for the creation of a mega manufacturing and export hub just outside Fortaleza.

The Real Fantasy Island

The Real Fantasy Island

What if I could show you how (and where) to buy your dream home on an island like this one, with palm-tree rimmed. white-sand beaches washed clean by clear, warm Caribbean waters… or on a lush jungle cliff-top with a mega-mile view of the blue Pacific stretching out before you…


Unsexy in Brazil

Brazil is on the up. Fortaleza is doing particularly well. Government policy calls for the creation of a mega manufacturing and export hub just outside Fortaleza. We can profit.

See the Opportunities in Brazil for Yourself...

See the Opportunities in Brazil for Yourself…

In northeast Brazil, miles of wide and deep white-sand beaches connect little fishing villages and kite surfing outposts. A typical year has 300 days of sunshine. A typical day is in the low 80s with sunshine and refreshing breezes from the ocean. This is where Brazilians and Europeans come to vacation.

This is a stretch of coast you should visit first-hand to see the opportunity I have been telling you about. Today, I’m extending a special invitation

The World’s Best Real Estate Markets

The World’s Best Real Estate Markets

In pockets all across the planet, you’ll find amazing opportunities to make money from real estate. I’m talking about beautiful places tucked into lush jungle-clad hills, on white sandy coves, in bustling cities, and in small colonial towns. These are markets on the upswing. The mainstream hasn’t heard of them yet. And in them today you’ll get excellent bang for your buck as well as great profit potential.

The World’s Best Real Estate Markets in 2012

The World’s Best Real Estate Markets in 2012

In this Global Real Estate Index, you’ll find listed the 27 places in the world today that boast the most attractive, and potentially lucrative, real estate opportunities. Each of these places has something special to recommend it…some attribute you won’t find elsewhere. Those that top the list hold the most profit potential right now. Those at mid-table and below are ones to watch.

Top Secret Property Deal in “Beach City”

Top Secret Property Deal in “Beach City”

Today Brazil is a global power broker…the world’s sixth biggest economy…host country for the 2014 soccer world cup and 2016 Olympic Games…the world’s biggest food exporter…a world leader in renewable energy, while also awash with oil…and a strong manufacturer of planes, trains and automobiles.

The Best Beaches in the World

The Best Beaches in the World

The best beaches in the world are in Brazil. Ask a Brazilian and he will tell you Brazil’s best beaches are in the northeast, centered on Fortaleza. Miles of wide and deep white-sand beaches connect little fishing villages and kite surfing outposts.

Full Details on That Brazil Deal

Full Details on That Brazil Deal

The opportunity in Iracema is strong. In two months, a major and reputable developer will launch a new condo project called Piazza Coliseu on one of the best plots here. The plans and the show apartment are ready. It will likely be the last week of February before he launches. After Carnival is when the real estate market really heats up.

We can get in now pre-release, with special member pricing and terms.

This Part of Brazil is on a Tear

Just because things are sluggish or downright stagnant where you are doesn’t mean it’s like that everywhere. Right now, there’s a one-mile stretch of downtown, beachfront boardwalk that’s buzzing with commerce, progress and activity.

We could profit. I’ll show you how.

Cumbuco: A Great Place to Have a Beach Home in Brazil

Cumbuco: A Great Place to Have a Beach Home in Brazil

West of Fortaleza on Brazil’s northeast coast, wide white-sand beaches stretch to the horizon. You can drive for hours along these beaches. Charming fishing villages with cobbled streets and well-maintained town centers sit just off the sand.

For One Member Only: A Strong Yield Situation in Brazil

For One Member Only: A Strong Yield Situation in Brazil

Joao Pessoa, in Brazil’s northeast, is surrounded by miles of beautiful beaches. The weather’s warm and sunny year-round. Roughly 75 miles from Recife and 110 miles from Natal, the city is the third oldest in Brazil.

