“We received VIP treatment at Sian Ka’an” –Nancy Baker and Michael Snowman

We are so happy that we took advantage of the RETA offer to visit the Sian Ka’an development and resort in Akumal, Mexico last month.  The area is outstandingly beautiful.  The beaches are pristine, the new golf course is spectacular, the resorts are gorgeous, and the hospitality of the developer and his staff simply reek “class”.  We received VIP treatment throughout our trip.  The construction progress of the condo-hotels is on schedule and of excellent quality.  The lease back agreement and developer financing is so good you just can’t ignore solid deals like this. With the airport in Tulum on its way, and the current overcapacity of the resorts, the appreciation of the units is basically guaranteed – in addition to the rental income.  When you add in the special offers Ronan has negotiated for RETA members, it’s a no brainer.   We purchased a Penthouse unit and look forward to our next visit.

–Nancy Baker and Michael Snowman, Portland, ME

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