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Testimonials from IL’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference 2015

Everything ran smoothly, well thought out and a great variety of offerings! Thank you! – Meghan

The entire program was excellent. – Kurt Byer

Being my first conference, it was a little overwhelming. What really helped was the emails I’ve been receiving which are quite informative. Truly worth the price of admission, great job! – Rick Zipperer 

So happy I came. – Joyce Graf

My first conference was helpful with setting expectations of what to expect. Helped me with what the next questions I should research would be. – Rick Bongiorno

Well worth the time and money to attend. See you in Panama. Thank You! – Robert Herb

Thank you so much for the conference. The information given will be extremely helpful in the plans/decisions to be made. – Linda Taylor

First class show all the way! – Pam Gemmill

A refreshing and truly memorable experience with an abundance of valuable and timely information. Thank You! – Gerry Varricchio

A wealth of information. – Maryanne Eaton

Great offers with no high pressure to buy. – Tom Emmerson

The IL editors are the real deal. IL event staff were totally professional and helpful. The exhibitors were also top notch. – Judith Gargyi

The different personalities of all the speakers they all brought something unique to the table and gave great presentations. – Tracy Rivera

So glad we went. Picked up so many valuable tips and bits of information. This definitely helps to lower the anxiety level, as we move on.  Gordy Britt

The conference far and away exceeded my expectations. As a first time attendee I had no idea what to expect. But my initial thoughts were far and away exceeded by the presenters and IL staff. The fact I signed up as a lifetime society member allowed me access to some of IL’s staff that I would not have otherwise had. A price cannot be placed on the contacts and information I gleaned at this conference as an IL lifetime society member. I cannot wait to continue my journey. – William Martin

It was my 3rd conference after Panama (1.5 yrs ago) and Quito last winter. I like to do things backwards. In fact, I do not regret anything; here I knew in which direction I was heading and I concluded (and/or signed) a number of things. Everybody I needed was there. Many of my questions have been answered and my few concerns have been addressed. In addition, I had the opportunity to open my eyes and to find out more about South-East Asia (maybe in the future I will move there, who knows). For now, I plan to move to Quito, Ecuador. – Alain Vandal

Totally overwhelmed by the volume and variety of all info, that’s great! – Alain Meunier

Great conference, I am glad that I came! – Ellen Pfeiffer

Great way to meet other members. – Curtis & Penny Higgons

Testimonials from IL’s Fast-Track Costa Rica Event

I felt that the conference was professional and well organized. I enjoyed the presenters and the attendees. Real Intercontinental Hotel was superb in every department and aspect…I would return there in a heartbeat. – Kelsey Sears

Loving the conference. Learning a ton! The speakers who live in the areas are especially beneficial in our decision making process! – Gina Hanna

Excellent. A lot of good information. – Steve Walker

Fantastic conference! Job well done by all. We especially appreciated having the opportunity to work with such highly qualified vendors. – Debi Theuret

Great Job! What IL promises they delivered. Thank You! – Steve Spicklemire

All of the staff and speakers were extremely available and we spoke to many of them during the breaks. Of the conference, we had all of our questions answered about our upcoming move to Costa Rica but more importantly, we got the answers to the questions we did not even know before our trip that needed answers. Our visit here was truly amazing. – Larry Satterberg

I liked the way it was organized and that it ran so smoothly. I really appreciated that speakers were not allowed to go over their time. – Patricia Davis

Tons of valuable info and very thought provoking on making this kind of lifestyle decision. – Richard Foss

The technical info was very useful: taxes, residency, insurance, real estate purchasing and healthcare. We appreciated the cultural and social awareness that you all promoted. “Learn Spanish” can’t be repeated too often. We liked having some of our big questions answered. The location info was not as useful simply because we’ve already done lots of research and study. – Ed McGuckin

Thank you for all the hard work you all put into making everything come together and run so smoothly! – Debi Theuret

Glad I came. Met interesting people! – Kathleen Broniak

Thank you for a great conference. It was even better than I envisioned. – Ronald Wallie

Testimonials from IL’s Ultimate Event 2015

Conference was extraordinary! Besides all the country reps, there was loads of financial expertise presented. What a bargain!! Rebecca Swenson