This is where many Brazilians retire (young), vacation and buy second homes. In particular, the city is popular as a retirement destination for senior civil servants. They retire early from their government jobs. Active and healthy, they relocate here to start the next phase of their life.

That’s good news for the businesses of Joao Pessoa. As more of these wealthy young retirees move here, the city’s businesses have more customers. There’s more demand for services—like dentists and cardiologists and financial planners.

Times are good if you own quality office space here.

How to Find a Reliable Real Estate Agent

When you’re buying a property overseas, it’s good to have help. You want someone who can show you a selection of properties that fit your budget, explain the market’s history, give you price comparisons, and set a fair market value. Someone who will go back and forth with the seller and get you the best possible price. Someone on your side.

Where to Look in the Year Ahead for the Best Property Deals

Where to Look in the Year Ahead for the Best Property Deals

Greetings from Quito, Ecuador. In a few moments, I leave for the north coast. This is Ecuador’s nicest stretch of coast. We have the opportunity to buy lots here with monthly payments of $500 or less. Because of the new highway we’ll reach the coast by 9.30 a.m. or so. In time for morning ceviche on the beach.

I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in the coastal highway that runs south to Canoa since I last visited. I’ll send you my full report soon on the infrastructure developments and improvements at the Jama Campay project.

In fact, while the year is winding down…my travel schedule and deal pipeline is filling up. These are exciting times.

Free Report: Brazil’s Hidden Beaches

Free Report: Brazil’s Hidden Beaches

What may surprise you is that when most Brazilians vacation at the beach, they don’t go to Rio. Instead, they head to the state of Ceara on Brazil’s northeast coast. It’s Brazil’s top domestic tourist destination.

My Plans For the Fortaleza Market

My Plans For the Fortaleza Market

Long-time readers of these dispatches will know that I’m bullish on Fortaleza in Northeast Brazil. It’s now three years since RETA members (me included) first got the opportunity to “buy well” here. I’m happy with the units I have purchased.
The first of our units from those early pre-releases will be delivered early next year. That means we need to start making a plan. We will need to decide whether we want to rent short-term or long-term? What vendors and partners will we choose for fit-out and rental management? These are important decisions. They could have a big impact on the yields we generate. Many of you have been asking about my own plans.

Buy Brazil and Buy Now

Buy Brazil and Buy Now

The short-term rental market in Fortaleza, Brazil is strong right now. For example, in one recently completed building in the Iracema Beach area (where I’ve visited several times), condos rent for $100 per night.

Brazil’s Latest Real Estate Opportunity

Brazil’s Latest Real Estate Opportunity

We’ve been discussing Brazil’s new middle-class status for a long time in International Living. Today I’m going to share a way we can profit from this trend…and it’s probably not something you’re expecting.

Get Ready For This Brazil Deal...

Get Ready For This Brazil Deal…

Long-time readers of these dispatches will know that I have been recommending opportunities in Fortaleza for the past three years.

We have been able to buy pre-release at special member-only pricing and terms. I have bought multiple units here. I’m happy with my investments. I recently sold a condo I bought on my first trip for $43,500 more than I paid.

And it’s not just me. RETA members have seen strong price appreciation.

It gets better though…

A Strong Yield Situation in Brazil (Easily Double Figures)

A Strong Yield Situation in Brazil (Easily Double Figures)

Brazil is bursting with millionaires…and billionaires seem to be created by the month, as are thousands of new or expanded businesses.
No surprise to you. We’ve been discussing Brazil’s new middle-class status for a long time in RETA.
Today I’m going to share a way we can profit from this trend…and it’s probably not something you’re expecting.

High Yields on a $124k Condo in Brazil

High Yields on a $124k Condo in Brazil

Fortaleza in Brazil’s north-east, where the country’s new middle class comes for its beach vacation, is doing particularly well. With over three million visitors each year it has cemented its place as Brazil’s biggest domestic tourism destination.

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