The Best Market for 100% Gains

“Chinese stocks have the potential to deliver triple-digit returns within 24 months,” I explained in a recent CNBC interview. That was a bold thing to say on camera… but I believe it’s absolutely possible… In fact, twice in the last decade, Chinese stocks have soared by triple digits within two years. When China goes up, it can soar… In China’s 2006-2007 bull market, Chinese stocks soared by 500%. It soared by more than 100% in its 2009 bull market as well. Importantly, Chinese stocks today are just as cheap as they were when they started their last two triple-digit runs in 2006 and 2009. They are hated, too… Investors have been avoiding them for the last year. Meanwhile, Chinese stocks are now in a definite uptrend. This is the ideal setup for big gains… So how can you trade it?


How to Buy Foreign Real Estate with Your IRA Funds

Contrary to what your broker, banker, or financial advisor has probably told you, you can own just about anything in your retirement account—not just the products they choose to pitch at you (generally stocks and bonds). You can own all sorts of investments within your Individual Retirement Account (IRA)—and 401(k), too, for that matter—including foreign real estate. Most IRA custodians have a list of approved investments that they won’t deviate from. I do understand why they keep options so limited: They must endure grueling audits. If they do anything wrong, they can be fined or shut down by regulators. It’s just easier to say “no” to anything even slightly off the beaten track.


Capitalize on the Falling Price of Oil

Oil prices have fallen hard this year. The same thing happened in the first half of last year due to soaring production. The reasons for the decline in price are fourfold. Last year, U.S. production rose to its highest levels since the 1990s. Furthermore, OPEC saw its production leap to a nearly two-year high in September, averaging 30.96 million bpd (barrels per day). Meanwhile, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has cut its global oil growth forecasts for 2015 as a result of second quarter consumption sliding to a 2.5-year low.

Putting Your Assets Offshore, “No Longer Just for the Super-Wealthy”

I walked into the main Credit Suisse branch in Chicago and told the doorman I wanted to open a Swiss bank account. I was led to a private office overlooking the Chicago skyline. Was asked for my minimum deposit. Being just 31 at the time, I played it conservative and started with just $2,000 (about $4,300 in today’s dollars).

To Drink or not to Drink…

To Drink or not to Drink…

Sales for the 1,000 most sought after single-malt scotches have risen around 175% since 2008. That’s based on auction figures compiled by Scottish company, Whisky Highland, which track the market. In 2013, some 20,211 bottles were sold at auction, up from 5,431 in 2010.


Transylvania Bites Back

Romania acceded to the European Union back in 2007… just in time for the global financial crisis to bite it in the neck. GDP growth, which at a robust 6% to 7% during the previous few years had been among the highest on the continent, promptly collapsed. The economy contracted by a whopping 6.5% in 2009 and remained in the red the following year. It’s been in a state of tentative recovery ever since.


Escape from America Made More Difficult

Benjamin Franklin—one of the most astute and beloved of America’s Founding Fathers—once observed: “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” Whether the people of the United States have remained true to the intent of America’s Founding Fathers is certainly open to question. Since the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, Americans have been subjected to the questionable Patriot Act, massive government NSA surveillance, and a flood of restrictive and questionable laws that curb liberties.

China’s Appetite for Foreign Food

China is changing. That much we all know. And in the last few years a major shift has been in people’s diet. Spurred on by improved incomes, the growing Chinese middle class has developed a hunger for western-style foods—that means more meat and dairy.

Avoid These 5 Property Pitfalls Overseas

Most folks think that finding a property overseas that fits their tastes and budget is tough. In fact, it’s much easier than they think. There’s plenty of opportunity out there when you know where to look, even when you’re on a tight budget.

Don’t Take Your Right to Privacy for Granted

With the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) revealed as global master snoops, potentially spying on every phone call, email, and computer, perhaps you have given up on protecting your personal and financial privacy. Or maybe you are one of the millions who thoughtlessly bear all for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. (Don’t!)

Yes, You Can Buy Real Estate Overseas with Your IRA

Many Americans of or near retirement age count their IRA as their greatest source of wealth. But despite contributing as regularly as they possibly can and watching their nest egg grow, many of those same people are at a loss when it comes to deciding how to make that investment grow further.

Why these Metals Might Beat Gold

When it comes to hedging against dollar debasement, few things have performed better than gold. Holding some physical gold might just qualify as the very definition of “preparing for the worst.” But even though the historical case for gold is strong, the raw supply/demand case for platinum and palladium might be even stronger.

