2017 Fast Track Ecuador Recordings

When Edd and Cynthia Staton were both downsized, they decided to retire for good. They left the U.S. in search of a better climate and a lower cost of living

What they found in Ecuador was something much more…

Dear International Living Reader,

Just a few short years ago, things weren’t looking too good for Edd and Cynthia.

They had enjoyed long successful careers. But the recession meant concession. They had been downsized once before…and were working in sales jobs in Las Vegas when Cynthia was downsized for the second time.

Enough is enough, they decided. It was time to stop putting life on hold and time to start living it.

“We saw the value of our savings plunge just as we were nearing retirement age. Rather than remain in the States and continue to work for too many more years trying to correct this problem we made the decision to relocate so we could retire and enjoy the rest of our lives,” Edd says.

They decided to do the things they’d always wanted to do: writing…painting…sculpting…learning to play the cello. They wanted to look for ways to be of service and leave the planet a better place…to improve their fitness, explore randomly, read for the hell of it…maybe even start a new business if the opportunity presented itself…

In order to do this, though, they’d need to move to a place with a lower cost of living. After lots of research (and yes, soul searching, too), they decided on Ecuador.

Drawn by the fact that Ecuador is close to the U.S. (just a four-hour flight from Miami), has near-perfect weather and a substantially lower cost of living, Edd and Cynthia found their way to the southern Ecuador city of Cuenca.

Before they left the States, Edd says, most of their friends didn’t understand their decision. They asked him, “What are you going to do there?”

The short answer, he says, was, “Within reason, whatever I want to do.”

He says he and Cynthia had spent most of their adult lives preparing, going to and from, and doing a variety of things that were necessary to provide the financial support their family required.

“And no complaints,” Edd says, “I’d do it all again. But now…by moving to Ecuador, we’ve placed ourselves in a position to pursue a different path—enjoying things we’ve always wanted to do.”

Fortunately, in Ecuador, Edd and Cynthia no longer have to worry about having enough money to do the things they want to do.

“We can live a very comfortable retirement on our savings and small income here,” Edd says. “And the truth is that even if we win the lottery, we can’t imagine living anywhere else. Life here is that good.”

Edd and Cynthia Rescued Their Retirement in Ecuador… And You Can, Too

I’m Jackie Flynn, publisher of International Living. And I’m pleased to share the Staton’s success story with you. They’re happily retired and living the good life in Cuenca, where they’ve been joined by a number of other expats from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia…

As Edd will tell you, Ecuador has thrown out the welcome mat to foreign retirees—as well as to those not yet ready to retire who are going to Ecuador in search of opportunity. The slower pace of life and the real sense of community are attractive to everyone, including young families who are finding Ecuador a wonderful place to raise their children.

And it’s not just Cuenca that’s attracting foreigners…places like the bustling capital city of Quito, the medium-sized city of Loaja…charming rural Vilcabamba and other safe, small-towns like Cotacachi and seaside Salinas and more…are all worthy of attention.

Salinas is where Jim and Rita Santos live. There, they say, they can enjoy the sunshine and temperate climate any day of the year.

“Back on the eastern seaboard in the States in February, it’s icy cold,” Jim says, “but, here in Salinas it will be just below 80 degrees F, with a cool ocean breeze. Sometimes we think we must be dreaming. A little over two years ago, we were living in Maryland… and the idea of living beside the ocean was an impossible dream. The Atlantic Coast of the U.S. can be very expensive. If we wanted to walk on the beach in February in the U.S., we would have to buy a multi-million-dollar home deep in southern Florida. We certainly didn’t have that kind of money.

“So who would have thought we could not only live in a beachfront home, but that we would actually save money by moving there?”

Best of all, as Jim reports, when you move to Ecuador you may find that you’ll be not only happier than ever, but healthier than ever.

“I have Type II diabetes,” he says, “and before I moved to Ecuador, my A1C number that reflects blood sugar levels was close to 8—well above the normal range. After we settled into our lives in Ecuador, we found ourselves taking long walks on the beach and to the mercado for our fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, eggs and seafood. The stress melted away. And when we returned to the States a few months later for a family visit, I stopped in to see my doctor.

