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Brazil Real Estate

Hundreds of miles of dazzling, white-sand beaches surround the city of Fortaleza in the northeast of Brazil. Its clear, tropical ocean waters maintain a year-round temperature of 80˚ Fahrenheit. Serving as the glimmering centerpiece for the state of Ceará, this capital city of almost 3 million people is now the No. 1 tourist destination in Brazil. Fortaleza boasts its own beautiful in-city beaches, sizzling nightlife, and great restaurants.

Yet you can still buy a downtown apartment with a sea view for $110,000 and lots (just off the beach) outside the city are for sale for as little as $46,000. Fortaleza is popular with European travelers, expats, and investors, but completely off the radar screen of North Americans…for now.

The world market seldom sees price distortions like the properties on the beaches around Fortaleza today. This market will move upward once the U.S. buyer arrives. But for now, you can still get great deals.

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