This was my first International Living Conference and I simply did not know what to expect. Husband joined me in attending the conference and we both agreed that the entire event totally exceeded our expectations. The speakers were genuine and very, very informative. The whole experience was totally enlightening and fun!! Felix Jackson

This was my first International Living Conference. All of the speakers and their subject matter far exceeded my expectations. Felix Jackson

Day three was packed full of useful information—practical considerations. Ruth Ransom

Another great conference. Learned more in regards to my areas of interest. Don Goff

We clarified some things we had researched, found out about some new possibilities, and got interested in some we thought we had dismissed! It may have added to our short term confusion/research, but it will be invaluable as we go forward. Jennings Wright

Until I make the final decision, there is way too much to learn, and so attending conferences provides a means to that end. Besides, it is a great way to meet new friends and renew old acquaintances. Don Goff

Overall, I was very impressed. As a college professor in the field of education, I have been to lots of conferences and it takes a lot to impress me at a conference. You all did! Linda

You guys did a great job with the conference. It was like going to Disneyland. It cost a lot but since you didnt miss a beat I sure cant complain about anything. Great publication and information source also!!  –  Mark McCoy

Program was very packed with little room for questions. However, we were able to have more detailed discussion with specific presenters/vendors during presentations we were not interested in. Lots of info in a small time.Dave Harsch

I was absolutely amazed at the level of information available there. Even the speakers were so approachable and answered any & all questions I had. The only thing I would recommend for the future, is a little more down time. This event, although my first with International Living, was not my first convention. I value the exemplary amount of information but at times seemed to be too much info. By adding some more breaks or even a day off in the middle of the convention to explore the area, I believe would be of great assistance to the processing & retention of information. Other than that I feel it was a wonderful convention. I greatly value all of the info delivered, as well as the ability to keep in touch with the speakers in the future. It was great and look forward to seeing u guys again soon. Christina de la Llaama

Very impressed with all speakers and information received. Karen Blum

I came to get information and to network with expats. I succeeded with both goals. I most enjoyed the slide presentations of the countries, about the people, language and customs. Seeing a realistic budget of living expenses helped me to know if I would be able to live in that country by myself, and primarily living off of my Social Security. Lois Nelson

I enjoyed the positive feel of the conference. Good energy. Upbeat. I enjoyed seeing through the speakers eyes. I enjoyed the “love” the expats had for their overseas homes. Their lives are an adventure. John Langley

All the reference info provided was excellent, and that we will be able to see the programs that we were not able to sit in on later. Really no complaints Kathy Hamilton

I attended two years ago, but this year my mindset was different and I learned a lot more. Thank you. Sharlyn Tollefson



Testimonials from IL’s Fast-Track Ecuador: Lifestyle and Opportunity Conference

I really appreciate all the time and effort you took to put this conference together. A great deal of information was available and I am still processing. I spoke to several of the presenters and found them all too eager to answer questions and chat. I’m looking forward to getting the copy of the Fast Track Ecuador Conference. – Adagia DiGaia

First conference I attended. A lot to comprehend but was well worth the event. I had a great time and met a lot of interesting people. Plan to go back to Ecuador in December. Thank you. – Steve McFarland

Overall, the conference met or exceeded my expectations. This is the first IL conference I have attended, and I really appreciate that all the presenters made themselves available throughout the conference for Q&A. – Brian O’Grady

Excellent mix of speakers with on-point information for those contemplating a move to Ecuador. – Kerry Foshee

Overall an excellent presentation covering a plethora of topics that are extremely helpful and mostly necessary in considering and ultimately executing a move to Ecuador. – John Irey

I loved the seminar and consequently, I love Ecuador. Well organized and very effective. Tremendous job! – David A. Lowry

I was very pleased that the conference was managed in a very professional manner with each component occurring exactly as scheduled. – Richard Nabi

Organized, informative, fun – Shawn and Libby Bailey

It’s always so interesting meeting the attendees. Rich, poor, prestigious, educated or not…thinking of moving abroad seems to be an equalizer. – Elaine Yakos-LeBron

Great Job International Living! Great Speakers and Great Conference. I have been a long time subscriber and this was my first conference. I am ready for a change as I am not happy with the US Government and what is going on in our country. – David A. Lowry

