Testimonials from IL’s Fast-Track Panama: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference 2012

Panama City

Testimonials from IL’s Fast-Track Panama: Lifestyle & Opportunity Conference 2012


I enjoyed the opportunity to hear from and then talk to the people who have “been there and done that” by moving offshore themselves – Dan and Suzan and others. Also, the legal and tax presentations – maybe not the most exciting subject matter but extremely important information to factor into any decision.

— Sharri Speaker

Overall the speakers were excellent and the information presented by them was very knowledgeable. It really gave us confidence in knowing what to do and the right people to talk to in Panama.

— Edward Hill

Another outstanding job done by the staff of IL, speakers and event sponsors!

— Lynn Albert Burrill

I thought the overall conference was run very well, with an excellent group of speakers. The conference was well worth attending. Thanks for all the hard work that went into making it a success.

— Anon

I was exposed to the full range of information needed to make the decision to move to Panama. The speakers knew their stuff. I now have the materials and references I need.

–- Connie

The conference was incredible! It was my first IL conference but definitely won’t be the last. The speakers were knowledgeable and very willing to share advice and experiences. I learned so much that I sometimes felt like my brain would explode if I tried to pack any more in!

-– Sherri Speaker

I enjoyed the conference and learned a lot. It was a great first step to figuring out where to go. Thanks!

— Beth Lauderdale

Lots of good info – gave me a good point of reference as to what to consider when evaluating if Panama could be a good fit for me.

— Elaine Schaefer

Across the board everyone was a great speaker and presenter, with a lot to cover in the time allowed. The visuals were great and the sound system well done. Having coffee into the afternoon and the snacks provided throughout the whole day were much appreciated. You took good care of us.

–- Anon

All were excellent. One complaint, if a complaint at all, make it longer!

— Dave Kochubka

Great content and information. Very realistic as to what to expect in Panama. I know some of the expats were very nervous but they gave great information and I really enjoyed hearing them all speak. PLEASE let each one know how much the information they gave was appreciated!

— Anon

Editor’s Note: For more information on upcoming IL events, see here.

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