Microbrewing Yields Lifestyle Dividends

People are brewing small quantities of beer in garages all across America….but some of them have taken that passion for “home brewing” overseas and turned it into a livelihood. It seems the whole world is waking up to the higher quality of craft beers, and the market for them is growing. If you’ve been in a bar recently you know about the thirst for craft beers


Create a Good Living Working with Horses

Imagine if work involved saddling up and taking to the trail instead of being stuck in morning traffic, heading into the office. You don’t need to have a lot of money to work with horses overseas. If fact you don’t need to own much land or spend a fortune buying horses to set up your own business.


Break Free from the “Job for Life” Mentality

Chances are, you were not brought up to think you could explore countless possibilities. Most of us who arrived after World War II were counseled to follow a narrow path in life.

Turning Expat Experiences Into Travel Cash In Thailand

Turning Expat Experiences into Travel Cash in Thailand

In 2009 the financial crisis swallowed my California business and my home. After I paid off my employees I was left with only a Social-Security check. Where could I live comfortably on $1,240 a month while I rebuilt my fortunes? I did some research and decided on Thailand. Peaceful, warm, beautiful, prosperous, and welcoming to retirees, it offered me the best balance of lifestyle and affordability. I packed my belongings into duffel bags and bought a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand.


I Escaped to Paris, Thanks to This Earn-Anywhere Income

Last week, I had one of those moments when I realized how fortunate I am to have the life and career that I do. I am a freelance copywriter living Paris, which means that not only do I live in one the most beautiful cities in the world, I have the flexibility to actually enjoy it and my life here.


Travel More, Work Less – Here’s How

I guess you could call me a maverick English teacher. You see, for the last 10 years I’ve traveled and lived in many exotic destinations around the world, including Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Czech Republic, France and Spain. All this was achieved just by using the power of my words. You might be wondering what I’m talking about. How can it be possible to just use the power of your words to travel the world?


Need to Fund Your Overseas Adventure? Try This…

The early morning sky is cluttered with color. The large crowd that woke up as early as 5.00 a.m. to be here oohs and aahs in unison as yet another balloon inflates and calmly lifts off the ground. There must be nearly 30 of them up in the skies of north-central Mexico by now and many more to take off.


There’s No Such Thing as a Dream Job? Try This…

Most people have to work for a living. And only a fortunate few get out of bed each day excited to go to the office. It’s sad how many Americans are unhappy with their job. In fact, I used to be one of them. Then everything changed in one day. Thanks to America’s Great Recession, I was called into HR and terminated. Immediately. “Stop what you’re doing and pack your things,” I was told.


4 Ways Your Skills Could Pay…

Almost every business now has—or wants to have—a lively and informative website. Making a website is much simpler now than it was in the early days of the Internet. The process has improved so much that, these days, just about any business can afford one… And that’s why there’s a great (and growing) opportunity for you if you’re good with words.


Earning a Living in Jamaica and St. Lucia

Shern Darcheville has a pretty nice deal. He splits his time between his Caribbean homes in tropical Jamaica and St. Lucia. But Shern isn’t some independently wealthy millionaire. He has a job just like the rest of us. It’s just that in Shern’s line of work, you’re not tied down to any one place. He can clock in from wherever he likes.

How to Pay for a Life Overseas...

How to Pay for a Life Overseas…

One business opportunity led to another, and today his success overseas means that Kevin enjoys the flexibility to live in a place he loves (the weather is spring-like year-round) and spend four months every year traveling. He is just one of many expats who has found that opportunity knocks loudest when your boots are on the ground abroad.

Entrepreneurs Overseas - International Living - Since 1979

Entrepreneurs Overseas

Many retirees fund their lives overseas through savings, Social Security, and pensions. But those aren’t your only options. In this golden age of the portable career, we know readers cashing in with freelance work from every corner of the planet. But earning from a laptop doesn’t suit everybody. And that’s just fine. Because many expats report that—once you have boots on the ground in a new place—it’s easy to spot money-making opportunities.

IL Readers Get Paid to Teach English Overseas

IL Readers Get Paid to Teach English Overseas

Nine years ago I threw in the towel on a 25-year business career and a six-figure income to go in search of adventure. My life changed forever on September 11, 2001. Friends and business associates died that day. They hadn’t needed more money—they needed more time. Suddenly the savings I was working to accumulate for retirement didn’t seem so important.


