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The Little-known Stretch of the French Riviera

Although southern France comes with a medieval legacy of troubadour poets, I never expected to see a poetry shop. But there’s one in the harbor town of Cassis. Framed and written on marbled paper, there are over 4,000 poems on love, life and friendship to choose from. Dominated by a fortress castle and with a back garden of vineyards, Cassis is the unhyped Riviera…

Three Affordable, Private Hideaways

Three Affordable, Private Hideaways

If you’re looking for a bolt hole overseas…somewhere you and your family can return to as often as you need…while enjoying the ultimate privacy…Margaret Summerfield has made a short video about where to find the three best secure and private hideaways.


The Real France

From rosé wines to summer sunflowers, there’s nothing gray about France’s sunlit south. If you love art, history, kind weather and good food, the pleasures of Provence are almost endless. And what’s more, the Mediterranean is its playground.

Early-In Opportunity Bang For Your Buck In The Caribbean

Early-in Opportunity: Bang for Your Buck in the Caribbean

It’s a stunning and accessible location. It’s easy and affordable to get there. It’s going to be luxurious. And right now you can get in on this self-contained Caribbean resort for half the price you’d pay in a more mature one just 30 minutes away.


Long Life, Low Costs in Ecuador’s Sacred Valley

The morning mist burns away to reveal an expanse of velvety mountains and the green-carpeted valley in all its glory. Fresh air and blazing blue skies are to be expected here in the Andes. Here, you feel like you could live forever. It’s no wonder that this boasts of being the “Valley of Longevity,” where long, healthy lives are common and many of the locals claim to be centenarians—living well into their 100s.

A Panama Mountain Chalet $45,000

A Panama Mountain Chalet: $45,000

In Panama’s Veraguas Province, Santa Fe looks exactly as a Central American village should. After the modern skyline of Panama City—a shock if you were expecting to encounter the Third World—Santa Fe is a relief. The “real” Panama. Ah, yes, here it is.

Properties that Earn their Keep

Properties that Earn their Keep

Every month we take a look at some of the properties available around the world. This time out, we’re highlighting properties that not only provide you with a roof over your head, but an income to boot. Escape to Ecuador’s Yunguilla Valley and surround yourself with blossoming fruit trees and fresh fish on your own tropical property.

Spain's Real Estate Market

Spain’s Real Estate Market: Up to 50% Off Property Prices

Everywhere historic buildings bring alive the romance of old Spain. Granada is the country’s most beautiful city, the jewel in the crown of Andalucía, and today, thanks to the country’s crisis, you can find distressed real estate here for up to 50% less than what you would have paid for it four years ago.

Spain's Crisis, Your Opportunity

Spain’s Crisis, Your Opportunity

Steeped in history, Granada, Spain attracts visitors from around the world. Its international airport has flights from most major European cities, and it’s within a two-hour flight of northern Europe’s major population centers. This could just be the perfect location. There’s culture. Three World Heritage sites, including the exquisite Moorish palace of the Alhambra, are just the headline draws.


How Much to Buy a Home in Boquete, Panama?

A three-bedroom, two-bath home in central Boquete was just listed for $90,000. At approximately 2,900 square feet, it’s spacious, and the lot is over 5,300 square feet. Excellent value for a home with mountain views, indoor laundry room, storage room, and large patio.

Meaux Paris

War and Peace in France’s Meaux

Given the proximity to Paris, property prices are less than you might expect. In Meaux and nearby villages, 120,000 euro – 250,000 euro ($151,000 – $315,000) delivers plenty of individual houses, some spacious enough for a small B&B. For example, 209,000 euro ($263,000) buys a restored, 1,400-square-foot stone house with a garden and small swimming pool in a village 20 minutes drive from Meaux.


Hunting for Property in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for affordable property in Costa Rica, Lake Arenal certainly warrants a closer look. The 1,200-square-foot villa that has the lake view in the photo above is $195,000.

Where to Buy Right Now

Where to Buy Right Now

The past two days have seen us gathered in a posh conference room where we’ve spent more than 18 hours discussing and learning about the best real estate markets on the planet. If it is your dream to own a home or condo overlooking your own private beach, listen up. I can now tell you exactly where to find it and how you can own it. And you may be able to buy it with zero down and 0% financing.

Confessions of an Uncertain American

Confessions of an Uncertain American

Where you buy is important…sometimes. What you buy is critical…usually. The Terms you negotiate and What NOT to Buy….essential. What it all boils down to is based on one key factor. It’s simple really…but I have lots to cover here. However, there is one simple, low-cost way to protect yourself and your real estate investment dollars…

The Real Fantasy Island

The Real Fantasy Island

What if I could show you how (and where) to buy your dream home on an island like this one, with palm-tree rimmed. white-sand beaches washed clean by clear, warm Caribbean waters… or on a lush jungle cliff-top with a mega-mile view of the blue Pacific stretching out before you…

Get Ready for a Greek Opportunity...