Very well done, I did enjoyed this conference and learned a lot about Ecuador and programs for relocations. Henry & Krystyna

This conference was so much more than we expected. It was a wealth of information to help us make a decision if this was something that would work for us. The speakers knowledge of their topics was very informative. Karen Nimesgern

Very happy, was above my expectations. Ross Hunt

Had a great time. Steven D McFarland



Testimonials from IL’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference 2014

The conference was an extremely well organized event. The agenda was remarkably accurate and easy to follow. Information provided was what was publicized, anticipated and valuable. A great surprise was the coffee breaks and the quality of the refreshments. I will certainly recommend this event to anyone considering living outside the US. James Goetcheus

Excellent conference, much more information than I expected! Well rounded and many areas covered that I would not have thought of on my own. Thank you! SANDY HARRIS

The Conference was a total “WOW” for me… very eye opening in so many ways! Finding a room full of around 650 very interested and engaged people says a lot about how Americans are reacting to the constant changes in what use to be the best country in the world…. Now, we Americans are seeking a more comfortable place to enjoy our lives. Thank you all soooo much for opening our eyes and enlightening us to the fact that there are other wonderful places to explore and live in in this big world! Suzanne

As a first time attendee at an International Living conference, it was all a bit overwhelming. The above speakers did an excellent job and made me think of new places to retire. I think that, once my wife and I review the materials together in 4 weeks, we will focus our efforts on where we want to visit starting in January 2015. James Reinsch

Conference was so informative and thorougly covered all the nuts & bolts of moving overseas. That’s exactly what my objective was in attending the conference. I wanted to know the good, bad, facts & ugly. Moving to another country is a major decision but IL had the facts and information we needed. Also the personnel at the conference were excellent. Thank you Renee James-Williams

We are so glad we traveled to the conference. We received valuable information! We are looking forward to your convention in Panama in 2015. Thanks for all the help. AND thanks especially for keeping the schedule ON TRACK…..much appreciated!! Kathleen Cardenas

I went into the conference with specific ideas about what I wanted to get out of it and came out the other end with masses of truly helpful information I hadn’t even considered. Being surrounded by specialists of varying sorts specializing in industries, countries, investments and other specialties was incredible helpful. I now have a rolodex of contacts to refer to in my move and feel much more prepared to take the next steps in acquiring propery abroad. Thank you IL for offering so much to so many in so many diverse areas regarding taking on assets abroad and/or just picking up and adventuring into a new and exciting life in a wonderful new locale. Sandy F

I have been attending IL conferences for several years and thoroughly enjoy each one . IL has a great team that works very hard to keep the information up to date. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing you next time. Thank you for a fun and informative three days. Ronald Howze

I was very impressed with the everyone’s professionality, helpfulness, and genuine warmth=the perfect combination! Thanks so much! Constance

My first IL conference and I was absolutely impressed! Trish Haines

You successfully presented a conference for over 500 people, with a wealth of information, and with great presenters…earning a big “JOB WELL DONE!!!” Thank you for the experience! SALLIE LAPAN

The conference was FULL, great information presented in an enjoyable fashion. The ability to interact with the presenters and other attendees put it over the top! I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and would recommend it to anyone considering living overseas. Jeraldine (Jerrye) Cole

We enjoyed the fact that there were general information sessions which we all attended and then had the more detailed breakout sessions which we chose for ourselves. Also my husband and myself have attended numerous conferences and we were delighted with the fact that everyone was very professional and there was no high pressure sales!!!!!! :) Cathy Philipow

The conference was a real eye opening reality check about how much it costs to live abroad. In some ways that was a deflating reality , but a necessary realization. I met a lot of down to earth representatives who gave me the straight story , which was refreshing. I have no criticism of the event. Phoenix Ackiss

My main reason for attending was to increase my knowledge of countries where I would like to retire. The information I gained will help me to make that decision. I had four countries in mind when I arrived. When I left, I still had four, just not the same four. Thanks for all the great info and support. Mark Hunter

This was my first IL conference and I was somewhat skeptical, not knowing what to expect, but I had high expectations. I was pleasantly surprised and my expectations were met. The networking opportunities were excellent and I feel much better prepared to head overseas after talking face-to-face with presenters and other participants at the conference and getting my questions answered and being better informed about what to expect. Jim Rankin