A House Full Of Globetrotting Freelancers

Last year, I made the decision to move from Thailand to the fast-growing beach town of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. I knew moving to Sihanoukville wouldn’t be a problem for me or my career. That’s because I’m a freelance copywriter…and when you’re a freelance copywriter, it makes no difference where you live or work.


Make Money Overseas With the Skills You Already Have

The number of different ways you can work and earn overseas is expanding rapidly for one reason—the Internet. Online job opportunities are exploding and with the right know-how, anyone can plug into them and start earning money using the skills they already have. Unfortunately, many people, especially those of the “Baby Boomer” generation, will let this opportunity slip past them…


The World’s Best Office…

What’s the best job in the world for income-minded world travelers? In my opinion, there’s no doubt…it’s freelance copywriting. Copywriters can work from almost anywhere in the world. If you’ve got a laptop and an Internet connection you’re good to go. What’s more, you set your own hours.

Speak English? Get Paid!

Speak English? Get Paid!

The instant I saw the ad I knew I was set for a life of adventure. But I never imagined just how far my native language could take me: All the way from leafing through the classifieds section of The Globe & Mail, in Toronto, Canada, to a new life in exotic Hong Kong. In between I picked up teaching posts in Istanbul, Turkey and Seoul, Korea. Both were incredible experiences.

How Much Can You Make Freelancing?

How Much Can You Make Freelancing?

We live in an emerging, international economy…one based on knowledge, information, and skills. One where employers are no longer interested in giving you a nice air-conditioned office, administrative help, free coffee and lavish benefits. Here’s the silver lining: One segment of the workforce has seen an explosion in growth: Freelancing.


Rent in Cambodia: Live in a Mansion for $100 a Month

the best thing about being a copywriter is that it allows me to enjoy the type of lifestyle that I’ve always wanted. Right now, I’m living and working in Southeast Asia—in a sunny, laid-back little beach resort town called Sihanoukville in Cambodia.


How I Found The Perfect Job Overseas

Ever since my first extended trip overseas back when I was a student, I dreamed of landing the “perfect” overseas job. I craved new experiences in faraway lands. And I was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen. At first, it didn’t matter what the job was. As long as it gave me a chance to support myself while living in a world-class overseas destination, I was in.

Morocco’s Real-Life "Magic Carpets"

Morocco’s Real-Life “Magic Carpets”

Carol Romano owns an online business and a store in Mexico’s San Miguel famed for its eclectic vibe and its unusual, one-of-a-kind merchandise. But the story of how she came to own her own business started a decade earlier…with a trip to Morocco.


The Fun Way to Turn $800 into $8,000

Not everything is yet labeled “Made in China.” Throughout the world, artisans still produce handcrafted objects of desire that carry serious mark-ups when resold in North America and Europe. And if you like something, chances are other people will like it too.

Fund Your Life Overseas Secrets

Fund Your Life Overseas Secrets

What do a sushi chef in Memphis… a flower-petal merchant in Bali… and a Chilean goucho have in common? Nothing, really… except that each prompted an idea a traveler like you turned into a paycheck. And that happens all the time, as Steenie Harvey (a frequent IL contributor) and I just explained to a group of potential expats gathered to hear about fun, easy ways they can fund their lives overseas.

Travel and Photography: How Keith Made Money Overseas From His Two Favorite Hobbies

Travel and Photography: How Keith Made Money Overseas From His Two Favorite Hobbies

For me, with my own company doing project management for large Information Technology infrastructure deployments, my job was a means to an end. I worked to earn money to travel and take photos of interesting and exotic places. But I longed for a job I could do from anywhere, which would permit me to travel as I worked.

The Man Who Followed His Dream...And Found It

The Man Who Followed His Dream…And Found It

Howard earned a good salary as an I.T. engineer, but he knew deep down that this was never his calling. Howard wanted to be a photographer. His nine-to-five was so far removed from his dream job that he thought he would never be able to make the switch. Aged 32, he decided he needed a change.


Funding a New Life and Travels in Argentina

I arrived on vacation to Buenos Aires, Argentina and was seduced into staying. You see, I figured out how to hemisphere-hop for free. This way I get two summers a year plus the snowy New England Christmas I couldn’t give up. I’m not a true expat. I’m a cheater. At first I lived off savings, and then pieced together an income from freelance writing and editing.


Why I Quit my Bank Job and Moved to Malaysia

I’d always wanted to be a writer. It was something I yearned to do for a living. I had worked in banking all my life but in 2008, aged 47, I decided that it was now or never—I would take a chance. So, I quit my job, sold my house, gave away my two cats (to a woman who adored them) and moved lock, stock and barrel with my wife to Malaysia.


