“We’re looking forward to the next Ultimate Event in 2013!!”

“We’re looking forward to the next Ultimate Event in 2013!!”


Words cannot describe all of the benefits and enriching life changing experiences that an IL Ultimate Event offers. This was my second International Living Ultimate Event [I attended the one in Quito, Ecuador last year] and I was not disappointed. You opened our minds and hearts to places we may or may not have even considered as possible expat retirement havens. By offering us practical information, from local experts, on the best places in the world to retire overseas, you demystified the relocation, purchasing and residency processes of each country. It was fascinating to witness first hand, the “ah ha moments” experienced by conference attendees that “we can do it” and “it is possible to make our dreams come true”!!

Cancun, Mexico was a spectacular location for the conference. We met a new international circle of friends and acquaintances. Looking forward to realizing our dream in the near future!! Thank you to all of the IL staff, speakers, exhibitors and the Marriott for doing such a magnificent job!! We’re looking forward to the next one in 2013!!

–Charlene Randle-Clayton

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