3 Tips For Creating An Online Income Before You Move Abroad

Building an online income that travels with you is the perfect activity for the live abroad Baby Boomer, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, a solid part-time income might mean you can move more quickly and take advantage of the lower cost of living in some countries…typically 50% to 70% lower. Secondly, you’re going to be doing something that will help keep you mentally active…very important to long-term mental and physical health. And third, you’re going to be helping others. Sure you get paid, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of helping others along the way.

I have three success tips for you to help get you started on your journey. Please don’t be offended by some of my tips. If you’re going to make real progress you’ll want to hear what it really takes…not the varnished “la-la-la” version:

1. Tap into the freelance economy.

Instead of employees, companies are hiring freelancers in droves. They are looking for people with experience (like baby Boomers) who can do simple to complex tasks online. Intuit (the Quicken company) is predicting that by the year 2020, 40% of all jobs in the U.S. economy will be freelancers.

If you invested years in your career there is a good chance you can convert some of the hard-won skills into an income. For some it will be part time, for others it will be full time.

The important thing to understand here is that the U.S.—and many other world economies—are undergoing a fundamental change that many will whine about…but if you fully understand how to take advantage of this, it could be a great way to enjoy living and traveling abroad without the financial concerns that those who don’t understand it will have.

2. Go where the jobs are.

The first thing many new freelancers do is get their business card printed. While this may have been a good move in the past, it is absolutely an indication you are programmed for failure now.


Most freelance jobs are not the ones you’ll find knocking on doors, going to chamber of commerce meetings, or shaking hands at the local coffee shop. That’s too random and inefficient.

Today—and most every day—there are literally hundreds of thousands of freelance assignments online. And rather than trying to talk some person into engaging your freelance services over coffee, you can make short 150 to 250 word proposals to your prospects in a matter of a few minutes. Less “dating,” more earning.

In our upcoming Income Accelerator Challenge I’ll show you exactly how to find these jobs and create the proposals to win them.

3. Do what other successful freelancers do.

This one is pretty important. There are literally millions of people working online, but most not successfully. Why?

They treat their business like a hobby and “plink and plunk” at it every so often and wonder why it doesn’t take off.

On the other hand there are many people working successfully making five and six-figure incomes doing freelancing because they treat it like a business…and (no surprise) they have studied what other successful freelancers have done before them to get where they are.

In our Income Accelerator Challenge I’ll show you those shortcuts, tricks, and tips that could have you earning an income and resting comfortably on your favorite beach sooner than you think.

Freelancing is the perfect live-abroad income solution!

You can learn it the hard way by trial and error or the easy way…through the careful study of what is working right now for Baby Boomers just like you, who are moving abroad.

You’ll work in our Income Accelerator Challenge BUT you’ll be working smart and applying the strategies and tactics most freelancers don’t even understand.

Make sense? Join our program and learn how you can work smart and accelerate your freelancing career today.

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