Testimonials from IL’s Fast Track Your Retirement Overseas Conference 2012

It was money well spent and for anyone considering adopting another country as a future home, I would definitely recommend a conference of this sort. You are able to meet and socialize with others that have intentions of an overseas move. You get information from experts who are happy to meet with you individually and answer the tough questions in a straightforward and honest manner and truthfully, we were ready to just leave with what we had packed and visit one of our chosen destinations as soon as the conference ended.

– Ron and Bonnie Corbett-Parmelee


It was fabulous! It exceeded all my expectations! I am thinking this will now be a way of life for me! Thank you International Living for improving my life.

– Harry Stakely


More than I expected! I came with a rather large list of questions and was able to get most of the answers. Those I did not get, I feel I have enough contacts via IL and others, to get the answers I need. The hotel was great, the IL staff wonderful and for the most part knowledgeable. The social networking time was just enough. Thank You International Living!

– Jenn Perkins


Wealth of information. I was hoping to be able to narrow my choices of where to retire down but if anything I added a few places on my list.

– Mike Yoder


Excellent conference. Helped open my wife’s eyes to the many compelling opportunities throughout Latin America.

– Jack Morkan


Despite any subjective comments about any speakers actual speaking ability, it is the content that I most cared about and concentrated on through out. And it was a dose of information overload. Over the next few months the info needs to be filtered & a few chills scheduled so that the picture can be clarified. Mostly the conference taught me how much I really didn’t yet know about initiating a move abroad ! Great first step.

– Ron Marcisz


We wondered if we would get our money’s worth when we came. We felt we got more than we expected. Everything was well organized and well managed. Your breaks were at the right times. Opportunities to network with others and visit with the vendors was adequate. We learned a great deal and feel better equipped to undertake the move of our lifetime – and we’re looking forward to it.

– Tom and Peg Barratt


The quality of the information was excellent. All the IL staff and speakers were genuinely interested in us getting all of the information we need to make a good decision.

– Marie Tilden


Very good content in the 2 conferences I have attended. Very much worth the investment. Great to network with other people and get their feedback on various locations. If you are serious about investing or relocating internationally, it is better to attend than to buy the taped version, due to the feedback of other attendees.

– Larry Madoski


We are very happy we attended! Got lots of great information! It was really helpful to be able to talk to the speakers to get first hand information. And it helped us narrow down the countries we want to consider.

– Nick and Gail


The International Living Staff provided a first class conference. My wife and I walked away with good information to assist us in our endeavor of our upcoming adventure into Latin America.

– Rick Morrison


Glad we went. I knew I wanted to move overseas – after the conference, I am clearer on where to move, and after attending this conference, my husband is really on-board with moving also!

– Joan Harden


I have bought in Costa Rica the Pacific Southern Zone with Steve Linder. It is always good to see him and ask how my properties are doing. I am planning to buy in Ecuador next so there will be more friends to connect with at future conferences. One more thing I want to mention. I have met someone at one of the conferences I attended in the past and she has become my best friend now. Thank you for that IL.

– David Villarreal


Each time I attend, I learn so much and meet wonderful people of like minds; without IL many of us would be lost in this process. Thank you IL for being there, here and everywhere!

– Jenn Perkins


The conference surpassed my expectations and I feel that moving abroad is more possible than I thought.

– Marie Tilden

Editor’s Note: Find out more about IL’s upcoming Events here.


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