4 Ways to Make More Money Online

Working online is distinctly different from working in a “bricks-and-mortar” world. What most of us Baby Boomers thought of as our occupations are not in demand…(yeah, bummer!)

But some of our skills are extremely valuable and if parlayed properly could put you on the sunny, sandy beach in Latin America or in that scenic mountain village in the Andes sooner and more comfortably than you might imagine.

If you understand the 4 Critical Adjustments every online earner must make, you could be turning your hard-won career skills into an income that gives you the freedom to earn while you live or travel abroad. Ignore these adjustments and you’re in for frustration and irritation.

  1. Uncover your skills

At a recent International Living conference, I was speaking with a medical doctor who was very upset to learn that practicing medicine in her favorite Latin American country wasn’t going to work out as planned. Immigration rules wouldn’t allow it unless she did her medical board examinations all over again in Spanish (a language in which she was not fluent). I suggested she work online to which she replied, “I’m a doctor, what could I possibly do online?”

She was stuck on her occupation while ignoring her skills. After 20 minutes sitting together at a laptop we came up with a dozen available assignments…proofread literature from a pharmaceutical company…consult with a medical device manufacturer on the best way to train doctors on new devices…review articles appearing on a health and fitness website for seniors…search medical journals for articles on a particular new treatment for sports injuries…and about a dozen other assignments that all tapped into her skills—skills she could not see 20 minutes before because she was thinking “occupation.”

  1. Present your skills to online clients

When you work online you have what is called a profile.

Your potential clients review this to decide if they want to hire you. This is somewhat like a resume but differs in many ways.

Put your resume online and you’ll shut down your prospects for work. Understand how to turn your resume into a competent profile and clients will gravitate to your services much more easily.

When you participate in our New Year Income Challenge I will show you exactly how to figure out which of your skills are in demand and how you can best feature them in their most favorable light.

  1. Find assignments that are perfect for you

One of the great things about online freelancing assignments today is the volume of opportunity. By some estimates there are over 300,000 open assignments every month looking for freelancers online.

But nobody has time to trudge through all that opportunity. If you don’t know how to pare down that list with laser-like precision you’ll wither on the vine.

Learn how to find those dozen “perfect fit” assignments that go hand-in-glove with your skills and you could be moving to that sleepy coastal town on your favorite foreign shore.

In our upcoming New Year Income Challenge I’ll tell you exactly how to slash your time looking…and increase your time earning.

  1. Establish a positive online reputation to accelerate your earnings

You could be a Nobel Prize winner but until you prove yourself as a competent online freelancer you probably won’t earn much on the freelance markets.

This area of reputation building is baffling to most new freelancers but it is THE KEY to quickly moving up the income ladder.

Knowing how to accelerate your income is far more important than getting top dollar on your first assignment. (Most new freelancers get this backwards!) I’ll explain exactly why this is true and how to work this angle to get off to a fast start when you join our New Year Income Challenge.

Join the New Year Income Challenge, master the four adjustments and your portable income is just around the corner. Make this the year you take back your earning and travel with it anywhere you want to go.

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