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  Uruguay Real Estate  

Excellent Real Estate And Property In Uruguay


Whether you're exploring the Uruguay real estate market for a home you can move into full-time…a vacation retreat you can visit a few weeks or months a year…a beachfront lot you hope to resell at a profit…or your own slice of sand where you'll build your dream home…you can find it in Uruguay. And it's perfectly legal to buy.


In 2005, there were more than 650,000 square meters approved for property development in Uruguay. It is estimated that half of these new properties were purchased by either European or American buyers who discovered the wonders of this country over the last few years and wished to take advantage of the low prices, numerous facilities, and the beautiful coastline with stunning beaches.


Due to the stability factors and overall economic situation of the country, the last few years have seen a major real estate boom in Uruguay, mainly concentrated in the cities of Montevideo and Punta del Este which have become Uruguay's real estate hor-spots.




If big-city living is for you, Montevideo is likely to be your favorite place in Uruguay. You can spend weeks exploring the city, and never get tired of enjoying its shady parks and sycamore-lined streets, eating in its sophisticated restaurants, bistros, and sidewalk cafés, or browsing in the artisan markets, antique shops, and bookstores. Or how about a walk around Plaza Fabini and Plaza Cagancha, which often have musicians playing tango or residents perfecting their tango skills to a local band or music box. After a few days in Montevideo it is easy to fall into its rhythm, sitting at a sidewalk café while reading the paper and watching the world go by.


The city has it all in regards to culture and convenience. TeatroSolís is a magnificently restored old-world theater, serving as a venue for some of the most famous theater groups and orchestras in the world. There are numerous schools of dance, music, and art. The city is home to 35 radio stations, various TV channels, and it has good cable TV and high-speed Internet services.


Property samples in Montevideo:

  • Overlooking the center of Plaza Independencia, in Montevideo’s old quarter of CiudadVieja, is a four-bedroom and two-bathroom apartment. The building is from the 1920’s with the original marble foyer and ornate iron elevator. Price: $115,000.
  • In Centro area of the city, on Plaza Entrevero, in the historic Zitarrosa building, there’s a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment which still has all the style of the 1920’s when it was built. It has amazing views from the eighth floor and needs some cosmetic repairs only. Price: $108,000.

Punta del Este


Punta del Este is one of South America’s premier seaside resorts, and its beautiful beaches, dazzling casinos, world-class restaurants, and upscale shops have kept people coming from around the world for almost a century, earning it the title of the Saint Tropez of South America.

One of the continent’s most glamorous resorts, it’s often host to jazz and film festivals, rodeos, fashion shows on the beach, and major conferences, as well as visitors that include international celebrities, European royalty, and Brazilian and Argentine politicians and jet-setters.

After losing some of its shine during the 1990s, Punta del Este—traditionally known as “the Pearl of the Atlantic” has reinvented itself once again. Its new image as South America’s premier all-purpose vacation spot, with attractions for everyone from lounge-music fans and families with small children to sport fishermen, gamblers, and sun worshipers is paying dividends.

The streets and the city are as clean and appealing up close as they are from miles away, and the beaches are well maintained and spotless. It seems crime-free, and is completely devoid of the panhandlers you might expect in a Latin American city of this size. And it’s a place that oozes with class, from the fine upscale shops and boutiques to the world-class restaurants, and dazzling casinos. And the cost of being here isn’t as high as you might think, considering the posh surroundings.

The great attraction of this city is the broad range of choice it offers visitors. Choose from simple inns to deluxe international hotel chains; local family-style dining to gourmet international cuisine; international theater to jazz festivals; and major sport competitions, such as tennis or polo. There is always something to do in Punta del Este, day or night.


Property samples in Punta del Este:

  • An 860-square-foot house, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, less than 300 yards from the water at Punta Ballena (the beginning of Punta del Este as you approach it from Montevideo). Built in 2000, it needs a little TLC and decorating but is being sold furnished. Price: $85,000.
  • In the Pinares neighborhood, there’s a charming thatched roof house with nearly 1,200 square feet of living space. It’s in good condition, with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a separate guest apartment. It also comes furnished. Price: $114,450.

