Nicaragua Real Estate

Incredible Nicaragua Real Estate and Property

Nicaragua Real Estate
The real estate in Nicaragua is majestic in its beauty

It doesn't demand much imagination to realize where the Nicaragua real estate market is headed. The real estate boom in Nicaragua is similar to what took place in Costa Rica in the 1980s, where people took advantage of an unknown, misunderstood country with a vibrant culture, spectacular landscape, and friendly people, to own a property in paradise for both pleasure and profit.

In Costa Rica, the course of events was much like what is happening today in Nicaragua: First, political stability was achieved with an eye on improving the economy and infrastructure. Then its wealth of spectacular beaches attracted tourists in record numbers…followed by retirees and real estate developers.

This process is exactly what is underway right now in Nicaragua, and as the nation develops, you can find excellent Nicaraguan real estate for sale. But you need to be aware that the window of opportunity is small and you must act soon in order to ensure you will find the best real estate opportunities available.

With numerous Nicaragua real estate projects in their infancy, now is the perfect time to take advantage of what you may have missed in Costa Rica. But what areas are investors and second-home buyers focusing on as they think about buying property in Nicaragua?


Current Nicaragua Real Estate Hot-Spots


(1) Real Estate on the Pacific Coast


Nicaragua's Pacific coast--referred to as the "Nicaraguan Riviera"--is the predominant investor focal area in the current property market. Today, most of the beachfront real estate activity on the Pacific coast is centered on three primary pockets that are home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Latin America: the area of San Juan del Sur, the Rivas/Tola area, and the coast near Managua. A fourth real estate pocket currently developing is the coastal areas within 30 minutes of the northern colonial city of Leon.  

Possibilities With the Real Estate for Sale Along the "Nicaraguan Riviera"

  (a) Invest in any of the country's numerous beachfront/oceanview residential resort communities. (b) Purchase beach land or lots for development or land speculation.
Nicaragua Real Estate
Granada is an amazing place to purchase Nicaraguan real estate.

(2) Real Estate in Granada


The jewel in Nicaragua’s crown is a little city called Granada. It’s a beautiful, bewitching place. And if your dream of an overseas property involves an old colonial home, you’ll get more for your money in Granada. Granada has an unmistakable colonial charm. Red-tile roofs stand out against the dark-green cloud forest that covers the slopes of the sleeping Volcan Mombacho. Thick-walled adobe homes line the narrow streets, painted in shades of terracotta red and jade green.

One of the city’s charms is its tranquility. You won’t live life by the clock, rushing from one meeting to the next. Instead, you’ll enjoy life to the full…lingering over meals with friends, spending the day fishing or boating on the lake, or browsing the street markets…


Possibilities With the Real Estate for Sale in Granada

  (a) Purchase a colonial home in need of renovation and/or restoration for the purpose of a second home, bar/restaurant, small boutique hotel, or condominium conversion project. (b) Scout for shell properties (in complete need of renovation), which are available in Granada for $20,000 to $40,000 if you pound the streets looking for unlisted properties (there are several available now) for about 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. Other colonial homes in better condition, but still in need of restoration, start at $180,000 for approximately 10,000-plus square feet.


Property samples in Granada:

  • A very spacious one-bedroom, one-bathroom home with beautiful tile floors, high ceilings, and an internal courtyard garden. It’s just three blocks from the central park. Furniture and appliances are included. Price: $170,000.
A three-bedroom, four-bathroom home with 2,690 square feet of living space is on a corner plot. The 150-year-old house has a swimming pool and a garage. Price: $229,000. Annual property taxes on this house are less than $300.  

Nicaragua Real Estate in the Lake Regions of Laguna de Apoyo and Apanas

  At the foot of the Mombacho Volcano, Laguna de Apoyo is located 15 minutes from the colonial city of Granada and 45 minutes from the international airport in Managua. It is a perfect location for someone who wants to enjoy calm, cooling waters lakeside, while also having the opportunity to blend into life in Granada--a town full of restaurants, artisans, markets, and an incredibly vibrant culture. A natural phenomenon, Laguna de Apoyo is among the cleanest lakes in all of Central America--filled with mineral water fed by underground springs. The lake is so clear that you can see 100 feet down. Apanas Lake, located in the Northern Sierras near Jinotega, is a manmade, yet expansive freshwater lake with majestic views.  