“She ran some tests and then asked, ‘What changes did we make in your medication since your last visit?’ I told her we didn’t “change” anything, I just moved to Ecuador. But I’ve now lost 50 pounds, my blood pressure reading was normal, and my A1C blood sugar reading was 5.7, well within the normal range, so I was able to stop taking one of my diabetes medications.

“It was a very good feeling to have actual proof that we’re not only living a happier, more affordable life, but also a healthier one here in Ecuador.”

Fortunately, in Ecuador, you’ll no longer have to worry about having enough money to do the things you want to do.

“We can live a very comfortable retirement on our savings and small income here,” as Edd Staton says. “And the truth is that even if we win the lottery, we can’t imagine living anywhere else. Life here is that good.”

I’ll share Edd and Cynthia’s budget details with you in a moment. They live in Cuenca, as I mentioned earlier. It’s the most popular destination in Ecuador for expats… a city in the southern mountains that offers all the modern amenities and cultural activities you might want. Edd and Cynthia take advantage of all the lifestyle perks Cuenca offers, and they enjoy many extras they once considered luxuries. I’ll let them tell you all about it. But first…

Why Would You Want to Choose Ecuador?

With sophisticated historical cities, miles of unspoiled sun-kissed beaches, fertile farmland, and temperate mountain hideaways, Ecuador has it all:

  • Politically stable and safe
  • Perfect weather year-round
  • A U.S.-dollar-based economy
  • Close to home (just a 4-hour flight to the U.S.).
  • Top-notch medical care at one-fourth to one-tenth the costs of the U.S.
  • Affordable private health insurance plans
  • Seniors are treated respectfully (and offered welcome discounts)
  • A couple can live well on $1,500 to 2,000 a month or less.
  • Real estate prices are amazingly low!

For these reasons and more, a growing number of expats are now calling Ecuador home. It may just be the "find of the century," they say, for anyone who wants to live life like it's meant to be lived…fresh air and a perfect climate, deliciously healthy food, and the warmest, kindest, most generous people as neighbors.

That's why, for nearly two decades now, International Living has been recommending Ecuador as a top retirement destination. For most of the past decade, it has ranked in the top one or two spots on our annual Global Retirement Index.

International Living's expertise in all things Ecuador runs deep.

We have correspondents in various locales throughout the country who regularly research, write articles, and provide reliable information for our readers about life there. In Quito… Cumbaya and Los Chillos… Cuenca and Paute… Cotacachi… Loja… Vilcabamba… Salinas… Olón, Manta, Crucita, and more…

Many of our top editors, in fact, have ties to Ecuador. Real estate expert Margaret Summerfield has called Ecuador "one of the best, cheapest places in the world to buy beach property." Investor Ronan McMahon has owned property there. So have International Living senior editors Dan Prescher and Suzan Haskins.

Any time one of our staff gets a chance to visit Ecuador, they don't think twice. There's so much to do…from historic colonial cities to beaches and rainforests to snow-capped volcanoes and mountain towns where you can soak away your cares in natural thermal springs…

I myself have traveled to Ecuador well more than half a dozen times in the last couple of years. I can safely say that International Living has more experience and more contacts…knows more long-time expats and local experts in Ecuador than does any other website or publication.

And we'd like to share our long resume of Ecuador expertise with you…

Find out if Ecuador is right for you… with the best Ecuador experts holding your hand every step of the way.

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And if you’ve read this far, I’ve got a feeling that you may have something in common with Jim and Rita Santos or Edd and Cynthia Staton or even with Wendy DeChambeau who moved to Ecuador with her husband, David, and their two young children to experience a “true foreign culture immersion.”

Maybe you’re still trying to catch up from the economic downturn of a few years ago, and you’re finding that politicians and governments don’t seem to be doing anything to help.

If you’re concerned about your financial future or your health…wondering whether you’ll be able to have the kind of retirement lifestyle you dream about…wondering if you’ll be able to afford to retire at all…you really should consider the 2017 Fast Track Ecuador Package—where you’ll discover all about the benefits, cost-savings, opportunities, advantages (and yes, challenges) this country has to offer.

