Jerry B.

“Although we had traveled extensively prior to our moving overseas in 1987, it was only then that we realized that we would not return to the States when we retired. Although we have found many delightful spots, there has always been something that stopped us from buying property and settling down—distance from the U.S., cost of living, infrastructure concerns, etc.

“Now we are at the retirement stage AGAIN when we do want to make a choice and settle down at last. We keep asking ourselves how we have missed Central America, in general, and Panama, in particular. In 1989, we traveled extensively throughout South America visiting Peru, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Brazil, however, since our departure from Peru, we have been in Asia and the subcontinent and haven’t had much opportunity to get back to that area—let alone the U.S. Well, since we began reading the IL publications, we think we may have found what we have been looking for all this time and “in our own backyard.” As much as we love [Thailand], the three-hour flight to Panama will continue to look much more inviting than the 20-plus hours to Asia.

“So, yes, we are looking forward to our first Panama visit and the chance to explore yet another ‘retirement haven’…and if, in the end, Panama is not for us, we will continue our search…there are worse things in life than traveling the world in quest of ‘Eden’. One of our favorite quotes tells it all: ‘The world is a book…those who do not travel read only a page.'”

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