Nicaragua Real Estate Purchase Process

  Property ownership in Nicaragua is fee simple/freehold, with title issued and registered in your name. If you are familiar with real estate affairs in Nicaragua (and speak fluent Spanish), you could buy directly from the local farmer or property owner. As is the case with any other emerging real estate market, it is strongly recommended that you enlist the help of a reputable local attorney. Nicaraguan property titles can be in disputes at times–an experienced attorney can trace title of the property that interests you to ensure it is not contested.

In Nicaragua, the real estate purchase process is essentially a two-tier process involving three parties: the buyer, the seller, and the notary (the position of notary is the highest level of attorney qualification in Nicaragua, and is awarded by the state).

Once you have agreed upon a purchase price with the seller, the notary will prepare a promesa de venta (promise to sell). This is a three-party agreement, signed by the buyer, seller, and notary. Upon its execution, the notary will prepare a testimonio. This is an exact copy of the promesa and is placed in the public records to advise other prospective real estate buyers that the property is under contract.

Once all conditions of the promesa have been met, the notary will prepare an escritura (deed) to be executed by the buyer, seller, and notary. Once again, a testimonio is prepared. This is taken to the property registry and an appraisal of the property is done. An appraisal certificate is issued and submitted to the IRS, along with the testimonio. Once the transfer taxes have been paid the testimonio is recorded in the public registry office at the local municipal.

*Prices as of 2013  

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“I’ve Never Seen a Better Time to Buy Development Land in Latin America”

For more than 11 years I’ve traveled all over Latin America. From the U.S.-Mexican border all the way to Argentina, I see firsthand the opportunities this vast land has to offer. I’ve never seen a better time to invest in development land in Latin America than right now. The biggest returns in development come to the earliest speculators who take positions. You don’t need deep pockets to invest in development land—if you know how to do it. Nicaragua, for example, is a country of stunning natural beauty and abundant resources. It has a young population and its economy is catching up from a very low base. It has great potential as a retirement and vacation locale for North Americans. In the early 2000s, money and people raced in. Many didn’t have the skills or the experience to develop real estate.

Homes on the World’s Rivieras

The original Riviera (from the Italian word for “seashore”) sprang up in southern France and the bordering region of Italy. Upper-crust Brits, northern Europeans, and—later—well-heeled Americans flocked here for the beach resorts, casinos, and parties. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald had a villa here in the Jazz Age, although it’s said he was a horrible party guest. The term riviera has been adopted by regions all over the world, in places where the sun, surf, and vacation vibe live on. And when we hit the new-school rivieras in the developing world, expect to get a real bang for your real estate buck.

Granada, Nicaragua

Work, Play, Volunteer: Why Retirement in Granada, Nicaragua is so Appealing to Expats

Back home, you are energetic and enjoy a life full of activities, friends and diversity. You want it to stay that way and you have your priorities. Nature makes you happy. After a lifetime living in cold weather, you’d like to throw away your winter coats. Health care and safety are major concerns. Starting a business entices you, but isn’t it too late? You love your delicious coffee and going to great restaurants with your friends. You seek volunteer opportunities to help people and give your life more purpose.

$1,000 Kits Out Your Home in Nicaragua

$1,000 Kits Out Your Home in Nicaragua

I bought my house in Nicaragua in one day on a whim. While I wouldn’t recommend doing something so hasty, it worked out great. I went back to the U.S. and neatly closed up my life there. Arriving three months later in Nicaragua, I was ready to start my new life in my new house.

Pacific-Coast Buys for a Fraction of the U.S. Price

Warm and sunny days…beautiful people lounging on the sand as surfers vie for choice waves… palm tree-lined boardwalks in picturesque beachside towns, dramatic craggy cliffs…the California coast has certainly captured the popular imagination. No wonder; it’s one of the most pleasant places in the world to live. But on the flip side, it also has some of the most expensive real estate in the world and a high cost of living.

It Costs as Little as $43 a Day to Live in Beautiful San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

It Costs as Little as $43 a Day to Live in Beautiful San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

I’m just a middle-class gal. There you can pay $1.5 million for something like that. Yet in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua I own a small two-bedroom/two-bathroom house, on an acre with an ocean view, which cost just $132,000. I pay real estate taxes of just $151 a year. And in my backyard, in addition to what I mentioned before, I also grow mangos, papayas, citrus trees, a cinnamon tree, and even moringa, the tree of life.


Five Spots Where You Can Find Premium Views for Less than $150,000

A great view usually translates into a premium price tag. But you can afford a home with stunning vistas if know the right place to look. For example, I know of one Pacific coast town where a beachfront condo with Californian-style ocean views and a similar lifestyle will only set you back $119,000. You’d need at least three times that to get close to the beach in California.

