Pathfinder Chill Weekends

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually live in Ecuador…or Belize…or Nicaragua?

Making the decision to move south of the border can be a little overwhelming. What if you don’t like the country you picked? What if the property you chose isn’t quite what you wanted?

But what if you could get a taste of that new life overseas…if you could make a short trip to the country you are thinking of creating a new life in… check out the property options…stroll around the town…drink cocktails on the beach at sunset and really get a feel for the place before you commit a substantial amount of time and money.

This is where the Pathfinder Chill Weekends can help. (Pathfinder is International Living’s preferred real estate advertiser.)

What is a “Chill Weekend”?

A Chill Weekend is nothing more than an opportunity for International Living subscribers to enjoy a short vacation in exchange for allowing a developer the opportunity to showcase a property or development he is promoting.

No strings, no pressure, no hard sell, just a chance to familiarize yourself with the ins-and-outs of buying a home overseas, and savor the culture, activities, and lifestyle of another country. There’s no catch. It’s just a really cheap – and smart – way to test-drive some of the world’s best retirement destinations.

Chill Weekends are offered to International Living subscribers. If you’re not yet a subscriber, you can become one here.

See below for more information on upcoming Chill Weekends. 


Visit Belize: It's Quirky, Diverse and Fun

Visit Belize: It’s Quirky, Diverse and Fun

Once you stroll Belize’s unspoiled beaches and explore the flora and fauna of its rainforests, you may become afflicted with what’s known as the “Belize Factor.” Simply put: you find that once you return home, you have an uncontrollable compulsion to return. Time and again …Perhaps even to stay.

Chill On The Riviera Maya

Chill On The Riviera Maya

Thirty million Tripadvisor readers voted Tulum #2 in their top 10 Beach and Sun Destinations worldwide in 2010. When you see the beaches, it’s easy to see why … silky white sand, dotted with palm trees, and washed by bright-aquamarine Caribbean waves. Offshore, the coral reef beckons, with a rainbow of exotic fish.

Chill Out in the Southern Zone in Costa Rica

Chill Out in the Southern Zone in Costa Rica

Costa Rica may seem to you like nothing more than a pricey fantasy. But in fact, you can own a lot here for only $40,000. And it’s in a spot that’s poised to boom.

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