10 Reasons to Live in Italy

A Mediterranean climate…fresh, simple, delicious cuisine…culture that surrounds you…wine, the very best of it… If this sounds like your paradise, then take a closer look at Italy.

From the stunning Amalfi Coast to culture-rich Rome, Italy is a breathtaking country and one that has a lot to offer those looking for a retirement haven with a bit more class.

American expat Gina Mussio was delighted to find that Italy is still more affordable than most would think: “Italy is a highly affordable place to live…you just have to know where to go. Living in Monza has given me the Italian lifestyle I’d always dreamed of…and has helped me afford to live it to the fullest.”

And the beauty of this European gem is undeniable. Diane Jones, who lives in Calabria can’t believe how lucky she is each time she looks out her window. “Every time I walk out on my terrace, I have a gorgeous view of the mountains, the sea, and the beautiful villages.”

Family and friends are still a key part of life in Italy. Judith Greenwood was pleasantly surprised with this: “I love that when you make an Italian friend, they’ll basically do anything for you—without you even needing to ask. If they have a hint that something’s wrong, they’ll come ask you, ‘What can I do? Do you need money?’ They are astounding.”

La Dolce Vita is part of the culture here, and you can truly enjoy each one of your days in Italy.


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