Why Buy Real Estate in Panama?

Most foreigners who come to Panama City are completely surprised by what they find. It’s not the Third World. It’s not dangerous. And it’s certainly not inefficient.

The infrastructure, diversity, and sophistication of the country, especially in Panama City with a metropolitan population of over 1 million tell a different story than the media. The city easily surpasses its Central American neighbors and should be considered right up there with its Latin counterparts, such as Buenos Aires or Mexico City.

In fact, Panama City is our choice the globe over if you’re looking for inexpensive cosmopolitan living. You’ll find world-class restaurants, five-star hotels, international banks, hundreds of multinational businesses, a Manhattan-type skyline, and every imaginable luxury…all at about half the price you’d pay in Miami.

And the energy here as well as the warmth of the people is unsurpassed. It’s not just the skyline that looks First World. Things work here. You can get to the airport quickly and efficiently. High-speed Internet is the norm, rather than the exception. Your international phone calls go through the first time, every time. If efficiency and reliability are important to you, give Panama a closer look.

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