How to Get Free Room and Board Overseas

You can volunteer at an organic farm next to the Podacarpus National Park in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, or on an apple orchard and organic bakery in Mendoza, Argentina. Help make goat cheese on an Irish farm near Ballyvaughan, County Clare in Ireland, learn about wine making on a vineyard in Italy’s Piemonte district while staying in a village house with a view of the Alps…


The Perfect Job on the Beach

You’ll often hear the phrase “Same Same… But Different” in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. And that phrase sums up the freelance copywriter’s lifestyle in Southeast Asia almost perfectly. Here’s why.

Five New Ways to Earn an Income Overseas

Five New Ways to Earn an Income Overseas

Many of the jobs that most of us hard-working baby boomers did for all those years have moved online. As a result, there’s a pretty good demand for simple skills like proofreading, editing, writing, working with spreadsheets… and a host of other “simple, task-oriented work assignments.” Interestingly, the range of options doesn’t stop there…

How I Fund My Life in Argentina

How I Fund My Life in Argentina

It was several hours into our 15-hour train ride on the “train of the clouds” when our fellow passengers started dropping like flies. First an elderly man…then a young woman…and then more. There was at least one medic per train car…but at the rate people were dropping, it didn’t look like they had enough oxygen masks to go around.

The Part-time Career You Can Do From Anywhere

The Part-time Career You Can Do From Anywhere

When Caroline arrived in Korea, she wasn’t sure what she would find. But she needn’t have worried—the food, the people, the culture…this “undiscovered country” was full of pleasant surprises.
Best of all, it proved to be a treasure trove for “stock photography.” Stock photos are a great way for amateur photographers to turn their pictures into cash.

An American Success Story in France

An American Success Story in France

Sally Stone was searching for superb scenery and a relaxed pace of life when she bought a small stone cottage in Brittany, on the Atlantic coast of France. At the time, Sally was working as a director in a marketing company; the Breton cottage just a part-time retreat. But a year later, in 2002, she lost her job to cost cutting and needed to find something else.

Business in Medellin, Colombia: The "City of Opportunity"

Business in Medellin, Colombia: The “City of Opportunity”

I always thought that I’d want to live on the beach in some out-of-the-way area. When the time came though, a bigger city was the place for me. Medellín in Colombia is physically beautiful. It’s the greenest city I’ve ever been to. The weather is better than any other place I’ve lived.

7 of the Best Latin American Countries to Start a Business

7 of the Best Latin American Countries to Start a Business

It might be a palapa bar on a white-sand beach, deep-sea fishing tours, a restaurant, a surf shop… Whatever your idea, there’s a place overseas where you can make it a profitable reality. But readers ask us all the time: Where is best? That’s why we’ve put together International Living’s first-ever Business Index.

Could This Be The World's Best Job?

Could This Be The World’s Best Job?

I first came to Antigua, Guatemala in 2006 to study Spanish and extended my one-month language course month-by-month for seven months. By then, I’d fallen in love with the city and lifestyle, befriended both locals and expats and felt I wanted to make this a more permanent lifestyle…so I stayed.

Spend as Much Time as You Want in Your 2 Favorite Cities

Spend as Much Time as You Want in Your 2 Favorite Cities

I’ve always loved to travel, so when I had to decide between the freedom of working for myself…and the stability of a full-time job, it was no contest—I quit. Since then, I get to travel more-or-less whenever I want. I’ve spent lots of time in Paris, France and am still based in one of my favorite cities: Dublin, Ireland. (Plus, I only work about 30 hours a week.)

The Truth About Living Overseas

The Truth About Living Overseas

I had always dreamed of moving overseas. About five years ago, while in my mid-20s, I got the guts and actually did. Now my little piece of “paradise” is smack-dab in the heart of the 17th largest city in the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How to Work Overseas at 29+

How to Work Overseas at 29+

When my wife Janina and I decided to move to Mexico from Oklahoma City, one of our biggest concerns was our finances. We moved out of our home country at the ages 29 and 30…far from retirement age. We came to Mexico with every intention of finding work.


How “Blogging” Funds Your Travels

I’m sitting in a hotel room on the stunning island of Tobago. I pull back the curtains, and sunlight floods my room—it’s a perfect day. From my window, the ocean’s blue competes with the immaculately manicured gardens for my attention.

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