Uruguay has a lifestyle and a region for everyone, depending on what you're looking for in the way of a new life abroad. Whether you want to live downtown in a world capital, in the heart of an old colonial city, or on a sprawling ranch in the heartlands, you can be sure that Uruguay has a place for you.  

*Prices as of 2013


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Escapes for the Gentleman Farmer

Imagine waking up in the morning and enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee before heading out your back door to get breakfast. You gather eggs from your hens. Tomatoes, peppers, and herbs, all from your kitchen garden, as well as homemade goat cheese, are added for an excellent omelet. The fresh-squeezed orange juice comes from your trees. Life in the cities and suburbs of the U.S. can mean being far removed from the origins of the food we eat. If you dream of getting back to the land, you’ll find hobby farms with fertile soil, ideal growing conditions, and great locations throughout the world.


Uruguay’s Farmland: The Best Place to Park Your Cash

Little Uruguay is a country that has advantages for producing food. It has good productive land, and a temperate climate allows the cultivation of up to three crops a year on average. Thanks to increasing wealth and food consumption in emerging markets, farmland here could generate a yield of between 3% and 9% (depending on the type of land and management option you choose), and also enjoy long-term appreciation. And Uruguay is where the small guy can directly get in on this food trend with ownership control. Uruguay has an advanced domestic farm industry. The domestic infrastructure of farm management companies, routes to market, and professional services caters for foreign investors.

Video: Where to Buy Real Estate in Uruguay–Three Areas to Consider

Uruguay is the most economically, politically, and socially stable country in the region. The property registration system is among the best in Latin America. And you don’t need to become a resident or get a local tax ID number to buy, own, or sell real estate in Uruguay. Even though real estate values have climbed in recent years, with a little research it’s still possible to buy property in the most popular areas of the country for a very reasonable price.

Beach-Town Living in Affordable Rocha, Uruguay

If your idea of paradise is a tranquil beach where a couple can live comfortably for $1,200, including renting a furnished home, then Uruguay’s Department of Rocha is a place you should definitely know about. A “department” in Uruguay is like a state or province. Rocha covers 4,074 square miles and stretches 112 miles along the Atlantic coast between Punta del Este, the largest beach resort in Uruguay, and the Brazilian border.


This Lot in the Safe Haven of Uruguay Is Less Than $22,000

Last December, when “The Economist” announced its “country of the year” for the first time, Uruguay was the country that took that spot. It was chosen on the basis that it has been a trailblazer at enacting policies that not only benefit its citizens but humanity as a whole. It’s a great place to keep you—and/or some assets—in times good and bad.

Renting allows you to investigate a region and/or community before you put down roots.

Ten Tips for Renting a Home Overseas

When moving abroad, renting a place to stay is an attractive option that offers a lot of advantages, whether you’re headed to Costa Rica, Malaysia, France, Mexico, Ecuador, Ireland…or any country. If you plan to buy or build a home eventually, renting allows you to investigate a region and/or community…or several…before you put down roots. You don’t want to be stuck in a neighborhood, region, or home you don’t like.


The Best-Value Beach Lots in the World

Do you ever wish you could find a cool little beach town before it gets discovered and invest in land while the prices are still low? You aren’t alone. Global investors are constantly searching the planet for that kind of opportunity. But you know what? They missed a spot. It’s a little town of 1,000 full-time residents, and it’s called Barra del Chuy, in Uruguay.


Chase Summertime to These Snow-Bird Escapes

Winter is nigh in North America. Bitter cold, ice storms, flurries, and blizzards are on their way. These are the months spent indoors, staring out at grey skies, pining for spring. But there are places where the sun is shining right now, temperatures are going up, and it’s already beach season.

Affordable Properties in the Best Areas of Punta del Este, Uruguay

Affordable Properties in the Best Areas of Punta del Este, Uruguay

Believe it or not, you can still find a nice condo in a coveted Punta del Este neighborhood for less than $150,000. There’s a secret to buying affordably here. And it’s simple. Folks from North America determine a property’s value by three factors: location, location, location. But in Punta del Este’s condo market, a property’s location is less important.


