3 Myths Retirees Tell Themselves That Stop Them Earning Online

Without a doubt, the very first step to earning online is believing you can. I speak from experience. Finding that self-belief was a big barrier for me when I stated working online 13 years ago.

And I’m not the only one. Many Baby Boomers I’ve helped learn how to earn online have approached the task with a sense of skepticism. (Now that they’re earning online? They wonder what they ever worried about.)

Everybody comes to working online with their own concerns and misunderstandings. But there are three major misconceptions that stop Baby Boomers from reaching their online potential. Dispel these myths and nothing will stand in the way of your earning the kind of online income you need to have your dream retirement.

Myth #1: I don’t have the skills to earn online

In 2008, virtually all businesses were downsized and that has resulted in a significant rise of the “freelance economy.”

The Freelancers Union, a non-profit organization for American freelancers, estimates that about a third of the workforce today—or 42 million Americans—are freelancers. Another study by Inuit, the company that makes Quicken® and QuickBooks®, estimates that the number will grow to 40%—about 60 million Americans—by 2020.

That’s great news for Baby Boomers because it means their skills are in demand. Most of the businesses that are contracting freelancers are smaller businesses that don’t have employees on staff to do a lot of the things their workforce used to do. Proofreading; editing; writing; customer service; advice giving; consultations; online training: you name it and you’ll find a business searching for it online. Literally thousands of different skills are now being purchased on the freelance market.

They’re not looking for people who have years of experience in a specialist job role, like editing or journalism. They’re looking for reliable, hardworking people, like you, who can do a good job on whatever task they need.

Myth #2: Finding work will be too hard

A long time ago, working from home meant that you had to put in a lot of time and legwork to find assignments. The advent of the Internet has changed that scenario dramatically.

These days, jobs are posted on a number of websites—meaning the work comes to the freelancer and not the other way around. There are an estimated 300,000+ assignments every month offered online, spanning a thousand different skills.

On just one of the largest assignment networks online, for example, there are typically over 100,000 assignments posted every month. Some assignments pay as little as $25; others offer up to four- and five-figure pay checks. And, in most cases, you can do them from anywhere around the world.

Pretty much anything you’ve done in your job or business is now in demand online.

There’s an abundance of work which presents its own challenge… sifting through the mass of opportunities to quickly find the handful of assignments that are just right for you.

(In our “New Year Online Income Challenge” (click here for details) we’ll be covering exactly how to do that.)

Myth #3: It probably involves selling and must be really complicated

If you were to start your own freelance business from your kitchen table you’d have to make a lot of calls or send a lot of emails asking if potential clients had work for you.

After you get to an awkward “maybe,” you’d probably have to educate them on how you could help them, go back and forth deciding more precisely how you would work for them, send them a lengthy proposal and then follow up and apply sales pressure for them to retain you.

Freelancing through these networks is different.

You enter the process at the point where the client has already defined what they want, when they want it, what kind of skills they need, and generally how much money they have to get that work done.

For you, it’s less a matter of selling and more a matter of accurately describing your best skills.

You are not asking a client for work…they are asking you to do work for them. That’s a big difference.

They usually have a clear idea of what they want to buy and now they want to know how much you will charge to do the work.

Then they want to quickly understand how qualified you are to do the work… It’s that simple.

If you put your profile together the way we explain in our 58-page guide and let us check it before you “go live” to make sure you have covered all the bases…your written profile and other materials we provide you in the course will do all the “selling” for you.

That’s just one of the benefits you get when you participate in our “New Year Online Income Challenge.” Try it for yourself…and get started on the work-from-anywhere strategy that could help you pay for your better life overseas in 2014.

I’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

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