3 Simple Guidelines For Starting Your Portable Career

For most of us Baby Boomers, our career was intense, long hours with lots of meetings, some bad bosses, and some tough economic times.

So when you transition to a post-career income (whether it’s to fund your retirement or just to earn some extra spending money), you want to avoid all those things you weren’t so crazy about during your career.

When it comes to choosing what that new income-earning opportunity will be, there are a few simple guidelines that I have identified to help you.

1. Choose something that’s portable: For most of us, during our working lives, we showed up in an office building and maybe towards the end of our career we got to work from home. As a retiring Baby Boomer, you want to take that up a notch.

What if you could build a career that you could take anywhere in the world? It may be visiting the grandkids in a distant city in your own country, or traveling overseas to Portugal, a beach in Ecuador, or the mountains of Costa Rica.

Being able to do your work from anywhere in the world you can get a good internet connection, and earn money, while you enjoy your surroundings with a balance of work and play, is by definition the perfect income and true freedom.

2. Be able to work to your own schedule: Most of us spent much of our career on somebody else’s schedule. Because of the way work is changed today and the fact that more companies than ever are actually hiring people and freelancers to work remotely, you have more options for when and where you work than ever before.

Working on your own schedule is one of the things freelancers frequently put at the top of their list in terms of benefits to freelancing.

Combined with using international freelance networks you’re able to select assignments that give you that freedom of time. You can also select the work that makes sense for you today so you don’t fall back into those crazy stressed out days you experienced in your career.

Much like turning the knob on a water faucet, you can adjust the amount of work you do on a daily basis with great precision. And if you feel like working first thing in the morning and taking the rest of the day off to play, that’s totally up to you.

3. Find the right network to get started: Every day, there are over 500,000 freelance assignments advertised on more than 300 global job networks. However, unless you have the confidence that these networks are safe, secure, and will help you manage your freelance business efficiently, they are of little value.

Some offer great protection as well as services that help you manage your professional freelancing business. Others, not so much. And these networks cater to different skill sets, markets, and buyer tastes.

So it makes sense to find the ones that are the best fit for you, rather than falling into a network you won’t like.

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