There are so many benefits to living in Ecuador, in fact, that I certainly can’t go into all of them here. And surprisingly, the low cost of living isn’t the number one reason most expats in Ecuador give for living there. To a person, they credit the sweetness and kindness of the Ecuadorian people themselves.

"Ecuadorians are about the nicest people you'll find, says an expat friend who lives in the small charming village of Vilcabamba, "We live on a dirt road amongst the locals… they are some of the wealthiest people I know… they just don't have a lot of money, but they always have time to say hello."

Of course, say other expats, the low cost of living is a huge benefit. Full-course meals (soup, an entrée of chicken or beef served with salad and rice, and dessert) for $3 or less—and that's with a fresh juice included! And with $3 haircuts, $1 beers, 25-cent bus rides, and $20 doctor's visits, why would anyone want to live anywhere else?

And if you're worried that you'll miss your family and friends when you move to Ecuador, remember that with the money you save you can afford to go back for frequent visits…not to mention the low cost of hosting your visitors in Ecuador.

As Edd Staton says, he and Cynthia expect to see their grandkids more because they’ve lowered their monthly expenses and they’re no longer tied to jobs.

“If we were still working in the U.S.,” he says, “we’d have three or four weeks vacation a year and hope we had enough money to visit. Plus, our two children live in different states, so there’s no way we could live near both of them simultaneously. Therefore some form of travel would always be necessary even if we still lived in the U.S.”

So What Is The True Cost of Living in Ecuador? The Tale of the Tape…

Of all the places in the world International Living covers, Ecuador offers one of the lowest costs of living, hands down.

Your cost of living will depend on your personal needs, of course. If you buy imported goods at the upscale supermarkets, for instance, you'll spend more than if you shop at the farmer's markets. If you enjoy fine wines and spirits, you'll certainly spend more than someone who abstains from alcohol. And if you live at the beach, you'll probably want air conditioning for part of the year whereas in the highlands you won't need either heat or air conditioning.

While we know some expat singles and couples who are living quite happily on $1,000 a month or even less, I'd say they're the exception and not the rule.

Just to give you an idea, here is Edd and Cynthia Staton’s monthly budget:

Rent (for their 4-bedroom / 4.5-bath apartment) $700
Electricity $40
Water $7
Gas $8
Telephone $10
Internet $70
Groceries (includes alcohol) $500
Transportation (buses and taxis) $40
Entertainment (yoga classes, gym membership, evenings out) $250
Health plan * $81
Miscellaneous $250
Total: $1,956

Edd and Cynthia admit that they spend a bit more than most expats. “We live in a gorgeous two-story penthouse apartment,” Edd says, “It’s about 3,000 square feet, and we have four bedrooms, four-and-a-half baths, and expansive windows with a beautiful 270-degree view.

“Our budget includes all the regular expenses and more—fresh flowers, gym membership, massages, manicures and pedicures, and hair care for Cynthia.”

Plus, Edd says, this includes doctor visits. “You usually get an appointment the same day you call, and they generally cost $25—and follow-ups are free!”

For healthcare coverage, Edd and Cynthia participate in Ecuador’s social security system IESS. It costs $70 a month per person and $11 for each dependent. (A hospital- or network-based private insurance policy can also be purchase and most expats who go this route report that they spend, on average, $250 a month, total, for a couple.)

So can a couple live well in Ecuador on $1,500 to $2,000 a month? The answer is absolutely yes. And you’ll hear much more about the realistic cost of living in various parts of the country in the 2017 Fast Track Ecuador Package.

What should you budget for rent? In small towns like Vilcabamba or coastal Crucita, small furnished rentals start at about $300 a month. Larger homes and apartments will cost more. In Cuenca and more populated coastal locations such as Salinas, most expats spend $350 and up for a long-term furnished rental with the average being about $450 to $500.

Why are costs so low in Ecuador? Good question. Maybe the answer is that in Ecuador, goods and services cost what they should cost—and they're overpriced elsewhere in the world.

