Living Overseas, Every Day is Like the Weekend

When I’m corresponding with one of my International Living editors on Friday’s, he always ends his emails with “Have a great weekend!” I invariably chuckle at this because for me as an expat in Cuenca, Ecuador, every day is the weekend. Not by usual time measurements, of course. Expats don’t have special calendars filled with only Saturday’s and Sunday’s. It just feels that way.


Is Moving Overseas Brilliantly Crazy?

“I think you’re brilliant,” a friend said to me on a visit to the States last summer. Believe me, it’s the first time I’ve been described that way. “You know what you want and you figure out how to make it happen. You’re not afraid of failure. You really are brilliant in that way.” Hmmm…wasn’t this the same person who thought I was slightly off kilter…far on the other side of crazy…15 years ago when I mentioned I was going to quit my job and move overseas?


I Took the Road Less Traveled and Retired Comfortably

In 2006, even though the U.S. economy was still going strong, I looked around at my life and said, “It’s time to go.” So I quit my job, sold my apartment in New York, and moved abroad. It sounds abrupt, but it actually wasn’t. I’d been thinking about it for years. I’m no financial genius, but I can add as well as anyone, and I can certainly read writing on the wall. And, having hit a milestone birthday, calculated my net assets, and estimated remaining work years, they didn’t add up to a retirement I’d enjoy. I saw absolutely no way to save as much money as financial wonks said I’d need to retire comfortably in the U.S.


We “Country Shopped” to Find Our Right Fit

When my husband, Mike, and I celebrated New Year’s Day 2008 and our 7th wedding anniversary in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, we were feeling good about where we were in our world. As with so many other people, that came to a crashing halt quickly—on February 1, 2008, we had to close our real estate business.


A Simple, Powerful Tool for Retiring Overseas

When my wife, Suzan, and I moved abroad in 2001, we were sure we knew where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives—on the beach. So, we tried out beaches all over the Western Hemisphere. And where do we live today? In the mountains. Here’s why.


A Happier, Healthier, More Affordable Retirement Overseas

“Are you nuts?” This might be the first thing you hear when you tell friends and relatives that you’re thinking of retiring abroad. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to, now that Forbes and FOX News and The New York Times and just about every other major media outlet are featuring stories about people retiring overseas and where they’re going. Some are even putting out their own lists of the best overseas retirement destinations, a-la International Living. (I guess if you do something for 35 years, sooner or later somebody else will catch on.)

Ecuador mountains

There Is Nowhere Like This in the U.S.

Like many other folks thinking about moving abroad, my wife, Suzan Haskins, and I thought we knew what we wanted. A tropical beach, of course. During our lives we’d spent incredible days of vacation swinging in hammocks on palm-studded beaches, basking in the sun, and listening to the waves breaking out on some reef.


The Advantage of a Built-In Expat Community

One of the things my wife, Suzan Haskins, and I have come to value over the years that we’ve lived abroad are well-organized expat communities. We do know some expats who were determined to be pioneers and boldly go where no North Americans had gone before. But for us…and most other expats we know…there are undeniable advantages to having people around you in your chosen expat destination who have already blazed a trail, made the most common mistakes, and learned the ropes.

Make Money Overseas, Belize

Watch Your Money Go Further When You Earn Overseas

In our 14 years living and working abroad, my wife Suzan and I have often marveled at how much less expensive it is…not only for day-to-day living but for doing business. We’re writers and editors, which means we can work at our craft from anywhere there is an Internet connection, which nowadays includes most of the planet. And we’re not the only ones doing it.

A Big Question About Living Overseas

“Won’t you miss your family and friends if you move overseas?” That’s a question we at IL get asked a lot, and the answer is… “Of course you will.” It’s something my husband Dan and I have experience of. We didn’t think about it too much when we moved to Ecuador back in 2001. With the exception of Dan’s mother, none of our family—my parents and our siblings—lived in the same city as we did.

Roatan, Honduras: Fun…Sun…And An Income On Island Time

I bet you’ve imagined it before: the sun is slowly rising over the palm trees, its morning rays glistening across the water as far as the eye can see. The birds are waking up and singing their morning tunes to welcome the day. They’re not early risers because everything here is on island time. A cool breeze blows in from the ocean to balance the warm sun shining on your face.

The Reasons You Should Move Abroad

Why would anyone move abroad? Truth be told, nobody would move abroad…if they were completely happy with everything about the place they currently lived. If everybody lived where the weather was perfect, the cost of living affordable, the taxes low, the health care quality high, the people friendly, the food and water clean, the crime rate no problem, the politics sane, and the culture and geography interesting enough to satisfy an adventurous spirit of discovery…nobody would move anywhere.

