452 Work-from-Anywhere Jobs You Can Do Today

Over the last few days we’ve talked about freelance assignment for work abroad travelers…and today I want to get right down to ground level to show you what this looks like.

Let’s say you’re a school teacher. That would mean that you’ve spent an entire career teaching English: grading papers, correcting sentence structure, helping students to improve their writing skills, and more. With those skills, you’ll be in big demand online as a proofreader.

Today, on just one major job network online, there are 327 open assignments for proofreading alone.

There are some easy-to-do projects on offer, too:

  • Proofreading webpages on a women’s apparel website
  • Proofreading a two-page press release for a real estate office
  • An ongoing project proofreading the college work of a Chinese student who is studying in the U.S.

Or, if you’d like to dive in on the more complex projects, you’ll find plenty:

  • Update curriculum materials for $15-$20 per hour. This is a four- to six-month project.
  • Review a consumer finance website for $15-$20 per hour (some banking experience desired by the company). This is a two-month project.
  • Review manuscripts for a medical publishing company for $28 to $44 per hour. This is an ongoing project.

One of the great revenue boosters on proof reading can be your career experience. You can see from the examples above that expertise usually means a higher compensation.

Not a “Words” Person? Try Your Relationship Skills

If you’re not a good proofreader/editor, you might want to explore customer service assignments instead.

Today on the largest network there are 122 open assignments:

  • Respond to inbound calls from clients. This is a seven- to nine-month project.
  • Train new clients in use of program materials. This is a seven- to nine-month project where you’ll work just three hours a day, Monday Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Patient Enrollment Agent. This is a four- to six-month project working six hours a day, Monday to Friday.

Or, if customer service is not for you, you might be surprised to learn that knowing how to use PowerPoint could net you work. PowerPoint will be familiar to almost anyone who has ever worked a corporate job…and many people I’ve worked with have done hundreds to thousands of slides as a byproduct of just doing their job.

Here’s a sampling of how you can use that skill from one job site:

  • A 10-slide presentation from provided graphics and a style guide
  • A 15-slide presentation on a medical/health topic, with an outline and graphics provided
  • A 15-slide presentation from an outline and recommended style, both of which are provided to you.

The above assignments are just a small sampling of the kinds of work you may have the skills to do.

There’s a world of other options available to you. If you can write or edit, you’ll find plenty of jobs writing articles, web content, sales material, e-books and blogs…or transcribing or editing business materials…

If you’ve ever worked a corporate job, you will have lots of assignments to choose from, including telemarketing, creating marketing strategies, developing business plans, data entry, virtual assistant, accounting, financial planning, management consulting, financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting and more.

Maybe you have some specific skills that make you an attractive prospect to businesses. Could you undertake legal jobs, like contracts, patents, copyrights, or trademarks? Do you know about wills and trusts?

Perhaps you’re an expert in real estate or HR…or you’re creatively minded, and can offer video design and editing, graphic design, or multimedia creations.

Whatever, your skillset, you’ll be in demand for it online. For most Baby Boomers that’s the hardest part—understanding which skills you have, which apply, and how to throw your hat in the ring so you can get a piece of this near endless online earning.

This is where I can help you. For the next eight weeks, I’ll be running the “New Year Income Challenge”…in which I’ll be giving you my best insights into making all this work. (But remember, this is your last day to join this challenge.)

You’ll have access to videos and audio interviews with working freelancers who’ll give you their best tips for getting started, and step-by-step instructions on how to get all this done…

Plus, each week for a full hour we’ll have a lively, interactive group call so you can knock down the barriers, tap into the strategies and learn the insiders’ secrets to making online earning work for you.

I’m so confident that this will get you working from anywhere and making money, that I’m personally guaranteeing it. If it doesn’t help you, I will give you your money back.

Places on this program are limited—just 150 IL readers out of more than half a million will get a place—so don’t delay. Take the New Year Income Challenge today and make 2014 the year you find the portable income that could help you pay for your dream life overseas…

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