3 Oceanside Locations Overseas Where Your Home Can Earn a Strong Rental Income

I spend up to two weeks a month scouting out the best real estate opportunities for Pathfinder. It’s part of my job. And I enjoy every minute of it.

Because I spend so much time on the road, I’m a huge fan of vacation rentals. I get more space than a hotel room and a lot more privacy. And I get to experience life as a local, buying groceries and eating at cafés and restaurants close by.

A big perk is the lower rates per night that I pay for vacation rentals. They offer very good value compared to a hotel. And they often come with hotel-style amenities.

It’s not just me that’s figured this out. Vacation rentals are increasingly popular. You can see that with the growth in vacation rental-by-owner websites.

That’s good news for folks who want to buy a second home overseas or a future retirement home. They can rent their home out when they’re not using it themselves and generate an income stream. But you need to buy in the right location.

We’ve uncovered three spots where you’ll love spending time—and your home can earn a nice profit if you choose to rent it out.

Location #1

This area boasts the most dramatic scenery in the country, where mountain peaks plunge down to the ocean. It’s a green wonderland where thick rainforest hides exotic wildlife.

This country is a tourist hot spot. But it hasn’t been for long. This particular part of the country stayed under the radar for tourists for decades. That’s because it was really tough to get to. Then, in 2010, a new coastal road opened. More tourists are now coming here. And they need somewhere to stay.

The biggest hotel in this location only has 30 rooms. The hotels fill quickly. They often can’t accommodate families or groups of friends. In the area’s biggest community, 250 homes are already built. But only a few dozen owners rent their homes out.

That’s why one owner bagged $88,000 in rental income from his three-bed house in just one year.

Location #2

This little town is a quiet haven with pretty beaches, friendly bars, and nice restaurants. You’ll have an easy time getting by in this location: the official language is English.

It’s a magnet for boaters and sailors, divers and snorkelers—and beach lovers. This is a true bolt-hole where you can swap the daily grind for a sleepy, small town charm.

The hotels in this town are small and boutique. And many visitors prefer the space and privacy they get with a rental.

One condo for sale offers the best of both worlds. It’s set in a beachfront boutique resort with swimming pools, restaurants, a marina, a dive shop, and more. Guests appreciate having those amenities right on their doorstep.

This condo also has a trick up its sleeve. It’s a three-bedroom, three-bathroom unit…but it’s laid out as three one-bedroom units, each with its own entrance. So you can rent out the whole property or as three individual units.

The owner got $53,654 in rental income in 2013—which was net, minus fees, rental splits, and expenses. Based on the current list price, that’s an 11% net return.

Location #3

This Caribbean coast is on the up. The government plans to triple tourist numbers in the next decade. Their plan is already showing results in this location.

Four million tourists visited this region in 2013. Hotel occupancy hit 79.4%. Long popular with folks from Mexico, North America, and Europe, it’s now seeing a surge in visitors from countries like Colombia, Brazil, and Russia.

It’s no wonder so many folks want to spend time in this area. It’s the quintessential Caribbean, where cool powder sands fringe the bright-blue sea. The beaches are regularly rated some of the world’s best. It also has a well-connected international airport, so it’s quick and easy to get to. It boasts excellent infrastructure and top-notch amenities too.

A well-appointed home here with the right amenities can earn a strong rental income. And we’ve got just the thing—the perfect fit for the chic tourists that visit this coast…

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Margaret Summerfield appears here courtesy of Pathfinder, IL’s preferred real estate advertiser.


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