The Trick to Buying Affordable Property in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este, less than two hours from Uruguay’s elegant capital of Montevideo, has long been the most fashionable beach resort in South America. An apartment sold here a few years back for $7.2 million… but believe it or not, you can still find a nice condo in a coveted Punta del Este neighborhood for less than $150,000. There’s a secret to buying affordably here. And it’s simple.


Uruguay: Buy a Million-Dollar Address for $150,000

Across from the beach near Avenida Roosevelt, where I ride my bike to the mall, is the completed sales office for Trump Tower Punta del Este. Construction is scheduled to start in June. Prices for condos start at $700,000, and the sales people say “it will redefine what is meant by luxury living.”

3 Properties in Historic Montevideo for Under $150,000

3 Properties in Historic Montevideo for Under $150,000

The Old City was once the entire walled city of Montevideo, Uruguay when it was founded in 1730. Today the walls are gone, but the original plazas and much of the period architecture remains. This is Montevideo’s main cultural center and financial district.

Why Now is the Time to Buy Property in Argentina.

Why Now is the Time to Buy Property in Argentina

Today, Argentina is back in a bind. There is a strong possibility of another crack-up within the next year. And then we’ll have the same opportunity we had a decade ago. The signs are all there. The streets of Buenos Aires have recently seen the return of the backstreet currency exchange.


3 Places Where Beach Property is Cheap

Most of us dream of owning a beach property—where we can ride out the cold winters back home, enjoy beach living year-round, or even as a bolthole for a few weeks at a time. The good news is that, in some places, your dream beach home costs a lot less than you might think. Take a look at these three locations where you can relive the endless summer days of childhood.


Property in Uruguay for Less than $200,000

An hour from Montevideo, Piriapolis was founded in 1893 and is Uruguay’s first seashore resort. It is filled with bathers and sun-worshipers for the entire summer. Year-round, people come from all over Uruguay to enjoy its fine seafood restaurants, casinos, cafés, and local museums.

The Real Fantasy Island

The Real Fantasy Island

What if I could show you how (and where) to buy your dream home on an island like this one, with palm-tree rimmed. white-sand beaches washed clean by clear, warm Caribbean waters… or on a lush jungle cliff-top with a mega-mile view of the blue Pacific stretching out before you…


Coastal Uruguay: Latin America’s Best Quality of Life

Sipping a cappuccino at a small table in a shady plaza outside my hotel, I’m reminded of days and evenings spent in similar sidewalk cafés in Europe. Stately 19th-century neo-classical and baroque-style buildings with wrought-iron balconies line the square. Curtains wave gaily through massive wood-framed windows.

Buy Land – Two Great Profit-Making Opportunities

Buy Land – Two Great Profit-Making Opportunities

Every so often we run into amazing opportunities…specific ways to make smarter investments… slash your taxes…and keep your financial affairs private.

IL Real Estate Expert, Ronan McMahon, has just submitted a special report revealing one of the safest ways to grow or preserve your nest egg.

In this Quarterly Wealth Advisory Ronan reveals details of two special opportunities to make money from land.

We hope it helps you preserve and grow your wealth.

Small Town Beach Life in Uruguay

Small Town Beach Life in Uruguay

I moved to Uruguay full-time in 2006. And since then I’ve explored more than a dozen different countries, from Spain to Argentina. I’ve lived in Brazil, have a second home in Colombia, and bought property in Nicaragua. Yet Uruguay is where I call home; and I can’t think of a better place to be right now. The lifestyle is unbeatable, and the cost of living and of properties is reasonable.


The Best Beach Deal in the “Europe of South America”

A deserted beach that feels remote…yet isn’t… A beach where, beyond the breaking waves, white foam caps skim along the deep blue ocean. On land, a steady breeze rustles through the dune grasses…white clouds drift by and flocks of birds swoosh down, fishing along the coast. That’s what you’ll found in Rocha, Uruguay.