Testimonials from IL’s Fund Your Life Overseas Conference 2014

So glad I came to this conference, it was my first one with IL & it was thrilling to be among others who had the same mind set! Fantastic info. & ideas, wonderful people. Opened my eyes to so many exciting possibilities. It has definitely helped to empower me, and to set goals that will move me towards my future destinations! Karen Leyva

I thought everyone did an amazing job. Also considering most are not professional speakers. They speak from their passions and from experience not polished prose. I enjoyed that aspect. Tony Camacho

I won’t be much good at this…I was enthralled from the first word and stayed that way all through the conference! Some speakers presented material I felt was less relevant to my wife’s and my situation, circumstances, and desires, but I can’t discredit them if it wasn’t “for us”. All in all, I’d say I would need to attend quite a few more of these conferences to make a valid comparison.  Truthfully, I have never attended a better prepared and/or presented conference in my life…and I have been called (by friends) a “Consumate Conferencee”…even as a clergyman of almost 40 years. I am happy to give my “KUDOS” to all those involved for making this conference worth more than the price paid! – SRSSteven Seagraves

Each speaker was informative an prompt. The conference was well organized and very informative. I would recommend anyone thinking of moving part time or full time overseas to attend one early in their planing stage.John OBrien

This conference was excellent! It was well planned and executed. I truly appreciate the casual yet professional climate of the conference. I am thankful that you really attended to the schedule and were timely with regards to every aspect of the conference. The networking and breaks were very fluid and supplemented with great snacks and beverages. Everyone who was a presenter or part of the implementation of the conference was so incredibly upbeat and friendly with nothing short of enthusiasm towards helping others to explore opportunities for alternative incomes or alternative places to live. Your positive outlooks, testimonies and support to the attendees made it easy for anyone there to become inspired to make some positive ventures and changes in their lives. Thank you for the two and a half days! Cindy Shepard Mady

The speakers were informative and encouraging. I found the sessions thought-provoking and valuable to anyone considering a move overseas. Mary Beth Craddock

I am travelling to Ecuador in January, 2015, and after attending the conference I believe I have made the right decision to test the waters and have an adventure.. Marlene Neher

Thank you!! Sometimes many things come together in a way that it seems like magic. Thank you for giving me a clearly road map to guide me in order to make my dream of living internationally a reality. Barbara Winter is a gem and it is good that she spoke several times. Finally, it was a good idea that all of the presenters had time before the large group. Whoever thought of that–good job. Celia Sanchez

The information we were presented with was what I needed to make some important decisions in my life. I have been researching this retirement possibility for over a year now, and this conference filled in some of the missing ‘puzzle pieces’. My main focus was to discover how it would all come together from a Canadian perspective. There are different things to consider. Overall, I did get many of my questions answered satisfactorily enough to plan my retirement overseas. I have already started the research I require to go forward and make this a reality! Rebecca Turner

I enjoyed getting so much information in such a short time. There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about it. Shari Jensen

The networking! Face to face time is the reason I attend these events. True, buying the home conference kit is more affordable. But you also don’t meet any presenters or fellow attendees directly, nor will they ever remember who you are. As a result of attending the Phoenix event, my Sphere of Influence expanded exponentially. And since we are who we associate with, my personal and professional station in life just went up a few notches..Michael Hicks

All the new ideas, and all the possibilities. I have been kind of trapped in a “too long” career change for the last roughly 12 years, and all the options were very refreshing to hear. I also very much appreciated the attitude about being self-employed. I was self-employed for about 25 years as an attorney, and as Barbara said, I had a great boss. Since then, not so much. I really want to work for myself for about 10 more years. So the speakers were a great encouragement. And I will follow up by taking some courses, probably from Winton, Kary and Jen. Gordon Peterson

Thank you for the presentations with so much out of the box concepts and instruction!! David Bauer

Testimonials from IL’s Real Estate Investment Forum 2014

I found the Conferences and the Seminars very useful and informative. The organization was nearly perfect, and the location superb. The snacks and refreshments too. All in all a great experience, which I am looking forward to enjoy again in February 2015 in Ecuador! Damiano Lafranchi

