10 Reasons to Live in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the most beautiful countries in the Americas. It boasts a dramatic Pacific coastline; long, gentle Caribbean beaches; and volcanoes and freshwater lakes that dot the hilly inland. Colonial cities like Granada and León offer visitors a taste of days gone by. And Managua is rapidly becoming a real First-World city with top-notch theaters and a range of international restaurants.

Nicaragua is a nation at peace and one of the safest countries in Central America. Its government is democratically elected, and new president Daniel Ortega has said that he is committed to a free-market economy, and is eager to attract foreign investors.

Add to that the very reasonable real estate value here and you could have your perfect retirement or second home destination. Whether you want to live somewhere quiet, near the coast where you can sit back and listen to the waves gently lapping the sea shore or you’d prefer the hustle and bustle of a colonial city with everything you could possibly need (at half the price of the U.S.)…then you should definitely take a closer look at Nicaragua.

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10 Reasons to Live in Nicaragua


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