For the fifth year in a row, Ecuador has ranked number one for great value property.

The Best Places to Buy Real Estate When You Retire Overseas

Whether you are looking for a home on the coast, on an island or in a colonial city, these three countries have the best value real estate. If your dream home includes a pool, a big back yard in which to swing from a hammock in the sun, a place close to the beach where you can snorkel, relax with a good book or watch the sunset…rest assured, you can have it—because your real estate dollar stretches further overseas. You can buy a superior property in a better location for the same amount or less than you would spend on a home in the U.S.

Forbes has described Nicaragua's Pacific coast as “simply stunning.”

Buy on the World’s Last Great Frontier

In Nicaragua, you’ll find some of the most dramatically beautiful Pacific coastline…anywhere. And in one development I’ve visited, there are five beaches, 2,700 acres and more than two miles of coast.All of those beaches have their own unique character and appeal. Each has different colored sands: white, tan and even pink. Some have flat waters for swimming or waves for surfing.

Property is affordable in Ecuador compared to the U.S. and Europe.

The Top Three Best Places to Retire Overseas to Buy Real Estate

Buying real estate overseas is different in each country as they all have their own laws and rules to abide by. But once you have an in-country attorney the process should be straightforward. In International Living’s annual Global Retirement Index 2013 we took real estate into consideration when coming up with the best places to retire overseas.


Under-the-Radar Trophy Properties

You’ve heard the economy is slow. You can see it for yourself just walking down main street. But one place you won’t find any sign of it is among the pages of luxury real estate listings. Floods of cheap money are working their way into the luxury real estate market at home and in world cities like London, Melbourne, Hong Kong and New York.


Chase Summertime to These Snow-Bird Escapes

Winter is nigh in North America. Bitter cold, ice storms, flurries, and blizzards are on their way. These are the months spent indoors, staring out at grey skies, pining for spring. But there are places where the sun is shining right now, temperatures are going up, and it’s already beach season.


The Decline of the West

There’s always room for wealth creation. Despite the world’s economic woes, the number of people with $30 million or more in net assets rose by 5% globally last year. And according to the Frank Knight Wealth Report 2013, over the next 10 years there’ll be a 50% rise in the number of people breaking that barrier.


Cliff-Top Homes and Staggering Views

There’s no other view in the world like it. In a cliff-top home, there’s nothing between you and the beautiful vista but empty space. You never have to worry about a house going up in front of you or that your neighbor’s new satellite dish will block your line of sight. Badminton in the back yard may be out. But morning coffee and sunset drinks on the terrace are in. If you’re on the seaside, the rumbling waves pounding the rocks below will be your lullaby.


A New Start in an Unusual Home in Nicaragua

Lee’s biggest business is advising people how to build eco-friendly homes out of shipping containers, throwing in alternative-energy systems, like solar panels, if they’re interested. He’s also the go-to guy in San Juan when expats and business owners have computer trouble. And he helps fellow expats transition to life in Nicaragua…


Uncovering Nicaragua’s “Emerald Coast” and How to Play It

Four-and-a-half hours’ flight-time south of California are opportunities that feel a world away. This short plane ride from the snapped-up beachfront and million-dollar mansions of the Golden State brings you to deserted beaches, lush, jungle-clad hills, and low-cost real estate that has to be seen to be believed.

Colonial Homes from $50,000 in Granada, Nicaragua

Colonial Homes from $50,000 in Granada, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is now cool. And Granada is at ground zero of the new, cool Nicaragua. Yet there never has been a better time to buy a colonial home in Granada. I’ve followed the real-estate market here closely since my first visit in 2004. Through boom and bust I’ve watched prices fluctuate. And on this visit I saw a 900-square-foot home, a short stroll from the historic center, with an asking price of $39,000.


Everything is Negotiable: Colonial Homes from $50,000 in Granada

In the nine years I’ve been savoring her charms through regular visits, I have never seen Nicaragua’s colonial city of Granada look better. Cute bakeries and cafés are opening up in brightly-painted, tiled- floor colonial homes. Artists and art galleries are setting up shop. Italians have come to make great pizza. The terrace in front of the Irish bar, O’Shea’s, is buzzing by day. Inside it’s rocking at night. Nine years ago expats were mostly from the U.S. There was a real-estate agent on every corner of the main square, Parque Central.


Nicaragua: Gussied Up and Brimming with Opportunity

Nicaragua is going mainstream. A country that war and conspiracy made infamous in the Reagan years is today home to eco-lodges, spas, and restored colonials. It’s at the top of the New York Times’ list of places to see in 2013. Food and Wine has pronounced it “affordable, safe and undiscovered.” Outside magazine declares, “it feels like Nicaragua’s moment is now.”