This was my second conference, and once again, I was impressed by everything—the speakers know their stuff, and pack a lot of information in their time slot—they get to the point with facts and lighten the day with personal experiences. It can be “information overload” but I wouldn’t want it any other way! The only item that caught my attention was perhaps more speakers from Europe [like in Toronto four years ago], but I understand that you need to reflect/represent what is happening where—now. So I appreciate the efforts in gathering the excellent opportunities that are available as you see it now. Great job! looking forward to the next time….. Vicki

Cancun was a fabulous location…The hotel was wonderful! The speakers were very educational! All in All, it was a great forum! I enjoyed meeting so many people from all over the world. Thank you! Suzanne Robinson

I came to Cancun knowing what info I was looking for and now have even more new and exciting information to act upon. The Brazil property is such a great opportunity if it all plays out as it should. With Daniel’s experience and Ronan’s backing the odds seem in our favor. I also love Beth’s addition to the conference getting the most from one’s investment. Of course all other information was such a boon as well… thank you to all the speakers! Sandy

Always a treasure trove of information and possibilities! Thanks for an outstanding event. Donna Hall

Great Forum. I enjoyed it all… and learned so much! I am now ready to go “boots on the ground” and check out the properties in person. Thank you so much for providing so much first hand knowledge… you have opened many doors and make it much easier to venture out and explore! Suzanne Robinson

I believe this was an excellent forum to initiate new relationships and learn more about what is available in the world for quality investing. Don Spencer

This was my first IL forum and was very pleased with the schedule, content, and social times. Nancy Brownell

The conference was above and beyond for me Michael Park

This is the first IL event I have attended and more than anything else, I was impressed with the competence, sincerity, and practical perspectives of Margaret and Ronan. I have been reading their missives for a couple years and while one must follow their advice about doing one’s own due diligence, I highly recommend anyone considering the pursuit of international real estate to attend one of their events … it transformed them in my mind from interesting and informative writers to expert resources that I absolutely trust. The only thing I can think of in regards to what I liked least is the relative inaccessibiliy of Ronan and Margaret during breaks, receptions, etc. They were usually dominated by one or two people at such times. Jack Bernard

Conference got me motivated to purchase international properties. Have been thinking about it for years but have not taken action. Hope to purchase 3 or 4 properties in the next year Jens Brynteson

This is the second IL conference I’ve attended. I’ve enjoyed both and overall am pleased with the quality of the content and speakers. Troy Mills



Testimonials from IL’s Fast Track Costa Rica Conference 2014

Sessions were well paced packed with valuable information. Presenters made themselves available for follow-up questions and were kind,considerate and patient with attendees questions.– Bill Miller

I’m glad that I attended to this conference because all of the information was helpful and interesting information that will help us out a lot for our moving next year in Costa Rica. Also, I met quite a few of nice people and exchanged our contact information. Keep up the good works, guys and esta la juego!!– Cynthia Nguyen

Dr Calderon – Best Presentation of Conference, gave me absolute confidence in medical care here in Costa Rica– Jack Balcom

In fact it exceeded them. Having developed and managed corporate training depts. and designing training programs I tend to be more critical than many. The planning and execution, the breadth and specificity of the information, and the common sense recommendations were exceptional for a conference of this kind. I further appreciated that though many of the presenters were there to “sell” their wares, none were high pressure presentations and all seemed genuine in encouraging the attendees to do their homework and set their personal priorities.You did an extraordinary job and I appreciated how approachable and personal all the presenters and participants were. Thank you for a fun and educational experience.Nan Peele

The presentations on Costa Rica was very informative and valuable. The presenters spoke clearly and were very engaging at all times.Overall, we are very pleased with the Fast Track Costa Rica Conference. It was highly informative and valuable. No time to fall asleep. Lots of lovely treats at lunch time and during the coffee breaks. Fantastic opportunities to network with like-minded folks.– Coleen & Larry Power

Paul & Gloria were my favorites – so passionate and informative! Fun to listen to them on ANY topic.– Virginia Simpson

First conference attended and I enjoyed it all ! Loads of valuable information and networking gained and available.– Laurie Roberts

