3 “Working Abroad” Myths Demolished

I know many IL readers would love to start their “move abroad life” on the next jet bolting from the closest runway. But maybe you’re overwhelmed by how to figure it out—especially if you need to keep earning an income.

It may seem like there is no way to put it together…at least not now…and all the signs point to “Not yet!”

But an increasing number of Americans and Canadians are learning how to break down what seems like an overwhelming challenge into manageable steps.

A host of changes and improvements to the online working world have put the dream closer than it has ever been before. Those changes are turning former realities into myths.

Myth #1 – It is difficult for Americans or Canadians to work abroad because of visa and immigration restrictions.

It is true…sort of…

Most countries around the world are justifiably very protective of the jobs their citizens hold. They don’t want a flood of newcomers putting the local population out of work.

Hence immigration and visa rules, regulations and strict enforcement prevent this from happening.

But there is a loophole…

In most countries, if you do work over the Internet and the money you earn never goes into the local currency and you are (for example) paid in your home country—you can steer clear of the problems you might have if you try to go to work in your new home town abroad.

This is the breakthrough! In most countries, a wide variety of work over the Internet is a “go.”

(You’ll want to check with an immigration attorney to fully counsel you on this…rules vary widely from country to country…but the news on this is pretty good for Internet workers.)

If you work or have worked with your brain you are a good candidate for being able to sell your thinking ability, talking ability, human interaction skills, writing skills or knowledge (yes, even medical professionals, engineers) to someone somewhere in the global economy. (I go into more detail on this strategy, particularly how it can be used by Baby Boomers, here.)

Myth #2 – You have to be a technology god to work online.

Fortunately…today… getting online in your host country…is usually a no-brainer in most parts of the world.

But I have seen situations in some places where people on one side of the street had Internet and people on the other didn’t.

But the real question is: “What kind of work do I do online if I’m not a tech wizard?”

Freelancing is the best choice for the beginner…hands down…

You can start small, build it up and work as little or as much as you’d like.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of assignments like proofreading, editing, writing, creating instructional videos, covering a customer service shift, giving advice and just about any other skill you ever heard of (and many you haven’t) in demand on some job network, somewhere, right now.

There is something almost everyone can do right now.

Myth #3 – The best time to start earning in a foreign country is after you get there.

It certainly can be done, I know many who have …but it comes at a high price.

When you start working online you become a citizen of a new world…the online world…and things are a little different.

Just like when you moved to a new town. It took a little time to get acclimated to your new surroundings. The same is true in the world of online work.

When you first start you will be setting up accounts on various project networks and collaboration websites. You’ll also be linking your bank account to your “job site.”

That way, when you do work and get paid the money goes straight into your bank account without all that messy deposit slip stuff.

Setting all that up before you go will save you… my guess… at least 50 hours of work and a mountain of aggravation.

Think about it, working over the Internet was nearly impossible five short years ago. The job networks were much smaller, the technology was feeble and there were very few tools to help you get up-to-speed and productive quickly.

Today, job networks are doubling (or more) in size every 12 months, technology is more solid everyday (and now mobile) and there are a host of tools that make worldwide collaboration easier than ever before.

What are you waiting for?

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