The Last Great Property Deal in Uruguay

The Last Great Property Deal in Uruguay

Punta del Este is the top destination in Uruguay. Rock stars and billionaire fashion moguls vacation there. Pop starlets keep a summer home to “snowbird” the North American winter.

Big $28,710 Lots in Uruguay's Best Beach Town

Big $28,710 Lots in Uruguay’s Best Beach Town

On June 17th I told you about the opportunity at La Serena Golf in the province of Rocha, Uruguay. This is a great deal from a strong developer.
Not far away (but closer to Punta del Este) lot prices range from $40-$135 per square meter. That’s $162,000 to over $500,000 for an acre lot. And, these prices include projects without golf or tennis. Projects with hardly any amenities, in fact.
At La Serena Golf you have both. Half-acre lot prices start at $31,900. As a RETA member you can avail of our member-only pricing and get a 10% discount. That gives you an entry point of $28,710.

The Best Way to Play Uruguay's Coast

The Best Way to Play Uruguay’s Coast

If you want to tap into the next trend in Uruguay’s “beach province” for less than $60,000 an acre…this is it.
In this alert I’ll give the relevant background on Uruguay…some context that shows why this is such a strong opportunity right now…and then the specifics on this real estate deal—which includes a discount ed price list for any RETA member who wants to buy.

How (and Where) to Make Money in International Real Estate

How (and Where) to Make Money in International Real Estate

“I’m kicking myself for not getting in on that deal you told us about three years ago,” he confided. “At the time, I thought ‘Is he crazy?…’” If the guy had followed Ronan’s advice back in 2008, you see, he could have made more than $38,000 on an investment of $2,234.

Property Gems From a Real Estate Treasure Chest

Property Gems From a Real Estate Treasure Chest

I couldn’t help doing a stealthy Google search as International Living revealed his favorite up-and-coming oceanfront destination in Uruguay. He had just shown a four-bedroom home smack dab on the beach, with two terraces overlooking the ocean. The asking price is $92,000, but we think the owner will take less.

Colonial City Life in Uruguay

Colonial City Life in Uruguay

The city of Colonia is one of the best places in Uruguay for year-round living. In fact, when I originally visited Uruguay, it was my first choice for a second home.

Colonia, Uruguay Where History Holds its Value

Colonia, Uruguay: Where History Holds its Value

Colonia is probably the most convenient and attractive town in Uruguay. I always enjoy strolling along its wide, lazy river and watching the sun set over the peaceful marina.

Uruguay’s Magical Beach Towns

Uruguay’s Magical Beach Towns

Uruguay is on a roll. Both the economy…and the real estate market. New condos in Punta del Este, the country’s premier beach resort, now average $3,000 a square meter (that’s $300,000 for a 1,000-square-foot condo). But travel a little farther along the coast east from Punta, and your property dollars will go much further.

Living in Uruguay's Capital City

Living in Uruguay’s Capital City

It’s warm and sunny on the early morning streets of Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo. The caretakers in the park are hosing down the sidewalks…waiters are straightening tables and opening bright yellow umbrellas at the sidewalk café. The neighborhood bakeries are open for cappuccinos and pastries, and newsstands are handing out today’s paper…

Buy Farmland and Grow Rich

Buy Farmland and Grow Rich

In today’s Alert, I’m going to show you three ways to make money from farmland in an investor-friendly country.
The case for investing in agriculture and food is pretty straightforward. Increasing populations and wealth in emerging economies is the primary driver. As people in these economies become richer they eat more food—and more meat.

Today’s #1 Investment Opportunity in Uruguay

Today’s #1 Investment Opportunity in Uruguay

I am bullish on pockets of opportunity in stable, secure, and first-world Uruguay. These two plays converge along a little-known stretch of coast. Here, you will find Uruguay’s best beaches and beachfront land can be found for as little as $1 per meter or $4,050 per acre.

What You Can Get for $35,000 in Salto, Uruguay

What You Can Get for $35,000 in Salto, Uruguay

For big-city living in Uruguay, Salto is hard to beat. It offers just about every convenience that you’d find in the capital city of Montevideo…without Montevideo’s prices.

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