Every so often, we send our editors – together with a camera crew – on several-week-long expeditions to our most popular destinations. And they’re going to take you with them. Virtually, that is. So these Virtual Events are not some put-it-on-a-shelf, encyclopedia-like books you have to sift through. At a Virtual Event, you’ll get the same expertise you would at a live event from your own living room. 



Blueprint for Your New Life in Colombia

In so many ways, Colombia offers the quality of life you’ve been looking for… especially if living well on a budget is important to you. With one of the strongest economies and oldest democracies in the Americas, Colombians are friendly and welcoming. They enjoy a modern lifestyle without sacrificing quality, including when it comes to health care. And you can, too.


Blueprint for Your New Life in Mexico

Blueprint for Your New Life in Mexico
In the Blueprint for Your New Life in Mexico, we show you how you can settle in to a better, more comfortable life in this convenient and affordable destination and do it seamlessly, enjoyably, confidently…


The Next Great Retirement Destination

Blueprint for Your New Life in Nicaragua
For more than a decade now, International Living has been pointing your attention to Nicaragua. But in recent years, something critically worthy of your consideration has slowly been gathering steam. Very soon, the top will blow off this little secret with vigor… and I want you to among the first to know what’s going on.

But first…you have to forget everything you think you know about Nicaragua. This is not the same country it was 30… 15… or even five years ago.


Reclaim Your Freedom Offshore

Step Offshore: A Roadmap to Taking Yourself and Your Money Overseas
There is a lot of incorrect, incomplete, downright dangerous information out there about the offshore world. Let’s face it… it gets a bad rap. Yet it’s perfectly legal to have an offshore bank account… or own property overseas… or have a second passport. With all the poor information and suspect advice floating around on the web about your options offshore, we felt it our obligation to set the record straight.

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Blueprint for Your New Life in Uruguay

Blueprint for Your New Life in Uruguay
It’s safe. It has a stable government…a strong economy…banking privacy…easy residency options…top-notch medical care (at one-tenth the cost in the U.S.)…and much, much more. In fact, this affordable little country is more First World than the U.S.


Blueprint for A New Life in Belize

Blueprint for Your New Life in Belize
If you’ve always imagined yourself in the Caribbean… if that’s the escape you conjure up when somebody says, “dream retirement,” then you need to have Belize on your radar screen.

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