Protect Your Assets With an Offshore Trust

Protect Your Assets With an Offshore Trust

One of the best ways to minimize the “what-ifs” and the worry that goes with them is with a trust. With an inventory of your possessions, a few hours’ planning, and the help of a good attorney, anyone with wealth and assets can create one and they are among the most fool-proof, ironclad legal entities known to man.

Myths about Emerging Markets

Myths about Emerging Markets

Many emerging markets are actually in much better physical shape than the United States. So for instance, while people think of countries like Indonesia as being highly risky from a fiscal standpoint, Indonesia is actually on much sounder financial footing than the U.S.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s Stunning New Tax Advantages

Puerto Rico’s Stunning New Tax Advantages U.S. citizens and permanent residents have only limited opportunities for going abroad to reduce their taxes.

Give Me One Good Reason Why You Don’t Have a Second Passport - See more at:

Give Me One Good Reason Why You Don’t Have a Second Passport

If you don’t hold a second passport yet, what’s stopping you? When you hold a second passport, a world of opportunities opens up to help you protect your finances, safeguard your privacy, and to grow your financial nest egg free from high taxes.


What Asia’s Rising Middle Class Means for Noodles

Asia is vast and diverse but a few things unite it, one of which is a love of noodles. Every day from Beijing to Bangkok billions of noodles are sucked up and scoffed by everyone from lunching laborers to office workers in a hurry. And for the biggest producers times have been good.


How to Create a Shield for Your Assets with an Offshore Trust

In the United States, Suze Orman is a popular financial guru on public television. Typical of her advice: “A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life.” One of the best ways to minimize the “what-ifs” and the worry that goes with them is with a trust.

Get into Emerging Markets This Year

If you want to increase your future returns while reducing your risk, you should add some emerging-market stocks to your portfolio. It may surprise you that adding riskier, emerging-market assets to a portfolio will reduce overall risk, but it shouldn’t. These markets do not move in lockstep with the U.S. market, which hit a series of all-time highs in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Costa Rica

Can You Claim These Deductions and Credits for Americans Overseas?

When it comes to figuring out U.S. taxes, there’s no one I trust more than Nick Hodges. That’s why, whenever I have a question about anything tax-related that you need to know about, I turn to him for a clear, concise, easy-to-understand explanation. His credentials are impressive—he has more professional qualifications than you can shake a stick at: CPA/PFS, MBA, and CFP.


Are You Eligible for These Two Massive Tax Breaks?

We all look for ways to minimize our U.S. tax bill and to maximize our freedom abroad. We all desire to simplify our tax and reporting responsibilities. We want to think less about taxes…and enjoy more of our international experience. The good news is, if you approach your taxes in the right way, you can save yourself from the stresses of Tax Day every year…free up thousands of dollars that you’re legally entitled to that might otherwise go to the IRS…and avoid unnecessary and costly non-disclosure penalties.


Save Thousands of Dollars by Decoding These Tax Terms (We’ll Show You How)

As a wise man once said, “Forewarned is forearmed”…and that’s never truer than when it comes to taxes. Informing yourself of all the IRS regulations is a sensible idea—and could save you thousands of dollars. While it’s important for every American citizen to understand the phraseology of the regulations, if you’re thinking of living, working, or investing abroad, it’s even more important.

dollars going global

The Real Reason Governments Are Killing Financial Privacy

At a G-20 meeting held in September, central bankers, finance ministers, and an assortment of other central planners touted what they hoped would be a new “global standard” of the automatic sharing of financial information. The U.S. has taken the lead with the odious FATCA law…


How to Check if Your Second Passport is Legal

Big-spending, deep-in-debt governments everywhere are looking for money. So national tax collectors have dusted off variations on an old scheme they hope will attract foreigners and bring in cash. It’s called “economic citizenship”—better described as “passports for sale.”


6 Reasons Why You Need a Second Passport

If you believe that spreading your political risk beyond one jurisdiction is the single most important thing you can do today, then obtaining a second passport and citizenship in another country is a critical part in achieving your goal. This is because it’s a fundamental step toward minimizing the political risk of being subjected to the whims of any single government. The political diversification benefits that come with obtaining a second passport are universal and prudent for anyone in the world to obtain…

Save on taxes

3 Best Tax Tips to Save You Money

Your dreams of living abroad are taking shape. You’ve traveled enough to know that you are comfortable with other cultures and exotic locations. You even have a few places that you know you want to return to. You are talking with expats and reading everything you can get your eyes on. You want to make sure that your dream turns out just how you envision it.