Labor costs are low, too—the minimum wage in Ecuador for 2017 is $375 a month. That helps keeps all costs low, and it's why things like household help, lawn care, hair care and so on are so low. An hour-long massage: $30. A woman's hair cut and style or manicure: $6. (More in upscale salons.)

And food in Ecuador commonly comes straight from the producer…except, of course, for fancy imported packaged items (which you can get in the country's modern supermarkets).

Also, Ecuador is an oil-producing country, so gasoline and transportation costs are low. Vehicle gas is less than $1.50 a gallon. A taxi ride in Quito or Cuenca typically costs no more than $2 to $5 anywhere in town.

For now, the government subsidizes propane costs, and a 14-lb. tank to heat your stove and water for a month costs just $2.50. (That's delivered to your door—it's $1.60 if you fetch it yourself.) Those prices are expected to slowly creep upwards in the coming years… but not by too much.

What about property taxes? Those are low, too.

Friends I know in Cotacachi pay less than $56 for their 1,100-square-foot condo. And yes, that's per year.

As you can see, it's easy to live affordably in Ecuador.

Think about it… In 2017, the average U.S. Social Security check for a retired worker was about $1,360 a month. In Ecuador, that amount goes a long way toward covering your monthly expenses. If your spouse has a similar income, you may find yourselves with something left over each month.

By the way, Ecuador's official currency is the U.S. dollar – so you needn't worry about complicated currency calculations or exchange risks.

And real estate costs? They're among the lowest we've found anywhere in the world.

It's always best to rent before you buy. That's the best way to find out if a city or town is right for your lifestyle. But if and when you do decide to buy a home in Ecuador, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the prices.

Imagine… an older (but well-kept) three-bedroom condo with a city view for $52,500 or a brand-new two-bedroom/two-bath condo—with city views—for less than $90,000. A large three-bedroom hacienda-style home in the mountains for $98,000. A two-bedroom condo with views of the blue Pacific… just $94,000… or a huge four-bedroom/three-an-a-half bath villa in a small community with direct access to the beach with a large outdoor living area and gorgeous tropical gardens… just $249,000.

You can certainly pay more, but these aren't just the lowest prices…these are typical prices!

Beachfront Condos and City Condos for $90,000… And a 3-Bedroom Tranquil Mountain Hideaway for Even Less

If you're a beach fan, you'll be in luck in Ecuador, which offers more than 500 miles of coastline (far more if you include its famous Galapagos Islands 600 miles to the west). But Ecuador is more than beaches. In fact, it's far better known for its majestic mountains. The 'Spine of the Andes' cuts through the middle of the country from north to south. But because Ecuador is located smack dab on the equator, it's never too hot and never too cold. You won't find a better, more agreeable climate than in this 'Land of Eternal Spring.'

