Scot Smyth

“I have traveled to 43 countries and each of these United States. I love my country dearly but everything changed over Christmas 2007, when, after changing our plans to travel to Uruguay, we visited Nicaragua. After spending a few days on Little Corn Island, we befriended our hotel owner and a starving puppy called Minnow and we matched them up through a little adoption. We promised the islander we would pay for all expenses. Since then, we organized, fund raised and created our first animal clinic in July 08. Five veterinarians treated over 100 cats and dogs and 2 pigs. Our second clinic with 6 vets was completed in June 09. We have also raised additional funds for island work. For example, we donated $3200 to the school building fund. After visting the island many times, we fell in love. We are opening an eco friendly tourist lodge, Little Corn Beach and Bungalow, on the island this September. Part of our inspiration to take this adventure under our wing was our subscription to your magazine. The stories are inspirational and the resource you provide helpful. Thank you for your part in helping us create this life changing decision.”

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