Get Ready for a Greek Opportunity…

Imagine perfect, white-washed homes…and churches with rounded roofs…that cling to the sheer edge of an ancient volcanic crater. The sun sets like a fiery cannon ball at Oia. Yes, the black beaches are interesting, but here it’s all about the dramatic views from the crater edge. This is the Greek island of Santorini. My favorite. And like the rest of the Greek islands, real estate here is about to get dirt cheap—because of the great crisis the country faces today.


Scouting For Homes in Southern France

A medieval village of stone-built houses and vaulted passageways, Villars sur Var fits my idea of “the real France.” Following the farming community’s rhythm of the seasons, life probably hasn’t changed that much for decades.

Property Bargains in Paris, France

Property Bargains in Paris, France

No part of Paris can be described as inexpensive, but the 20th is comparatively more affordable than its central arrondissements. Although invariably bijou, studio apartments can be had for under $200,000. For example, a 19-square-meter (204-square-foot) studio for $189,000. It sounds small, but all across Paris, numerous vacation-rental studios are no larger.

Eight “Off-Market” Real Estate Deals Regular Buyers Will Never See

2012 International Real Estate Investment Forum

Your Own Home in the Sun Kit
Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic
June 7-9, 2012

In business, key deals are struck all the time over drinks or on the golf course. It’s no different with property transactions. Well-connected insiders can pay less… access preferential terms… and set themselves up for incredible profits…Like a 34.8% gain in 18 months… or 28.7% in less than a year…That’s how the folks we put on the inside last year are doing. This year, you could be the one getting in early with off-market deals.


Trip to Costa Rica for 13 Members Only…

Along Costa Rica’s Southern Zone, the bright, thick, green jungle canopy rolls down to a coast of sandy beaches and rocky points. It’s truly stunning. One project along this coast stands out as the gold standard. It’s here that members of our group can buy with a down payment of $20,000 and interest-free monthly payments of $556. And where a small group (strictly limited to 13) of Real Estate Trend Alert members will gather this July 19-22.


How Much to Live in Vilcabamba, Ecuador?

Vilcabamba, Ecuador is a place that’s pristine and natural. It just makes you want to slow down and enjoy life as long as you can. Some scientists believe the clean, mineral-rich water that flows from mountain streams and springs is akin to the fountain of youth.

la romana dr

Deal Alert: New Beach Town in the D.R.

In January I told you about my visit to the Gran Bahia Principe resort in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Plans call for a major new Caribbean beach resort town spread out over 1,500 acres…with close to one-and-a-half miles of beach. Since then I have been running the rule over this opportunity and negotiating an “off market” deal for RETA members.


Bargain Hunting for Property in Paris, France

A Boulevard St-Germain landmark, Café de Flore is one of Paris’s most hallowed literary cafés. I adore art deco elegance, but it isn’t somewhere I’d frequent regularly. Not after seeing the prices—$6.86 for a cafe crème, $8.45 for hot chocolate, $11.22 for a small beer. If it’s the hangout of the next Simone de Beauvoir or Picasso, I’d be astonished.

Spain’s Crisis, Your Opportunity Up To 50% Off The Jewel Of Andalucía

Spain’s Crisis, Your Opportunity: Up to 50% Off the Jewel of Andalucía

The spring sunlight glints off the snow-covered Sierra Nevada mountains. When I left Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol, 90 minutes from here on a modern highway, it was a balmy 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I haven’t seen a cloud since. At 2,200 feet above sea level, in Granada’s historic center, it’s 63 degrees, and sunglasses and short sleeves are the order of the day.

Hunting Pied-à-Terres in Paris’ Bargain Districts

Hunting Pied-à-Terres in Paris’ Bargain Districts

A Boulevard St-Germain landmark, Café de Flore is one of Paris’s most hallowed literary cafés. I adore art deco elegance, but it isn’t somewhere I’d frequent regularly. Not after seeing the prices—$6.86 for a cafe crème, $8.45 for hot chocolate, $11.22 for a small beer. If it’s the hangout of the next Simone de Beauvoir or Picasso, I’d be astonished.

Island Life Properties

Island Life Properties

In this edition of Property Picks, we take a look at some of the world’s most picturesque island real estate.

Spotlight on...Las Tablas, Panama

Spotlight on…Las Tablas, Panama

The bargain-beautiful Panama we’ve been writing about for years is alive and well…especially in Las Tablas. This little colonial town differs from hot retirement destinations like Panama City, Boquete, or Bocas del Toro. It’s in an area surrounded by farms and ranches, and that makes the climate, the landscapes, and the people unique. The tableños—that is, the townfolk in Las Tablas—are proud of their work ethic and keep their town neat and clean.