Take What You Need for a Life Overseas…

A little over two years ago, my husband and I turned that quest to rescue our retirement into a reality and relocated to the Pacific coast of Ecuador. A big part of the process was shedding all the excess stuff we’d accumulated in pursuit of the “American Middle Class” ideal, in favor of the new experiences we’d be free to have once out from under it all. Swapping the hamster wheel for a simpler, less object-oriented way of life turned out to be the trade of a lifetime.


We Spent a Year Exploring Latin America to Find Our Ideal Retirement Haven

During our months of preparation, we set about determining the criteria we needed to choose a location. The criteria we chose for ourselves initially were: a good health care system at a much lower cost; a stable government; not wanting a car, a walkable location with a good transportation system; good infrastructure; a Spanish-speaking country because Mike already spoke some but wanted to become proficient; a warm climate year round; and, of course, a lower cost of living.


How Life Overseas Enriches You…

I visited San Miguel de Allende recently while working on a video project, and I had a chance to catch up with an old friend from when my wife, Suzan Haskins, and I lived there back in 2007 and 2008. It pleased me to find him doing well and to hear that his two children were growing into handsome, intelligent young adults. Part of the reason for that, he told me, were the chances they’d had to travel.


Make Room for an Overseas Adventure

We sold the house and had to decide what to do with all that stuff. So we took inventory—stuff we wanted to keep on one side of the ledger, stuff for the garage sale on the other. The idea was to get rid of all the things we didn’t need and keep all the things that we thought gave our life meaning and stability…the stuff we absolutely couldn’t live without.

Save on taxes

3 Best Tax Tips to Save You Money

Your dreams of living abroad are taking shape. You’ve traveled enough to know that you are comfortable with other cultures and exotic locations. You even have a few places that you know you want to return to. You are talking with expats and reading everything you can get your eyes on. You want to make sure that your dream turns out just how you envision it.

Your adventure, in search of the perfect place to retire, can start somewhere like Belize.

This Is What “International Living” Looks Like…

Not so long ago, only sailors, soldiers and the super wealthy got to see the world. But today, globetrotting isn’t just a job for mariners or the preserve of the jet set. You can cruise to Europe for up to 70% off standard prices if you know how… you can use a host of websites to organize low-cost, luxurious accommodation for a few months—enough time to try a place on for size—before moving on to the next… you can sit on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sipping wine in April, and kick back on a beach in English-speaking Belize in May…


The One Thing Everyone Should Know Before Moving Overseas

Over the last 11 years of living throughout Latin America, my wife, Suzan, and I have missed lots of things we had back in the States. The first one for me was roasted red peppers. Eight brands in the supermarket back home… none in the first two countries we lived in. (For Suzan, it was Triscuits.)

The Magic of a New Life Overseas

The Magic of a New Life Overseas

At home we’re fed a distinctly flavorless view of the “rest of the world.” When we get news of foreign locales, it’s most often about tragedy or macroeconomics. We have a poor understanding of what’s really “out there.” Here at International Living, we aim to help you build a richer and more nuanced understanding of the kind of life you could embrace abroad—and why you’d want to.

Trust Your Instinct When You're Moving Overseas

Trust Your Instinct When You’re Moving Overseas

You can study all the collected data, analyze real estate statistics, crunch the cost-of-living numbers, study weather patterns and more…but nothing surpasses your gut instinct when it comes to choosing a place to live. And believe me, your gut can change—especially as you get older.


With U.S. Property So Cheap, Why Buy Overseas?

I just received an email from an International Living subscriber asking a question that is becoming more and more common in my inbox. To paraphrase: “With the price of real estate so low in the U.S. right now, why would anyone move abroad?” Fair question. And if your only reason for considering a move abroad is to find inexpensively priced property, the answer is obvious…you really don’t need to.

Trust Your Instinct When You're Moving Overseas

Trust Your Instinct When You’re Moving Overseas

You can study all the collected data, analyze real estate statistics, crunch the cost-of-living numbers, study weather patterns and more…but nothing surpasses your gut instinct when it comes to choosing a place to live. And believe me, your gut can change—especially as you get older.

Uruguay: A Tiny Country with Big Potential for Expats

Uruguay: A Tiny Country with Big Potential for Expats

David has a story to tell about his new home, Uruguay. And tell it he did, today at the International Living Fast-Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference. You see, Uruguay is a tiny country… with big potential for aspiring expats. It has a growing middle class. An inclusive and optimistic culture. An expanding economy. “It kind of feels like the United States in the 1950s,” says David.

Why We Moved Overseas from the US

Why We Moved Overseas

My wife, Suzan Haskins, and I have lived abroad for nearly 12 years now, in seven different locations in four different countries. And at some point during each of those years, in each of those locations, we’ve asked ourselves, “Is it time to go back to the States?” We’ve said “no” every time…but not for the reasons you might think. We didn’t leave the States because we hated it. We love the U.S. and all the family and friends we have there.