Buy a Colonial Property in Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is where Nicaragua puts on its best face for visitors. It sits on the shore of the vast Lake Nicaragua, just an hour’s drive from the country’s capital, Managua. Centuries-old colonial architecture fills the historic city center surrounding the neoclassical-style Cathedral of Granada and the Parque Central.

Outdoor Adventure Pads

Outdoor Adventure Pads

Your perfect oceanfront retreat is just a five-minute boat ride from one of the world’s premier diving destinations, the Belize Barrier Reef. It’s on Ambergris Caye, with the Caribbean spread out before you. Diving spots nearby include the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, known for its formations of elkhorn, brain, and staghorn corals. The coral is 20 to 40 feet tall, providing the perfect habitat for reef sharks, yellowtail snapper, lobster, grouper, sea turtles, and many other species.

Latin American Lake Homes

Latin American Lake Homes

Chile’s Lake District is all about spectacular scenery…forests, snowcapped volcanoes, the towering Andes, and hundreds of deep blue mountain lakes…German emigrants brought their distinctive traditions to the region and it’s been compared to Switzerland for its beauty and cosmopolitan resort towns…

Properties that Earn their Keep

Properties that Earn their Keep

Every month we take a look at some of the properties available around the world. This time out, we’re highlighting properties that not only provide you with a roof over your head, but an income to boot. Escape to Ecuador’s Yunguilla Valley and surround yourself with blossoming fruit trees and fresh fish on your own tropical property.

Bargain Hunting on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

Bargain Hunting on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

I first visited Nicaragua nearly a decade ago and fell in love with its rough-around-the-edges beauty and the genuine warmth of its people. In 2007, my husband and I lived for a while on this hilltop overlooking San Juan del Sur. We spent lazy days exploring hidden beaches and lively evenings with friends at the thatch-roofed seafood restaurants that line the beach.

Go Bargain Hunting Now on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

Go Bargain Hunting Now on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast

I first visited Nicaragua nearly a decade ago and fell in love with its rough-around-the-edges beauty and the genuine warmth of its people. In 2007, my husband and I lived for a while on this hilltop overlooking San Juan del Sur. We spent lazy days exploring hidden beaches and lively evenings with friends at the thatch-roofed seafood restaurants that line the beach. Now we had returned to reacquaint ourselves…

Beach-living in Nicaragua

Beach-living in Nicaragua

With few exceptions, today’s Masachapa is not fancy…and generally not a place where you’d come to experience fine dining and high-end amenities. But it does offer authentic Nicaraguan charm, a fantastic beach, and reasonable property prices.

Colonial Property Bargains in Latin America

Colonial Property Bargains in Latin America

Whenever I travel to any of Latin America’s colonial cities, I can’t help but compare them to my home, the historic Casco Viejo district of Panama City. I’ve lived here for almost five years and I love this neighborhood’s friendly, bohemian vibe and beautiful buildings.


Colonial Bargains in Latin America — from $115,000

Whenever I travel to any of Latin America’s colonial cities, I can’t help but compare them to my home, the historic Casco Viejo district of Panama City. I’ve lived here for almost five years and I love this neighborhood’s friendly, bohemian vibe and beautiful buildings.


Where to Find Nicaragua’s Beach Bargains

I came away from my first visit to Nicaragua, in 2004, with a lopsided image of the coastal lifestyle in Central America’s largest country. There’s another, far more “authentic” and affordable environment to explore along this country’s central and northern Pacific coast.


Nicaragua Better Than Ever: Colonial Homes from $145,000

Imagine yourself awakening to a symphony of tropical birds and brilliant sunshine. You walk into the open-air, center courtyard of your colonial home and pour yourself a rich cup of locally grown coffee. The courtyard’s lush, tropical vegetation is the home’s centerpiece oasis… and almost hides the blue, shimmering pool, right in your “living room.”

Nicaragua: The Real Story

Nicaragua: The Real Story

Nicaragua gets a bad rap wherever you go. But when I crossed the border from Costa Rica to Nicaragua recently, I was quickly reminded why Nicaragua should be on your radar.

Colonial-living in Granada, Nicaragua

Colonial-living in Granada, Nicaragua

There’s something unique about the colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua. It’s a beautiful city…with brightly-painted colonial buildings, and plazas with lofty shade trees, framed by regal volcanoes, and sparkling lakes.

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