Video: A Beautiful Property with Lake Views in Arenal, Costa Rica for $195,000

In the video, you’ll see a beautiful property for sale on the lake in Arenal, Costa Rica. The views from the back porch are of the lake and the volcano at Arenal. Lake Arenal has an ideal climate—no AC needed, even on the hottest days. And it has a close-knit community of expats from all over the world (about 400 according to an informal survey by one resident).


Unsexy in Brazil

Brazil is on the up. Fortaleza is doing particularly well. Government policy calls for the creation of a mega manufacturing and export hub just outside Fortaleza. We can profit.


Rent on the Coast in Spain from $508 a Month

A blue sky, blue-water scene is unremarkable in the tropics. But this is Europe. I’m in southern Spain, on Murcia’s Costa Cálida—the “warm coast.” Whoever thought up the name wasn’t exaggerating. Summer temperatures soar above 90 F, and there’s an annual dose of at least 320 days of sunshine. On the coast, spacious furnished rentals are $508 to $635 monthly.

Urgent Opportunity in the Caribbean...

Urgent Opportunity in the Caribbean…

This is an easy and affordable place to get to. Regular flights are available from across the U.S. and Canada. Early morning scheduled flights from the big carriers mean that you can leave home and be on the beach by lunch time. It’s a comfortable trip.

How to Save $48,000 on Costa Rican Real Estate

How to Save $48,000 on Costa Rican Real Estate

If you think real estate in Costa Rica is for the Wall Street and Hollywood jet set, think again. In fact, Costa Rica is one of more than a dozen markets we’ll run the rule over this June 7-9 for our International Real Estate Investment Forum. And the discounts will be substantial—a savings of $48,000, just on the three deals I outline below.

How to Save $91,500 on Beach Property

How to Save $91,500 on Beach Property

It’s a rare thing these days to be able to say that you own real estate on or close to “Grade A” beach. By that, I mean truly stunning beach, either Caribbean white sands or the bluest stretches of the Pacific Coast. We’ll discuss the following three beach areas in detail at our upcoming International Real Estate Investment Forum…and for those in the room, $91,500 in savings will be on offer.

A New Opportunity in Costa Rica

A New Opportunity in Costa Rica

On Friday I told you about the opportunity to buy a lot perched above the shores of Lake Arenal…with a down payment of $2,500 and monthly payments of $187.50. This lot is in a project called The Preserve. Just below The Preserve and on the shores of the lake you’ll find one of Arenal’s most established projects: Turtle Cove.

Irish Property: Get 80% Off Peak Prices at Auction

Irish Property: Get 80% Off Peak Prices at Auction

The real estate market in Ireland is deeply distressed. That’s why the deals here are so exciting. You can buy a 1.5-acre lot in a picturesque County Clare village for just $13,000. Or a comfortable vacation home close to miles of sandy beaches, world-class golf, and the dramatic Atlantic coastline for $87,000.

Live Like A Lord In Ireland—Huge Discounts On Mansions

Live Like a Lord in Ireland—Huge Discounts on Mansions

The air is thick and pungent and the ceiling black. This was the smokerie, where brown trout pulled from the lake were smoked. Nearby is an unfamiliar contraption used for plucking pheasants after a shoot. The stable next to that one is packed with 19th-century sash windows.

Spain’s Secret Coast—From $64,000

Spain’s Secret Coast—From $64,000

Not needed: coat, scarf or sweater. But some sun-block would be welcome. Early December and the afternoon temperature is nudging 70 F. Sunbathers are on Isla Plana’s beach, and children are building sand-castles. I can even see swimmers.


Coastal Uruguay: Latin America’s Best Quality of Life

Sipping a cappuccino at a small table in a shady plaza outside my hotel, I’m reminded of days and evenings spent in similar sidewalk cafés in Europe. Stately 19th-century neo-classical and baroque-style buildings with wrought-iron balconies line the square. Curtains wave gaily through massive wood-framed windows.

The Ultimate Real Estate Deal in Ecuador

The Ultimate Real Estate Deal in Ecuador

Ecuador’s north coast is one of the finest stretches of Pacific coast you will find. Steep, bright green jungle-clad hills rise from the flat blue ocean. In places, rocky coves sculpt sandy beaches. Here would be a great place to have a beach home.


The Best Beach in Mexico

This is the most stunning stretch of white-sand beach I have set foot on. Standing here, on Tulum’s Caribbean coast in Mexico, with warm sea breezes rustling through the palm trees, I can’t think of anywhere else I’d want to be. If you’re looking for a manufactured resort, stay in Cancun. Tulum is the real thing. Jungle crawls over ancient Mayan Ruins. You’ll find caves and underground rivers.

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