There are so many places in Ecuador that deserve your attention. Briefly…

  • Quito is the capital and its second-largest city. In its modern neighborhoods, you'll find trendy coffee shops, boutique hotels, modern shopping malls, high-rise office buildings, and state-of-the-art hospitals. And it's easy to find two- and three-bedroom condos in good neighborhoods for $60,000 or even less. Think about it…a modern condo in the heart of one of the world's most exciting cities at one-eighth the cost of a comparable apartment in midtown Manhattan or Chicago (and without the weather extremes.)
  • "Old Town" Quito was the first-ever city to be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, in 1978, and you won't find more traditional Spanish colonial-style architecture anywhere outside Spain itself… massively thick walls, high ceilings and romantic balconies. Huge wooden doors open from the street to reveal interior courtyards with cobblestone floors, tastefully decorated with lush greenery and bright flowers. Many of these have now been renovated into shops, restaurants, offices, and condos. A spacious 2,150-sq.-ft. home with six bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms is for sale in the heart of Old Town, It needs a complete remodel, but it has gorgeous wood floors, iron-framed windows, and a pretty facade. It's selling now for just $75,000.
  • You may have heard of Vilcabamba… located in what's known as the "Valley of Longevity" because so many of the locals reportedly live to a very old age. Expats who've moved to this healthy valley report that they feel better than ever…and couldn't be happier. If you think you'd like to have a small garden property, or even a farm, Vilcabamba is a great place to do that. Right now, for instance, with majestic mountain- and river valley-views and on nearly half an acre of land perfect for planting and cultivating, you'll find a three-bedroom/two-bath home with beautiful views of the mountains and river valley listed for $146,000—and it's walking distance to town. You can build your own home on a 12.5-acre property that's selling for $36,300. You'll have to bring in electricity here. A one-acre riverfront property inside the most desirable gated community is selling for just $66,000. And surely, you can spend more and get more…
  • In quiet Cotacachi, a leather artisan village about two hours north of Quito, for just $78,900, you can buy a two-bedroom, two-bath condo in the heart of town—fully furnished. A brand-new modern three-bedroom townhouse with a good-sized yard is selling for $85,000. And $154,900 gets you a gorgeous hacienda-style home with breathtaking views of the mountains in one of the most popular gated communities.
  • And at the beach, you'll find similar bargains. Near Salinas, arguably Ecuador's most popular coastal playground, you'll find an oceanfront complex with a large pool, social area, fitness center, and direct beach access. You'll find a two-bedroom condo—with an ocean view—selling for just $90,000, fully furnished. Not far from the action in Salinas itself, you can pick up an oceanfront three-bedroom / two-bathroom condo for just $126,000. You'll find bargains like this all along the coast.

Important Note: In Ecuador, foreigners are afforded all the rights of citizens when it comes to property ownership. Still, things are done a bit differently than they are at home. You need to understand the intricacies of property ownership in Ecuador and know who to turn to for legal help in order to safeguard your investments.

There's so much information to share with you about Ecuador. And we'll do exactly that in the Fast Track Ecuador Package.

Cuenca: One of the Top Retirement Destinations in the World

Cuenca, about 275 miles south of Quito, is Ecuador's third-largest city, but its central historic district feels more like a small, charming old-world town, with tidy plazas, ancient churches, and cobblestone streets lined with tall colonial-era adobe-walled buildings transformed into small hotels, restaurants, and shops. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

But this city offers more than just aesthetic beauty…

  • It shares Quito's year-round, spring-like weather, and for most people, the crisp mountain air is never too hot or too cold. (Also like Quito, Cuenca has no tornadoes or hurricanes.)
  • Its infrastructure can't be beat, with drinkable tap water, good phone service, and inexpensive high-speed internet. And culture? Restaurants and cafes are numerous and diverse, and orchestra performances in the colonial Teatro Sucre are free to all… plus you'll find modern malls and supermarkets where you can buy just about anything that you can get back home.
  • Medical and dental care is excellent and inexpensive. At one local private hospital in Cuenca, you'll pay just $35 for an extended appointment with a specialist. There are three excellent teaching hospitals in Cuenca, by the way, and many other smaller medical facilities. Many offer their own private health plans.
  • There's a thriving and energetic expat community…with as many as 4,000 to 5,000 full-time expats in Cuenca (in a total population of almost 350,000), you can truly mix into and experience another culture.

And Cuenca real estate prices? You'll be happy to know that even in Cuenca—the most desirable city in Ecuador for retirees—you can find bargain prices:

  • Just across from the Yanuncay River, a modern new three-bedroom/two-and-a-half bath condo with upscale touches like granite countertops and a private terrace can be had for just $139,000. It's a secure building and comes with two garage spaces.
  • In the heart of the colonial center—just two blocks to Parque Calderon—you can pick up a gorgeous condo with a private patio that opens to a beautiful garden courtyard, selling fully furnished down to the wine glasses, for just $94,500. A completely new and modern home with pretty gardens in a gated community just 15 minutes from the city center offers 1,600 square feet of living space, with three bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, a two-car garage, and more… It's listed for just $144,000.

Still Not Sure Ecuador is Right For You? Here's Another Critically Important Incentive: Low Costs for Excellent Healthcare.

In Ecuador's bigger cities, you'll find hospitals with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as specialists in all fields and physicians with private clinics. The average visit to the doctor's office costs just $25, with the fee to see a specialist costing about $35 to $40. (Smaller towns also have hospitals, but just as in the U.S. they aren't always outfitted with the latest technology.)

