3 Retirement Secrets: Swiss Pensions, Brazilian Banks, Solo 401k

Subscribers to International Living magazine regularly learn of little-known retirement and investment opportunities, like the ones I’m about to reveal—straight from the current issue of the magazine…

– Create Your Own Pension Plan with a Swiss Annuity. “The dollar is in trouble. And as the Federal Reserve floods the market with fine-quality, colored paper to pay down our enormous $14 trillion debt, the dollar’s day of reckoning is inching closer,” Bob Bauman begins in his June article.

But this problem has a solution. Bob continues: “It’s time to start moving your cash and assets out of this dying currency. One answer is a Swiss fixed annuity denominated in one of the world’s most reliable currencies: The Swiss franc.

“If you’re worried about the future of the U.S. dollar, the foreign fixed annuity is a good income play. Invest $100,000 (the minimum now required) in a Swiss fixed annuity with immediate lifetime payments, and you are creating a personal pension plan that would actually benefit as the U.S. dollar weakens.

“Over the payment period, as the dollar declines, you would be rewarded with a greater spendable income when you convert Swiss francs back into dollars at increasingly better exchange rates.”

See the June issue of International Living magazine for Bob’s full report.

– Make Money in Brazilian Banks. “More than 30 million Brazilians have left poverty and entered the middle class since former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took office in 2003,” says Chris Hunter in the current issue of the magazine. “That’s a lot of new customers for Brazil’s retail sector.

“Brazil is the emerging-market economy that’s easiest to understand for U.S. investors. It is a vast, resource-rich expanse—like America. Both countries have roughly the same sized populations.

“And both economies share a mix of natural-resource wealth along with strong agriculture and consumer sectors.

“One of the best ways to ‘buy Brazil’ is to buy stocks in one of its banks. These will grow alongside Brazil’s consumers as more and more Brazilians deposit money with them and avail of their services.”

Chris tells you more about two well-run Brazilian banks (that are listed on the NYSE) in the June issue of International Living magazine. But there’s a better way to gain exposure to this sector…a dead easy way to buy into the big growth story there…that he also gives full details on in the current issue.

– Own Real Estate With Your 401k. “I opened the large sliding door to the balcony and looked out at the impressive, 12th-floor mountain view extending miles down the valley,” begins the June issue. “With plenty of room, marble floors and modern appliances, it’s the perfect rental property, right here in the heart of Medellín’s most prestigious neighborhood.

“I’d be excited about this place no matter what. But I’m particularly enthusiastic because I’m purchasing this condo in an unusual way—with tax-deferred funds. I’m using savings accumulated over the years in my old 401k plan…funds I can now use at my own discretion for non-traditional investments, including foreign real estate and currencies.

“Like many, I originally believed that the Self-Directed IRA—an instrument that’s been around for many years—was the only way to do this. But I found a better way…the Solo 401k…that does not require a custodian…allows you to name yourself as a trustee…that has an annual contribution limit nearly 10 times that of an IRA…with minimal reporting requirements…a fast setup…and is cost-efficient.”

We explain everything in the June issue of International Living magazine. If you are a subscriber, you can read the full article here. If you’re not a subscriber, but would like to become one, read on here. You’ll get full access to these articles and all the other articles in the June issue.


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