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International Living’s Platinum Circle

The idea behind the Platinum Circle is simple: You get the same level of benefits and privileges as our senior editors. You have access to every newsletter, report, publication, and book…every kit and course…every product which International Living has published—-for the rest of your life… for FREE. Read on to see what specifically, are you entitled to as a member of the Platinum Circle?


International Living’s Explorer’s Club

Starting today, you could explore more of the world’s best opportunities… do it affordably… and all the while enjoy personalized attention, perks, and privileges usually reserved for big-spenders and high-rollers.
Call our VIP representative for more details about a new way you can discover more of the world and gain first-hand experience with the countries you’re most interested in—for significantly less than you’d expect. You’ll quickly see how your Explorer’s Club membership could save you hundreds of dollars on conference fees. Plus, it ushers you into a league of your own when it comes to the amenities and perks you’ll be entitled to as a member.

Real Estate Trend Alert

Real Estate Trend Alert

Real Estate Trend Alert gives you everything you need to take advantage of the very best global real estate investment opportunities available today. All the research… the hot tips… and the inside story is delivered to you through timely e-mail alerts. This service is for the aggressive yet prudent investor who wants to make serious money by taking advantage of investment situations before they become common knowledge.

International Living's Lifetime Society

International Living’s Lifetime Society

This is a special opportunity for you to keep getting International Living magazine delivered to your home for the rest of your life…for FREE.
If you enjoy reading International Living, this invitation to join IL’s Lifetime Society is a matter of simple economic sense. Read on to see how to save hundreds – even thousands – in the years to come.

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