The conference more than met my expectations. I may not move here but I feel with the conference combined with an extra few days, I have learned a lot about Costa Rica.– Mae Kidd

I loved the networking time and breaks. The VIP dinner was also wonderful event.– Charles

Nice people. Good event. Enjoyed it a lot.– Virginia Simpson

Testimonials from IL’s Ultimate Event 2014

The International Living conference was packed full of valuable information. We are more than happy, we feel the conference changed our lives and gave us new focus and excitement about the next stage of our life: living outside of the United States! – Jeanie Brachear

Every speaker was well prepared and held my attention through the entire presentation. I was completely blown away at how everyday was full of information and time seamed to just fly by. – Jim Dunn

As a first timer, I was curious about how much information I was really gonna get by attending the conference. Wow! I was delighted and satisfied by the speakers on the very first day and it just kept getting better. They were well versed in their respective subject, imparted the information quickly and clearly, and invited us to chat with them personally. It was like we were sitting in my living room conversing about I was interested in specifically. At home, it would have taken me months of research, but I would have missed areas I didn’t think I was interested in, and I wouldn’t have thought of all the questions they answered. I’m glad I went! – Catalina Finnell

The conference was well organized, and it was easy to quickly become oriented relative to the resources that IL made available. Perhaps my biggest difficulty was deciding which workshops I wanted to attend when several overlapped. This difficulty was eased considerably by knowing that IL will be providing attendees with recordings and slide decks from the sessions, so I knew I would be able to enjoy at a later date any I missed, as well as revisit those that I attended. – Evan Peter Ehrlich

I learned a lot, had many questions answered and identified more questions that I need to explore. Thanks to IL and this event, my wife and I are further along our path to new, great adventures. – Evan Peter Ehrlich

This was a top notch conference. I was surprised how professional the speakers were and the information that was given. My questions were answered again and again. You did a fantastic job. – Kay Omer

Overall, I think everyone did a top notch job. The conference opened my mind to destinations that I hadn’t previously considered and then forced me to assess myself and what I am looking for to narrow my choices. – Patricia Brightwell

It was a great conference. Gave me a lot of insight to living over seas and things to look for. Even added a country to my list. Wade Schwan

You exceeded my expectations! So happy I attended. Wish my husband could have joined me. The Lyman’s were excellent . – Lynda Opiela

The conference exceeded our expectations and potentially saved us considerable loss of pension income (many thanks to Doug Hendler!!) – Jan Streeton

I was impressed by the professionalism of the conference and overall with the speakers. All presentations started on time, which is an above average performance as I have attended dozens of professional conferences over the years. While there was some selling and cross-selling as expected, it was not overwhelming. – Eric Villette

I was impressed with everything. Very well organized. Thank you for a very informative 4 days. – Cleo Haimerl

Over all I really enjoyed and learned so much from this conference and hope to attend another soon. – Cynthia Harington

Editor’s note: See here for more information on IL’s conferences.


“IL’s 2014 Ecuador Conference Was More Than We Could Hope For”


In advance of this conference I researched Ecuador for nearly 6 months. I read too many books to name, made contact with nearly 100 expats in various locations, spoke to many professionals in the industries that support becoming an expat (relocations, VISA processors, real estate personnel, and others seeking knowledge). I also read many comments from people that were not fans of International Living, with the most often comment being all they care about is selling me something from services to real estate. My wife and I came to Quito ready to learn more and also to solidify what we had already learned and quite frankly the entire event was more than we could hope for. The event was professionally handled, exceptional in its organization and the content delivery was world class.

For the naysayers concerning International Living, I can only say they were so wrong. Did you have some people there in trade show format–of course, these events bring out many partners that want to sell their thing, service, or property, but at no time did I feel International Living staff were pushing any vendor or specific solution. I was impressed with the message of come, try it out before you make big decisions and commitments which is consistent with what I expected to hear. Our follow-up tours were outstanding and helped solidify all we were taught in the conference.

I personally want to thank Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins for an exceptional conference and International Living for hosting such an information packed conference.

–Michael R. Womer Sr.

Editor’s Note: See here for more information on IL’s conferences.

