4 Quick Online Jobs That Could Earn You Money

“What kind of job could I do, over the Internet, as I travel and live overseas?”

If that’s what you’ve been thinking about recently, I’d like to show you a few examples of what could work for you.

These simple, bite-sized jobs can be done quickly and allow plenty of play-time once complete. A lot of people still think “working over the Internet” means you have to be a technology whiz, but thankfully, that just isn’t the case. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of non-technical mini-jobs posted online every day.

If You’re a Waitress…

I once interviewed a former waitress who found an online job writing catalog descriptions. What I like about her story is that although she knew she wanted to work online, she didn’t have any training as a writer. So, she looked for a niche she could make her own. In catalog writing, she found it.

Companies that put their products and services online have a habit of using long-winded descriptions of who they are or what they sell. Sometimes they run to hundreds to thousands of words. Problem is, when you’re selling something online, you’re often limited to a 35 to 50 word description.

That’s where our former waitress comes in. She learned the skill of turning long-winded descriptions into shorter pieces—and turned it into an online skill.

Ever Heard of Google?

One fast-growing area you can tap into is research…but probably not the kind of research you’re thinking of. This isn’t discovering the new theory of relativity. It’s more like, “Find me 5 facts about clean carpets I can put on my carpet cleaning website.”

And there is this amazing tool researchers are using to dig this kind of stuff up. Not many people have heard of it… and I’m reluctant to give this information out in such a public way… ok… it’s called Google.com.

But if you try to do research the way most people use Google… it will probably take you hours to find what you are looking for. But with about two – four hours of training on the little-known, but very powerful capabilities of Google, you could learn to how to do research that pays…because what takes the casual user hours to dig up… takes those with training just minutes.

Term Papers!

Have you ever done a term paper (maybe like me…. in the last century?) I didn’t like those things…so tedious to do and if they weren’t perfect lots of red ink on your term paper! Bibliographies were a particular pain.

So a teacher came into one of my programs. We had a conversation about his skills and I helped get him started on one of the websites that offers these short projects. He had been assigning and correcting term papers for years. He knew how a bibliography should look. His online job was putting together a bibliography for an author who was baffled by them.

Do You Boil When You See A Typo?

Don’t you just hate “typos”? And the Internet is littered with them. Even the big sites like nytimes.com, CNN.com, NBC.com and many more are producing information at such a blistering rate that those crazy typos can sneak in anywhere…

Well, if you have an eagle’s eye for typos then your new online career could be staring you in the face—proofreading.

I checked one of the websites that advertises these small jobs just a few minutes ago…and there are 148 proofreading jobs available today. The world is crying out for sharp-eyed folks like you to save us from typo misery!

There are many more complex, and longer-term jobs and assignments. But I find the people who start small, get oriented to this new way of earning and tap into their own skill set…are soon building a live-overseas income.

Once you know your way around your new virtual town you can tackle bigger, meatier assignments and turn your live overseas dreams into reality.

You really can do this. I hope you get involved in the “Back to School” Income Challenge today. Remember, this is your last chance before we close the project.

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