Asset protection

Use This Celebrity Secret to Protect Your Assets

Are you ready to move your assets offshore? If yes, you’d better hurry—otherwise someone else might beat you to it. Recently, British serial entrepreneur Richard Branson admitted that he has been living as a de-facto tax exile in the British Virgin Islands for the last seven years. Although he denies tax considerations as a motivation for the move to his private island, Necker (he says it’s for his health), he recently sold his British residence to his kids and declared himself a non-resident.

U.S. citizens have discovered little-known financial secrets that allow them to live life on their own terms. © Nomad_Soul -

Is This Even Legal? Absolutely…

Throughout history it is not surprising that wealthy people increase their wealth because they can profit from secrets that are kept from most ordinary people. They make more money…keep more money…and simply enjoy a higher standard of living than the others.

Swiss insurance offers the best form of asset protection in the world. © JackF -

The Strongest, Safest Asset You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…

While Swiss banking often gets the spotlight (for reasons both bad and good), its other financial institutions and insurance companies offer a broad range of services that, in some cases, approach the flexibility of a bank account. In the entire history of Swiss insurers, no life insurance company ever has failed to meet its obligations or been forced to close its doors.


Where To Go When Private Banks Won’t Take U.S. Clients

Those of us who are sensitive to tax, financial, and regulatory events, both in the U.S. and offshore, see some disturbing developments toward currency and other financial controls. Taken together, these developments may well signal evacuating before exits are blocked.

There are a number of steps we can take to maintain some level of privacy in a non-private world. © Mikael Damkier -

Take These 3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Privacy

By now, it’s old news that the American National Security Agency (NSA) is stealing, storing and searching nearly every email you send, every website you surf, and every telephone conversation you have. Revelations about a massive program of clandestine data collection in collaboration with Internet and email service providers have come thick and fast.

Citizenship Up For Sale

Citizenship Up For Sale

The Maltese government had planned to sell citizenship to foreign investors, as part of an Individual Investor Programme. The fact that the government have had to postpone these plans highlights the risks of a program like this and the fact that many of these programs have not stood the test of time. However, the idea of “selling” a passport is not a new concept. Many countries have implemented a similar program to attract foreign investors.

Forbes has described Nicaragua's Pacific coast as “simply stunning.”

Buy on the World’s Last Great Frontier

In Nicaragua, you’ll find some of the most dramatically beautiful Pacific coastline…anywhere. And in one development I’ve visited, there are five beaches, 2,700 acres and more than two miles of coast.All of those beaches have their own unique character and appeal. Each has different colored sands: white, tan and even pink. Some have flat waters for swimming or waves for surfing.

Despite its growing popularity, there are still real estate opportunities on Mexico‘s Caribbean coast.

A Mexican Riviera Home That Pays For Itself

You’ll find one of the most stunning areas on my beat on the southern edge of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Its white-sand beaches, ancient ruins, white-bottomed lagoons, nature preserves, caves and cenotes (underwater caves) make it stand out—so much so that vacationers and expats are increasingly flocking here. But despite its growing popularity, there is still a window of opportunity on Mexico’s Caribbean coast.

If you can prove that a parent or a grandparent was an Irish citizen, you too can obtain an Irish passport.

Are You Among the 23% Entitled to a Second Passport?

By now, you know that I advocate acquiring dual citizenship. Dual, even multiple citizenship, for Americans has been upheld as a legal right by the U.S. Supreme Court in several cases. A second passport is solid insurance against tyrannical government. And although Switzerland has been smeared as a haven for tax dodging and money laundering, of all passports, the Swiss is one of the best. It offers visa-free travel to many countries. However, acquiring Swiss citizenship is difficult, usually requiring years of residence to qualify, and even then may be subject to local canton approval.

What You Need To Know About The World’s Newest Digital Currency

What You Need to Know about the World’s Newest Digital Currency

You have likely heard about the digital currency Bitcoins. Favored by folks who prefer not to have governments controlling their currency or keeping tabs on how they spend it, Bitcoins made the news in recent times when U.S. government officials seized several million of them taking down the illicit drug-trading website,

Tax planning can help you save money and avoid hassle. © Givaga -

3 Tax Tips That Could Save You Thousands in 2014

You’re considering an international lifestyle. You have a shortlist of overseas havens and you’ve set the date next year when you’re going to make the move. Along with your other research, thorough tax planning can help you save money and avoid hassle. Here are the three things I always talk through with prospective expats…

In countries like Mexico, you can buy real estate with your IRA.

An Unusual 32-year-old Way to Buy Real Estate Overseas

If, like many Americans, your greatest source of personal wealth is in your IRA, you may be wondering how to best utilize that investment to safeguard it and watch it grow. You’re not alone. Concerns about the stability of the U.S. dollar have generated a greater interest in all manner of offshore investments—foreign real estate in particular.

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