Testimonials from IL’s Fast-Track Panama Conference 2014


I was very happy with the program and all of the speakers. This was one great meeting. Sorry I don’t have any negative to say. Just keep up the excellent work. Michael Salater

This was our first International Living conference. With the presentations and tours we now have all the information we need to make a decision with confidence. It was fun meeting like minded people from many different places. Robert Hartl

I was very impressed with the overall quality of the speakers and the information provided during this conference. I had really expected to find more fluff than valuable information and this was not the case at all! Good job, all! Can’t wait till next year to decide which one we want to attend. Melinda Belleville

After this conference I was really ready to go home and pack my bags. They completely answered all the questions I had, and even some I hadn’t thought about. Dawn Jones

The Panama Fast Track Conferences have indeed provided me the tools necessary to make my decision to move abroad more viable. Though we are still in the organizing phrase, we now have a much clearer reality of what to expect. Pablo Figueroa

This was the first time to an IL conference and found it to be very informative. It was a good investment. Daniel Phelps

The event was well organized. The fact that each sessions started and ended on time was huge. Even the VIP bus departed for the canal on time. Job well done! Darren Mason

This was my second year at the Panama conference and I came away with a sense of awe at the magnitude of offerings and information. Also, the sense that “I can do this.” Cheryl Smith

Enjoyed meeting expats and liked having an opportunity to tour various parts of the country and meet interesting people in Panama (as well as other people from the U.S.) Pamela Mallen

I especially enjoyed the speakers. They were, for the most part, very informative and entertaining. Each speaker was just about the right length of time. Always left me wanting more instead of getting bored. Jan Cowley

I thought the legal, health care, and real estate sessions were the most informative for my goals. Kirby Crum

Editor’s Note: Find out more about IL’s conferences here.


Testimonials from IL’s Fast-Track Ecuador Conference 2014


The talk on immigration visas was particularly good “nuts & bolts” information. Overall an excellent conference. I attended as a “scout” because my husband said “You check it out and if it seems legitimate and useful, we will both attend next year.” Kristin Crosby

It was perfect, and I have gotten information very fast , where as if I would have never came, it would be light years before I could acquire this type of information….I will be moving down this year,but first I am getting my money right first…..I am looking at getting a second pastport very quickly….. – Jerry Mallett

One observation (of course I am not the only one with this opinion) – ALL GREAT although OVERWHELMING !! Paul Campilii

This was my first IL conference and I found the content and the presentations to be very informative. My husband and I have already decided to retire in Ecuador, so we used this conference opportunity to obtain information and clarification on some topics that we needed help with, talking with the presenters and exhibitors provided us with the details required to make our move to Ecuador an easy transition. Thanks guys! Jo-Anne Hall

I picked up some good advice and tips to put together a game plan to achieve my goal of retiring in Ecuador. Sheldon Leonard

Overall exceeded my expectations, excellent conference, subject matter thoroughly covered. My 6th conference, probably the best to date. Staff went out of their way to ensure an enjoyable experience. Dan and Susan always put the icing on the cake, consider them more like family than staff. This is the first time I have left a conference feeling as if this place could REALLY be home. Thanks to all for a terrific event !! Ronald Howze

I enjoyed everything about the program. Ladies/Gentlemen: Please be advised I enjoyed every minute of the program. Many thanks for making my first conference with International Living so first rate in all areas. The cordiality of your staff and their attention to detail impressed me at every turn. My best wishes for another great conference in Panama. Jim Davis

Honest and heartfelt information about the good and the bad; and you covered it all – much more than I expected and some of which I never considered. – Daniel Hanf

Excellent speakers and organization and good source of information. Olen Phillips and Caroline Phillips

CONGRATULATIONS – this was a terrific Conference, well organized, interesting and relevant content. The food and snacks supplied at the intermissions was of a high standard. Generous, beautifully presented and well served. THANK YOU !! – A highly successful Conference, It was excellent. Phyl Doppelt

All in all it was a good value for the money. I feel like I know a great deal about Ecuador now. Barbara Pennell

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Your Chance to Retire Overseas Now

Sign up for our free daily Postcard e-letter and we'll immediately send you a FREE RESEARCH REPORT on the most desirable —and cheapest— retirement havens available to you today.

Each day you'll learn about the best places to retire, travel, buy real estate and enjoy life overseas.

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