Name-brand medicines are much cheaper than in the U.S. Generics cost a fraction as much and availability is good. One expat we know tells us that one monthly medication he needs costs more than $60 in the U.S. and less than $30 in Ecuador. A month's supply of a general blood pressure medication, for example, costs about $85 in the U.S. and less than $30 in Ecuador.

Dental work performed by highly skilled doctors is also widely available and inexpensive. Partial plates cost $325, and a complete set of dentures costs $900—including office visits, fittings, impressions, and lab work. In many dental offices, a cleaning is $30 or less while a filling costs $30.

And don't be afraid to have surgery here. Many specialists in Ecuador have trained in Europe or the U.S. and have top-notch skills—and costs are one-fifth to one-tenth what you'd pay in the U.S.

Health insurance, too, is a bargain in Ecuador—a tiny fraction of what you'd pay in the U.S. And while it still has its shortcomings, Ecuador has made improvements to its public healthcare system in recent years, and offers free healthcare and medications to all residents over age 65, including foreign residents.

Many foreign residents have chosen to join Ecuador's Social Security system. If you're of retirement age, you'll likely pay just $70 to $80 a month for this. With healthcare so affordable, though, some expats choose to self-insure or to purchase an affordable private policy. It's rare that you'd pay more than $125 to $200 a month per person for a private policy!

Want to learn more? You can when you order the 2017 Fast Track Ecuador Package.

What About Political Stability?

Ecuador is a peaceful country with a long-standing commitment to democracy.

Just recently another democratic presidential election was held, and you can be sure, the new president and the government of Ecuador is committed to property rights in Ecuador. The country’s new constitution, ratified seven years ago, restates that point.

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In the Fast Track Ecuador Package, you’ll see and hear from an unprecedented number of expats who have bought or rented homes, retired, or started a business here. Men and women who just a short time ago, were in the same position that you are today.

Here are just a few of the people who make up our faculty for this groundbreaking package.

Dan Prescher
International Living’s Dan Prescher is the special projects director and media spokesperson for International Living, and no one is more qualified to talk about living overseas than Dan. He’s traveled all over Latin America researching and writing about everything from deserted beaches to bustling world-class cities where life is good and costs are low. He and his wife, Suzan Haskins, are four-country expats and have lived in both Quito and Cotacachi, Ecuador.

Alvaro Coronel and Camila Moreno, legal counsels
Alvaro and Camila are associates of Moreno di Donato, one of the leading law firms in Ecuador when it comes to expat issues such as immigration, real estate, banking, and more. They'll bring you up to speed with the practical information you need to know if you're planning to retire, buy a property, or start up business.

Winton Churchill
Winton Churchill is founder of the Barefoot Consultants, an international training and consulting company that helps clients make a living from anywhere in the world by tapping into their own skills and career experience. "By taking charge of their earning power, rather than waiting for governments, financial institutions and employers to 'right themselves,' the baby boomer generation now has the power and access to put their skills and abilities on the global market regardless of where they live or work now," he says.

Margaret Summerfield
Keeping far ahead of the pack when it comes to real estate markets, Margaret and her business partner, Ronan McMahon, have been the guiding force that led International Living readers to the explosive opportunities of recent years in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Nicaragua, Panama, and more. As Managing Director of Pathfinder, Ltd., International Living's preferred real estate advertising partner, Margaret will explain how to do your due diligence when buying real estate overseas.

Sandra Baquero
Sandra is an English-speaking Ecuadorian who has been working in the international cargo business for nearly 40 years. In 2005, she established Sanestar International Shipping Services to help individuals and businesses relocate to Ecuador. Sanestar features door-to-door service to any place in Ecuador and provides bilingual agents onsite to assist with shipping, customs, visa issues, etc. She can also help you import business equipment and supplies and is an expert in bringing pets to Ecuador.