Expand Your Horizons Overseas

Expand Your Horizons Overseas

When attendees at our Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada learn that they do have a choice…that they can live happier, healthier, more adventurous lives on a fraction of what they’re paying now just to barely scrape by… I can literally see their heads swim.


You Really Can Enjoy a Lower Cost of Living When You Move Overseas

An affordable lifestyle was definitely one of the reasons why my wife, Suzan Haskins, and I became expats more than a decade ago. The opportunity to halve our cost of living and still get better weather, healthier food, lower-cost medical care, and a truly relaxed, “off the treadmill” pace of life was one we couldn’t pass up.

Exit Strategy Save Big When You Leave From A “No-Tax State”

Exit Strategy: Save Big When You Leave from a “No-Tax State”

Many people are surprised to learn that one of their biggest tax-planning decisions when it comes to living overseas has to do with where they live before they go. It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of tax planning. Put simply, there are states that are “no-income tax” states. If you move overseas from one of these, then you’ll pay no state income tax.

International Living magazine

Your May Issue of International Living—Five Top Stories

“This is frontier country… You won’t find much here. Starbucks hasn’t made it, and there’s no Home Depot. But you will find an open door to immediate residency in Panama,” writes IL Offshore expert, Bob Bauman, in your May issue of International Living magazine. Bob explores an opportunity in Panama’s Darien province and reveals the ideal visa if you want to live in Panama, but don’t qualify as a retiree, or you want to avoid the process needed for an investor’s visa.

What We Want is a Better Quality of Life Overseas

What We Want is a Better Quality of Life Overseas

Thinking about retirement, we usually focus on money. Are we saving enough? With the cost of living ticking up and interest rates near zero, it’s a reasonable question. But preoccupied with funds, we often forget to reflect on why we save to begin with. What we’re really after, I’d venture, is an enjoyable, meaningful, comfortable lifestyle. We save, ultimately, so we have greater control over how we live. But at home today, it often feels like we have less control…and fewer options.


Live Better For Less Overseas

The idea of living better for less overseas has been around for a long time. So long, in fact, that there are a surprising number of people doing it right now. As a constant participant in International Living’s events, I notice this surprise on the faces of attendees every time we do a seminar or conference.


Safety, Prosperity, Freedom – Welcome to Your New Home

When it comes to living the expat life, there is only one candidate that deserves your vote: You. As your own commander in chief, you can live wherever you like and by your own set of rules. I’m Suzan Haskins and I’m writing to you this week from Cancun, Mexico, and the International Living Ultimate Event 2012.

Last Chance to Listen...

Last Chance to Listen…

“This is my first time,” a pretty lady named Jos confided to me. She lives in a beautiful home overlooking the ocean on Australia’s western coast. “I love my home and I have no complaints with my life there,” she said. “But my husband has been working and living in Vanuatu (a gorgeous South Pacific island) for five years…and he has wanderlust.

Move Overseas: How to Fast Track Your Plans

Move Overseas: How to Fast Track Your Plans

Where in the world shall we go today? If you’ve been dreaming of Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, or the Dominican Republic (wow!), come on—let’s go. I’d like to take you on a whirlwind tour of these countries. With only the best, most knowledgeable (and most entertaining) guides, of course. I’m Suzan Haskins, reporting to you from International Living’s Ultimate Event, going on now in Cancun.

What Life Overseas Really Looks Like

What Life Overseas Really Looks Like

Skeptics inquire: Are the opportunities overseas really as great as we at IL portray them to be? The short answer is “yes.” But don’t take my word for it… Listen, instead, to the many firsthand stories we’ve collected in the current issue of International Living magazine—on-the-ground reports from folks who decided to answer the question for themselves…at the beach…in the hills…in cities…or on islands…


How to Get Free Room and Board Overseas

You can volunteer at an organic farm next to the Podacarpus National Park in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, or on an apple orchard and organic bakery in Mendoza, Argentina. Help make goat cheese on an Irish farm near Ballyvaughan, County Clare in Ireland, learn about wine making on a vineyard in Italy’s Piemonte district while staying in a village house with a view of the Alps…


Enjoy Freedom, Opportunity, and Adventure When You Move Overseas

Five years into my expat life, I look forward to downsizing. In fact, I recently bought a small, manageable, lock-and-leave property in Guanajuato, in the Colonial Highlands. It’s a far cry from what I thought I wanted when I first moved to Mexico… Then, I’d wanted a good-sized house, instead of an apartment as I’d had in the U.S.


The Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Retiring Overseas

When my wife, Suzan Haskins, and I moved overseas in 2001, we had no idea how much we didn’t know about living abroad. But we learned quickly. I still remember trying to figure out the nuts and bolts of Spanish hardware…literally.

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