Dr. Ellen Van Nierop
Ellen is a Dutch veterinarian. She trained in Belgium and has been living the international lifestyle since she was a child, living and working in Ecuador since 2001. She is an active member of AMVEPE (Ecuadorian small animal veterinary association) and of WSAVA (World Small Animal Association) where she is a board member. She and her husband, Dr. Germán Fierro, are owners, full-time veterinarians, and managers of Ecuavet and Vet2Home, veterinary services that serve Quito and its valleys.

Oswaldo Muñoz
Oswaldo and his daughter, Julieta, are born-and-raised Ecuadorians. As owners of Nuevo Mundo Expeditions, the family is one of the country’s best-known when it comes to the travel and hospitality industry. Oswaldo and Julieta will introduce you to Ecuador’s best destinations…the well-known and the little-known…and Oswaldo will explain how to get there, where to stay, what to see, what to pay, and more.

Suzan Haskins
As a writer/editor for International Living for more than a dozen years now, Suzan has traveled extensively in Latin America, searching for the world's best and most affordable lifestyle opportunities. She has lived in Quito, Ecuador; Lake Chapala, San Miguel de Allende, Merida, Mexico; Panama City, Panama; San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua; and Cotacachi, Ecuador with her husband, Dan Prescher. She will share the challenges and rewards of the expat life in Ecuador in particular.

Wendy DeChambeau
Wendy and her husband David were looking for an alternative to the "American Dream." They wanted to own their own business and introduce their children to a new culture. In November 2011, Wendy, David, and their two sons arrived in Ecuador and set out to make their dreams a reality. They quickly opened and operated a restaurant in the town of Cotacachi while finding time to travel. After a year of business, Wendy and David sold the restaurant and began to focus on other opportunities. While they still live in Cotacachi, they also now own a farm in the up-and-coming Intag Valley. Wendy is International Living's Ecuador highlands correspondent.

What's more, you'll get presentations and information on:

  • Learning Spanish for enjoyment and business.
  • The truth about residence visas—how to qualify and what your obligations are.
  • The ins and outs of buying property in Ecuador… buyer's and seller's obligations, property rights and estate laws, and more.
  • Insurance and health plan needs: How to qualify for Ecuador's private health plans, the IESS Social Security program, and how much you might expect to pay.
  • And much, much more…

Our seasoned professional experts will deliver the on-target information you need to get the real picture about living, retiring, buying, or starting up a business in Ecuador.

And yes, you’ll hear from Jim and Rita Santos from Salinas. I've already told you some of their story. They purchased their oceanfront condo in March of 2013. Until recently, Jim continued to work remotely as a computer/network professional for a major government contractor in the U.S. With the low cost of living in Ecuador, however, he was able to take an early retirement. He is now International Living's Ecuador coastal correspondent.

Elaine Yakos-LeBron will also share her story of moving to Manta as a retired single woman, where she says, "The weather is perfect, and the people are great. The locals are friendly and accommodating. And the expats are friendly, too. Thursday nights we meet for cocktails and dinner. Saturdays, up to 40-or-so people show up over the afternoon at a restaurant at the beach. There's a man's night, an afternoon stitch group, and the Red Hat Society is very big here. I love living in Manta."

These successful expats are just the start.

You’ll also hear from Edd and Cynthia Staton from Cuenca and Jean-Claude, who will discuss his life in Vilcabamba. Joel Kaplan will share details of his life in Coatcachi. He and his wife, Kathy moved to Cotacachi five years ago with their daughter and then two-year-old granddaughter.

This video package will give center stage to more expat speakers than ever before. They’ll share their tips, tricks, and insights with you. They’ll tell you the unvarnished truth about life in Ecuador…the good, bad, and the not-so-good.

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No matter what your budget or what your lifestyle, in this special report you’ll discover how you can live the life of your dreams in Ecuador. You’ll also learn more about some of the locations we’ve discussed here…the best highlands destinations: Quito, Cuenca, Vilcabamba, and the best beachside destinations: from Salinas to Manta and beyond. (Don’t let the title of the report fool you… We tell you about far more than just five great destinations, and we drill down into them to give you a great overview of what’s available.)

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Jackie Flynn

Jackie Flynn
Publisher, International Living

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